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People show a great desire and fascination to sow seeds of spirituality. The seeds in question are not the ordinary ones. On the contrary, they are seeds of:

  • Goodness, and
  • Love.

This can be obtained in several ways in case your wish to know more about how to sow seeds spiritually. This will include doing things like:

  • A word of counsel.
  • A touch of comfort.
  • A gift for meeting a need.

When you resort to such actions, it produces many wonderful outcomes for you. For instance, it will give you:

  • A lasting harvest, and
  • Your granaries will be filled all the time.

These can be broadly classified in to different categories of actions, including:

  • Big or small, and
  • Good or evil.

Remember, each seed will bear fruit depending upon what you sow.

Sowing seeds by faith to God is a different ball game altogether

Sowing seeds spiritually is entirely different from sowing seeds otherwise. There is a predefined format to which you ought to adhere to. These principles can be categorized in three forms:

  • Recognize that God is omnipresent and it is your source. He is the one who can fulfill all your requirements such as:

1. Family.

2. Friends.

3. Jobs, and more.

  • Take the initiative to give first to expect something in return, and
  • You can always anticipate a miracle to happen to you!

Take inspiration from the Bible in this regard

Your Bible can be the greatest way to derive some inspiration to how to sow seeds spiritually. According to the Bible, anyone who has the habit of sowing good seeds is the real Son of Man. Likewise, the devil is the enemy. Harvest signifies the real end of the age. At the same time, the harvesters are true angels. All the weeds that result from this harvest get burned at the end of the age.

The miniature-looking seed can teach you innumerable lessons about the Spirit

Do not think the small seed is not powerful at all. On the contrary, they have the potential of giving you a mammoth harvest!

Be watchful of your enemy as they are well known for sowing seeds of doubt. On account of this, it is of utmost importance you make a clear distinction between seeds of wickedness and goodness. It will answer all your questions about how to sow seeds spiritually.

They are two sides of the same coin! Both the types grow together till the time of day of Judgment arrives. On this particular day, the good seeds get separated from the wicked ones.

The sowing of seeds tells more about your growth as an individual

Yes, when a seed starts taking the shape of a vegetable or a fruit in your garden, it reflects its growth. This is the way growth is denoted in the vegetable kingdom.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the spiritual kingdom of heaven, your place in heaven will depend on the seeds sowed by you. In case you aspire to secure your place, you will need to take the necessary initiatives.

For instance, you will require to give due attention to the spiritual seed you sow every single day without fail. It is only then that you can find a guaranteed place in heaven.

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Do not restrict the sowing of seeds to you alone

Get the rue benefits of how to sow seeds spiritually by not restricting to sow seeds for you alone. Instead, you can go ahead sowing seeds into the lives of numerous other people like your:

  • Friends.
  • Children.
  • Co-workers, or
  • Even strangers.

Remember, God, follows his mathematics. On account of this, whenever you sow seeds for others, God adds that as well.

God wants the betterment of its disciple. It encourages almost everyone to sow seeds further or ‘water’ the ground regularly. In this way, God tries his best to distribute happiness and joy to the entire civilization.

Sow seeds into the lives of your children to feed their Spirits

As a parent, like most other parents, you must have provided the best amenities and facilities to your children. You do so to offer them perfect material security. For instance, you get them admitted to the best colleges and schools.

However, can it count for eternity? The answer is, absolutely not.

Conversely, when you sow in their lives good qualities about God, it does feed their spirits. This goes a long way in affecting their:

  • View of God.
  • Hearts, and
  • Desires.

It can make a huge difference for God, And he feels very content with your approach. As a reward, he gives your children:

  • Genuine and lasting fruit, and
  • A great harvest for their lives.

Yes, as a human being you may not be able to see all such great results. Nevertheless, God uses you to sow these seeds regularly.

The Kingdom of God relies on seed-based outcomes

Well, your actions speak louder than words. This is reflected in how to sow seeds spiritually. The rule of the game is simple – do not expect rewards without taking any pain. In other words, you can never receive anything from God unless you have sown the seeds.

In the spiritual realm, even the words you speak can make a difference in your well-being. Similarly, it could also involve things like:

  • Money, or
  • Any other things found on this planet.

God is more than happy with you as long as to try to bring out:

  • The spiritual truth, or
  • Prosperity on the earth.

Don’t forget, you reap what you sow

When it comes to reaping from what you sow, it all depends on what you sow – good or evil. There is no third alternative in this regard. If you have been planting sins all your life, get ready to face the music as well! Here, you will have to reap the adverse consequences for your sins.

You have been planting seeds of:

  • Anger.
  • Greed.
  • Pride, and more.

In such a scenario you can not expect a harvest of a good and spiritually fruitful life.

On the contrary, planting spiritual seeds will give you a wonderful harvest that will be:

  • Productive, and
  • Joy-filled.

Get familiar with the close connection between a seed and a dollar!

Not many are familiar with the fact that even the Bible speaks plenty about finance. In the churches, there is a practice of giving ‘offering buckets’ that are passed around. The money that people place in the bucket is referred to as ‘seed’. It has ramifications and implications on the life cycle of growth that results from it.

Similar to this ‘seed’, even a simple-looking ‘dollar’ holds a 100-fold growth potential. It is evident the manner it:

  • Grows your wealth.
  • Crushes your debt.
  • Ends hunger.
  • Helps in starting a business, and more.

God has designed the seed with certain expectations and hopes

The normal seeds you plant in your garden are the byproduct of earlier seasons. The seeds surface once the tree dies. Similarly, it is the surrendering of your life to death that enables everyone to see God’s glory abound.

The resources that you use in your everyday life are not yours. They have been designed by God.

Do not waste your time on producing fruits. Your job is to sow the seeds so that hundreds can use them and get benefited. God has designed seeds for exponential growth and has made necessary plans for every seed that you sow through money or spiritually.

There are several resources that God wants you to use and subsequently produce more. Honor your God by listening to his orders and getting all necessary guidance from him. God will keep reallocating resources so that you can use them towards more fruitful ventures.

There are several spheres of your life to sow from and into

It is a wonderful decision that you have decided to sow spiritual seeds. This is not a difficult task to accomplish. Your life has various spheres and you can choose an alternative that suits you.

For example, you can go ahead and sow a crop with all your money. This, in turn, will permit you to reap twin things:

  • Financial rewards, and
  • Heavenly rewards.

Similarly, you can sow with your words from your mouth. It will allow you to reap several kinds of things, both good and bad. Of course, what you will sow will again depend on what you say.

Irrespective of what you are sowing, keep doing the job regularly. Even a plant will stop growing if you stop watering it mid-way, for instance. When you continue sowing, sooner or later its growth will bear fruits.

Why sowing seeds spiritually is so important?

Following are some reasons why sowing seeds spiritually is so important:

  • Seeds are the creation of God alone. He has done this with a purpose. It will give you:
  1. Wealth and
  2. Blessing

The rationale behind sowing is simple. In case you desire to have something, identify the seeds first and then sow them. There is no shortcut to attain it. You ought to take the pain of sowing it only to expect something that you desire from the seed.

  • By taking the initiative of sowing the seed, you become eligible in front of God to get rewards for your pain.
  • Seed is an integral part of any fruit. You find the fruit very relishing. In case you wish to relish your life, first sow the seed. This will send a clear message to your God what is your requirement.·
  • By sowing the seeds, you display you do possess spiritual virtues in you. In case you fail to do so, you are not entitled to reap anything from the harvest.
  • When it comes to choosing between good seeds and bad seeds, the former ought to be your natural choice.