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Sadly, there are scores of individuals who lead a life feeling heartbroken. The situations and circumstances that led to such a state of affairs can be different for different people. For instance, a boy may feel heartbroken if the girlfriend calls it quits to the relationship. Similarly, a father may feel heartbroken about the death of his son.

Nevertheless, because you are heartbroken does not mean there is no ray of hope for you. For instance, you can explore how to deal with a broken heart spiritually and find amicable solutions to your miserable condition.

Spiritual healing is a powerful tool

You must have used various tools to come out of a troubling scenario. Nevertheless, unlike other tools, spiritual tools are far more powerful making it worth the try.

Yes, there is no denying a spiritual awakening can never materialize in the absence of your heart. The entire process is very simple and does not have any special requirements. It is credited for reaching all your hidden emotions in the deepest parts as an individual.

You can get over the bad phase by taking assistance from spirituality

Irrespective of whether you are a revenge seeker or a forgiving person, spirituality helps you find the appropriate answer for how to deal with a broken heart spiritually. When you and your partner seek help from spirituality, you get aware of the diverse needs of your partner.

On the face of it, this might seem to be a very trivial issue. Nonetheless, when these needs are left unattended this can cause a lot of rifts and resentment between you and your partner. Instances of quarrels and fights become the norm of the day.

This is where spirituality can do wonders for you. Apart from stopping such instances, spirituality will guide you during this journey.

The couple in question gets to acquire many positive changes in their mindset. For instance, they start doing two noteworthy things:

  • They start acknowledging, and
  • Analyzing the needs of both individuals.·

You can get rid of all your negative aura and thoughts after becoming heartbroken

In certain relationships, a lot of clattering takes place between partners. When you delve deeper into how to deal with a broken heart spiritually, you become aware of the ways to avoid such clattering.

For example, spiritual awakening when results from meditation, produces many wonderful outcomes like the release of:

  • Stress.
  • Tension, and
  • Frustration

It is a wise move to get rid of such negative factors that play an instrumental role in damaging the bond between you and your partner. Due to the presence of such factors, the person in question fails to differentiate positive aspects of a relationship.

When you take the help of spirituality, it encourages you to give greater focus on the partner’s soul. In absence of spirituality, all misconceptions keep blocking your path even if you wish to fix the relationship.

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Avoid indulging in self-talk

Yes, the loss of any loved one is extremely sad and painful. Nevertheless, how you handle the loss will define how much pain you suffer. There might be an instance where your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you. They found another boy or girl ‘more loveable’ than you. End the relationship without any second thought. This will make your ordeal less painful.

Spirituality can handle different shades of personality and temperament

No two heart-broken instances are the same as it involves different individuals. Each has a distinct personality and temperament. Sometimes, these instances of a broken heart arise due to such differences.

Fortunately, how to deal with a broken heart spiritually gives you a different perspective and direction. For instance, it plays a major role in mending a broken heart. Apart from this, it helps you to make a proper identification of areas that are responsible for the break-up. Spirituality teaches you two things in such a circumstance:

  • Love has no role to play in your heartbreak.
  • Your expectations are the real culprit behind this mishap.

Know the real meaning of love to understand the concept of feeling heart-broken

To get the best of how to deal with a broken heart spiritually, you need to have a proper understanding of the word ‘love’ in the first place. This is a very broad word and involves a myriad of things. Similarly, it could mean different things to different people.

Nonetheless, it is at times confused with various terms like:

  • An egoic need.
  • Romance.
  • Obsession.
  • Lust, and more.

The truth surrounding this word is entirely different. For instance, its meaning is nowhere close to the above-mentioned terms.

Real heartbreak happens when there is an instance of denial or rejection of your want or need. Not every individual gets a heartbreak so easily. There are two special categories of people who come across this phenomenon. This includes people with low:

  • Self-esteem, and
  • Self-worth.

When such rejections do take place, for instance, it does bring an immense transformation concerning two things:

  • Their outlook, and
  • The personality.

Both of these can get influenced by spirituality. This goes to teach you about life and love. You get to learn that there is more to it than meets the eye! Deep-seated psychological wounding does appear and needs to be addressed correctly. This is where spirituality can offer you a helping hand.

Spirituality can aid you to master the art of the heart-healing technique of meditation

Remember, if you have experienced or are going through one right now, you are not the first person on the planet to have met such an event.

