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A human being is vulnerable. He is gullible and ignorant at the same time. When the tide of time turns against him, he may often find himself directionless. He may forget the fact that even if god is invisible, he is there to protect.

In the deafening silences and quieting shouts, God’s presence may be camouflaged by anxiety and fear. A sad diagnosis, a death, an episode of cheating and betrayal or even a disappointment at work can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the feeling of not doing enough or not earning enough can make you feel disconnected from God.

The feeling that God is not around, arises from the habit of trying to be self-reliant in everything. It sparks doubts and insecurities. This indirectly means that we are trying to prove that we do not need God. We forget that believe it or not, God has decided a path for everyone. And despite all the efforts to not go there, you will reach the destination he has decided for you. And that is the best for you. We often forget that he is our guide, our mentor, our savior.

God has assured us that he will always be around, that he will never leave us irrespective of the situation. It is his constant presence that can get us through the worst of times. Below are eleven ways to experience god if god is invisible:

1)     Pray

In his day-to-day life, man forgets the power that has created him. The power that is all-pervasive and powerful. The power that destroys as well as creates. To feel God’s presence, take time out of your schedule and pray. Prayer can heal even the deepest wounds because it connects you to the almighty. It reminds a man that even though god is invisible, he is a watchful protector. Prayer has the power to not only change you but also the situation around you. It will remind you that even when god is invisible, he is the best healer and the best guide.

Prayer will help you see through the thick mist of confusion and fear. This is the reason He says, ‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46:10).

2)     Confess your sins in front of him

One of the reasons you cannot feel his presence is that there is a hurdle between you two. There is an unconfessed truth in your life that is affecting the communication. The folly of a human that he can hide the truth from him has always been a reason for this blockade.

Introspect and find out the sin that you have been hiding from him. Confess to God about the things that have occupied your mind and heart. Ask him for forgiveness. He will never turn a deaf ear to you. Ask him to let his voice reach you again.

When you come clean to him, only then will you feel his presence.

3)     Meditate regularly

Meditation is one of the most basic ways to feel his presence. You can either try mindful meditation or you can simply sit down and focus on your breath. In mindful meditation, just let your mind run free. Become a passive spectator of your thoughts as if you are a third person in your own mind. Notice the number of times you think of the almighty. Also, notice the thoughts related to him that cross your mind. As your mind calms down, you will feel him. You will feel his presence around you.

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4)     Go out for a walk or a jog

Lack of physical movement can make you feel spiritually dead. The best way to feel his presence is to shake off the laziness. Get out of your house, move around and talk to him. Breathe deeply. Some of my best conversations with him took place when I was walking or running.

Choose a place which is close to nature. A park, a lake or a stream, anything will do. Touch the plants, smell the flowers. Hear the sound of running water. Lend an ear to the chirping of birds. Everything will remind you of the creator. Everyone knows that god is invisible but in those moments of calmness, you will feel his presence.

5)     Go out of your way to help others

The purest way to feel God’s presence is to lend your hand. You will feel his presence when you see others’ plight. When you help others, you will feel connected to other humans. You will realize that there is a power that has created all humans. And that all the humans are connected internally.

The spiritual connection may sometimes overwhelm you but that is important to feel his presence around you.

6)     Say his name

The scriptures say that there is a power in his name. Repeating his name will make you feel his presence. It will calm your soul. All you have to do is, close your eyes and call him. Call his name aloud and with sincerity.

When you do that, you will feel the energy emanating from your body. It will lift your spirits and you will sense his power and love.

Even when you cannot say his name aloud, you can always call him through your heart’s voice. It can be as simple as “God, I want to feel your presence” or “God, I need you”. He has his own ways, and he will respond to your call by making you feel his presence. 

This is often practiced in the Hindu religion also. A seeker tells his beads while repeating God’s name, and he blesses the seeker in return.

7)     Read scriptures religiously

One needs to know God better to feel his presence. And to know him better, one needs to read his words. What is better than scriptures to do that? As the Bible says that His word is “living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12), you will feel him.

The scriptures will inspire you and fill you with positivity and determination. If you have already read the scriptures, read them again. A verse you think you understand well will show you a different meaning in the second reading. There is no limit to how many times you must read the scriptures. Whenever you feel that you cannot feel him around you, open the holy books.

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8)     Remind yourself of your ultimate identity

Tell yourself that you are God’s child. Remind yourself that you are special and that he loves you. Affirm that you are a believer and a follower. Do not let your enemies make you believe otherwise. God will speak through you if you let him. As a child of God, you have every right to rebuke the enemy and remind him of your inner power. God will protect you from all the evils and make you feel his presence in the most conspicuous ways.

9)     Surrender before him

Surrender yourself before God to show that you trust him. It means that you have faith in him and you do not hesitate to go where he is taking you. You will feel his presence when you let things run as they are without trying to manipulate or control them. Things will turn out the best in the end and you will feel his blessing.

A surrendered heart will never impose his opinions on others because he knows that it is God’s doing. He will have best of the relationships and everyone will love him. He just needs to let go and surrender himself unconditionally to the supreme power. The mental peace arising out of this will remove every speck of doubt you have in you, regarding his presence.

10)  Let emotions take over you

Sometimes, praying and calling his name can be overwhelming. You may find yourself crying. Do not suppress your emotions. Emotions are the only gateway to feel his presence. Remind yourself that showing emotions does not mean that you are weak. In fact, a weak person will always be afraid of showing his emotions. Be a strong person and let the emotions take control of you. It is the fact that makes you a human.

You are God’s child. And no parent will ever mind their child showing emotions. To feel him around you, do not be fearful of your emotions and do not panic. You can never escape the reality, so go easy on yourself.

11)  Listen to devotional music

Music not only heals, but it also connects you to the almighty too. Art has always been a way to feel the presence of God around. Painters, Musicians as well as Dancers have often found the meaning of their art in God.

When you feel disconnected, put some devotional music in the background and continue with your chores. You will feel his presence all around you. It is perhaps one of the most effective ways to connect to the supreme power.

You will experience him. Just have faith that God is present around you. Trust him and he will prove you right.