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Spirituality is something that has spectacular dimensions and features. When you try to know how to spiritually clean your house, you will be surprised to know the special features of such a cleaning process.

Get accustomed to the process to derive satisfactory spiritual cleaning outcomes

There are several aspects you ought to think about. To begin with, you ought to take appropriate initiatives to get rid of all evil. This is the first step towards attaining spirituality by maintaining proper cleanliness.

You can attain this objective by taking two steps:

Step 1: Collect all unwarranted and offending items lying in and around you. Most of them have no importance in your daily life. Getting them disposed of from your dwelling unit or the praying area will augur well for you. For example, you will succeed to create the right ambiance to perform your prayers.

Step 2: Avoid indulging in activities that can be termed as a sin. Once you adhere to this suggestion, you will find yourself reaping numerous benefits. For example, you will end up gaining a solid footing with your God. This is exactly what you desire – to establish a soothing connection to God.

There are scores of spiritual house cleaning rituals worth the try

In case you are getting baffled and paranoid thinking about how to spiritually clean your house, you can sit back and relax! There are plenty of options available to choose from.

For instance, get the debris disposed of as quickly as possible. They generate negative energy which in turn can make your journey towards spirituality troublesome.

It may be noted, you ought to keep your space free of unwanted energy. Yes, on the face of it, this might appear to be a very trivial issue. The truth is entirely different. Maintaining proper cleanliness is as important as your:

  • Exercise.
  • Mental wellness, and
  • Diet.

The energy produced by cleanliness impacts your lifestyle. Keep the space you live in absolutely clean so that even God does not think twice before entering your house, for instance.

Cleaning your home spiritually is not extensive at all

Fortunately, you do not have to worry a lot about the things you ought to do to get the best results of how to spiritually clean your house. It is not extensive at all and it can be accomplished by a few items that are readily found. For instance, you will need:

  • Air.
  • Earth.
  • Water, and
  • Fire.

Resort to proper cleansing your home during holidays

According to traditions in many countries, it is believed every house has a soul. On account of this, it becomes necessary to offer it the best care. When you do this, the space where you live will start caring for you and vice-versa.

In case you want to explore the best outcomes of how to spiritually clean your house make sure to clean your house before your guests arrive. Do it with good intentions and mindfully. Your guests are going to feel good about your initiatives.

Remember – your guests have a touch of godliness. Do everything possible as you would have done for your God. This is one reason it is suggested to adopt ritual cleansing as the holiday season begins. This is the time of the year when your home is bound to witness huge foot traffic.

Your home is a living and breathing extension of you. When your guests come to your home, they do bring positive energy. A clean house will give them a loving embrace that will work wonders for you.

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Take help of incense and herbs

What is better called smudging, has been in practice for ages in different cultures and spiritual practices. Use sage bundles for this purpose. You can even use any herb that contains healing properties. It includes:

  • Lavender
  • Bay leaf, or
  • Lemongrass

There are certain concerns about over harvesting. In this situation, you can opt for alternatives like

  • Incense,
  • Resin,
  • Dried cedar or lavender,

Burn the incense stick or the bundle and keep walking through every room that needs cleansing. Ensure to keep tracing with smoke areas like:

  • Dark corners.
  • Doorways, and
  • Window frames

Make the best use of the available time at your disposal. Mentally endow the said space with your good intentions and positive thoughts.

Treat all God’s things as holy while cleaning your home

Remember, God has entrusted you with certain responsibilities and duties. Give his priorities the topmost importance. On account of this, you must show your willingness to walk the extra mile to make him happy. Likewise, anything that is used in the prayer room, for instance, ought to be given due recognition and respect.

For instance, you can consecrate the utensils and furniture used in a temple differently instead of throwing them away in a trash can. Ideally, you ought to craft new utensils for replacing them with those that have been destroyed. This will show the world how much respect you have for your God.