On the contrary, it is perhaps one of the most common human experiences many have gone through before you. Yes, many broken hearts have taken place before you, and the same will keep happening.

It is okay if you are getting feelings of:

  • Abandonment.
  • Rejection, and
  • Loneliness.·

Rightfully address your scenario by taking the help of spirituality. For instance, you can adopt heart healing meditation techniques. This in turn will guide you to connect with your God in such adverse situations as well. You are certain to find instant relief from your shared pain.

Adhere to all instructions for performing the meditation appropriately

Following any process erroneously will not produce expected results. On account of this, you must perform the meditation correctly.

You can take help of the below-mentioned instructions:

Practice a prayer every day without any failure

People do get confused about things like:

  1. Who to pray to, and
  2. How to pray,

The fact of the matter is, the ‘how’ and ‘who’ of praying do not matter at all. You can address the Higher Power in any way you prefer, like:

  1. Your spirit guides.
  2. The Universe,
  3. God,
  4. Mother Nature,
  5. Angels, and more

Irrespective of how you address, prayers in themselves generate very satisfying outcomes. For instance, it brings out:

  1. Inter-connectedness with the entire existence, and
  2. Reassures you that God is always there around you to support you in this path.·

Oftentimes, a prayer is treated as a heart-centered practice. There are several reasons behind this justification. For example, it offers an invitation to your attitude to:

  1. Surrender, and
  2. Show your gratitude to your heart.·

Some people often get uncomfortable whenever the word ‘prayer’ is spoken from their mouth. They presume it to contain some religious connotations.

If you belong to the same school of thought, you can make a small amendment in your mindset. For example, you can treat it as an intention-setting practice.

You do not always have to pray for something specific. Instead, you can pray for:

  1. Pray for forgiveness.
  2. Inner peace.
  3. Sovereignty..
  4. Your heart to heal.
  5. Pray for Love.
  6. Pray for resilience and courage.
  7. Implore for Truth.·

Try out the option of forgiveness and letting go

There is a special reason you will find your heart continuing to feel broken. This happens because you keep on holding the bad experience for a prolonged period. In other words, you replay the sequence of events that resulted in the heartbreak. Every time you repeat, you undergo the same pain.

The best way to do away with this is:

  1. Go through the entire feel, and
  2. Acknowledge what has transpired with you.

The last and the most decisive step is to forgive and let go!

Forgiveness is sacred which is why it is treated as the most effective tool in your journey to how to deal with a broken heart spiritually. When you choose the spiritual path, it brings a guaranteed transformation in your life.

The greatest advantage of forgiving someone is :

  1. It heals you, and
  2. The person you have forgiven.

It is worth noting, your actions will affect others as well. By forgiving the other person, you are shifting the onus of the entire crime on their shoulders. In a way, you do not carry any luggage in your mind and can lead a healthy life. When you do so, it permits you to heal your relationship completely.

Start healing the right way!

Spiritual healing can take place when you show ample regard to God. Your actions ought to be praiseworthy. For example, avoid doing things that can ruin the very noble idea of spirituality. Undergo through the healing without:

  • Making lofty resolutions.
  • Steeling your willpower., and
  • Doing anything dramatic.

When you adhere to these stipulations, you not only heal but also get to:

  • Laugh.
  • Soften.
  • Relearn joy, and more.

Your senses are truly portals to your soul

Despite encountering miserable facts and pain, you end up having the last laugh. This happens because you can find a new awareness taking place inside you. It makes you understand your senses are a portal to your soul.

These senses play a significant role as they are highly beneficial in playing twin roles of:

  • Inborn pleasure centers, and
  • Receiving and transmitting all relevant sensory information like pain and happiness. They do so directly to your soul which in turn gets translated in the form of information. This is then used by the soul to:
  1. Use.
  2. Learn, and
  3. Grow from.

In a way, your senses act more like an ointment for your wound that has resulted from the heat break. They do offer numerous wonderful benefits like:

  • They calm and nourish an achy soul, and
  • Administer the more important cooling bandages for your broken heart.

Remember, the goal of spiritual practice is to find the perfect connection with God, the Higher Power, Nature, and more. For this to happen, you ought to keep your senses and soul in the right condition. This is where the role of spirituality aids you to accomplish this objective effortlessly.