Celebrate the new season with spring cleaning and get spiritual success

You can welcome the new season by opting for a spiritual cleaning regime. Clear out all energy from earlier ones. It is very easy to do this. You can try to:

  • Freshen up all the plants on your altar, or
  • Clean something.

Getting rid of the spiritual and physical clutter accumulated over some time will put you in an advantageous position. For example, it will mold you to welcome the new season with all your heart and soul.

Keep these important points in mind while cleaning your home

You do not want your spiritual journey to be mired with interruptions when you look for how to spiritually clean your house. Make this journey a soothing one by keeping these factors in mind.

Non-stop criticism in the air: Some houses indulge with non-stop criticism of other individuals or events. As a result, the entire house gets swamped with negative energy. This adds up to the bad energy among people residing in the same house including you. Reduce criticism to get rid of negative vibrations.

Always on a complaint mode: Some individuals have this habit of complaining about almost everything. They do so even when things are perfect. This reduces your chances to gain positivity and can hamper your journey to spirituality.

Bad relationships: Try your best not to fall into the vicious circle of negativity. This happens mostly with people who are surrounded by people who have a negative bend of mind. This could be anyone like your:

  • Friends
  • Children,
  • Spouses,
  • Family,

As you remain among negative-minded people, negativity seeps into your life. It in turn affects every aspect of your life including spirituality.

Constant blame-game: It can ruin your attempt to find spirituality successfully. Some people in your home might have the habit of blaming others or circumstances regularly. This can have a detrimental repercussion on you. For instance, due to the flow of negative vibes from the constant complaints, you fail to identify the actual responsibility.

Avoid accumulation of clutter: This is perhaps the most important factor that can cause a hindrance between you and your God. The clutters act like a bottleneck blocking the path of connectivity with your God. By keeping the unwanted clutter for a prolonged period in your dwelling unit you are inviting troubles for you. After all, God does not like to even visit a place that has no sign of positivity. This clutter is responsible for giving negative energy preventing God from entering your home!

Make your dwelling unit a haven and get spiritually connected with ease

Yes, your home is your haven. This is where you get experiences of:

  • Relaxation.
  • Happiness, and
  • Derive peace.

All these can come to an abrupt end if the same house contains bad energy. When this goes unchecked, very soon you end up experiencing the opposite – negativity, and hostility. In addition, even God refrains to remain in that house.

It is the presence of this negative energy that plays a major role in adversely affecting other areas of your life. This is one reason personal well-being is directly correlated to cleanliness.

Cleanse your new home when you move into it

There are times when people move into a new space. Due to ignorance or otherwise, they fail to give proper attention to cleanse the home. As a result, they experience a lot of turmoil in their life as negative energy dominates their life.

The appropriate step would be to cleanse your new home so that it is free of negative energies coming from the previous owners.

Negative energy may prohibit your God to find a permanent place in your life. Look for red flags that speak volumes of the presence of this negative energy.

Sage your home to remove all negative energy

You can even sage your home to remove all the negative energy by adopting measures like:

  • Gathering all your tools and having an escape route.
  • Setting the intention and spelling out a mantra.
  • Lighting up.
  • Walking slowly around your space.
  • Extinguishing your sage.

Watch out all your negative energy and thinking

You must have different types of energy in your home. Out of all them, the negative energy is the most futile. Watch out for any negative energy and thinking prevalent around you.

Make sure your life and home do not have :

  • Severe aggression, and
  • Overt feelings.
  • Take special notice of all your sins.

These can play a detrimental role in your journey to spirituality

There are several simple ways to cleanse the negative energy and provide good energy to your home

There are ways in which you can say goodbye to the negative energy and welcome good energy in your home. It includes:

  • Buying a new broom.
  • Have the salt, bread, and honey
  • Ensure to paint the porch ceiling.
  • Arm every door in the home with a fennel.
  • Resort to sprinkling salt.
  • Opening the windows.
  • Smudging your home.