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Spiritual awakening is the process of “waking up” to life in its true essence. A process of enlightenment that helps to transform you from inside-out. Spiritual awakening allows you to believe in the power of God and understand the true meaning of life and our existence.

It is a natural phenomenon that allows your soul to evolve, expand and mature. As powerful as it may be, spiritual awakening is not an overnight venture. It is a complex multi-layer process that may take days, months and sometimes years to completely settle in. But once you embrace spiritual awakening in all its form and glory, your life transforms into something better and more significant.

However, experiencing spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing and alienated process. It needs undeterred help and support from our family members and loved ones who can help us accurately experiencing this supremely beautiful phenomenon.

Signs That Show Your Spouse is Undergoing Spiritual Awakening

Do you think your spouse is experiencing spiritual awakening? Is he/she showing spiritual interests and trying to establish a spiritual connection with God? Is your spouse seeking spiritual awakening help to ease down the jolting experience he/she is going through?

Well, if the changing behavior of your spouse is keeping you confused, here are some spiritual awakening signs to help you. Use them to ascertain if your partner is experiencing spiritual awakening and needs spiritual awakening help from you:

Sign #1 Detachment from Worldly Affairs

Does your husband or wife looks confused or feels detached from the outside world? Are they experiencing emptiness looming inside? Is he/she searching for something but doesn’t quite know what he is looking for? Well, these are some of the most prominent fore signs of spiritual awakening. They clearly point toward a transition phase in their life. Read them and help your better half in their quest to reach out to something richer, better and more fulfilling.

Sign #2 Loss of Interest in the Most Lured Pursuits of Life

Fame, power, and money – we all need them in our life and struggle day-in and day-out to achieve them. But people on the path of spiritual awakening loose interest in these materialistic pleasures of life. While on their path of spirituality, they need constant spiritual awakening help and encouragement from you and others in the family.

Cooperate with them. Understand their feelings and annoyance toward life, even if you do not completely agree with their perspective. Your support is what they need the most while on their spiritual journey.

Sign #3 A Sudden Change in Emotions

Spiritual awakening stirs emotional turmoil in many. The journey is overwhelming and brings in sudden, drastic changes in beliefs, relationships, and emotions. If your partner is exhibiting any such changes, it’s time to hold their back. Ask them what they are going through to know their perspective and provide them as much support as possible to comfort their feelings.

Sign #4 Love Living in ‘The Moment’

Is your partner happy with the ways of life? Is he/she not worried about future or has started saying quite, enjoying his/her ‘me’ time. Well, then the chances are that your better half is on the path of spiritual awakening. Talk to them to understand their new found perspective toward life, support them in their plans, and ask them if they need spiritual awakening help from you.

Sign #5 Shifting Perspectives

Your spouse is undergoing spiritual awakening if he/ she has started perceiving life and reality in a totally different way. They might start seeing the lies and delusions propagated by the society. And they may experience a constant feeling of unhappiness and hopeless due to the ills of the world.

These are subtle signs that spiritual awakening is setting in and your partner is on a path of change.

Sign #6 Increased Presence

Another potential symptom of spiritual awakening is difference in perception of time or shift in time orientation. When a person experiences spiritual awakening, the past and future become less important. They start to spend less time ruminating over past events or daydreaming about future, instead they focus on their present. For them, past, present and future merge into one.

If your spouse is experiencing this, he/she is on a spiritual journey and might need your help in their quest toward spiritual awakening.

Sign #7 Seeking Answers to Questions About Life and Its Purpose

Is your spouse seeking answers to questions you thought he/she would never ask? Well, another signal that tells that your husband/ wife is on a path of spiritual awakening is when he/ she starts to search the purpose of life. You may see them confused, unsettled, and in continuous quest to understand the meaning and purpose of life.

It is a clear indication that they are feeling unsettled in life and need spiritual awakening help to understand the ultimate reality of life.

Sign #8 A Massive Change in Lifestyle Choices

Is your spouse feeling separated and alone? Has he/she recently made drastic lifestyle changes, choosing isolation over companionship. Then, it is a clear indication that he/she is on spiritual awakening path and needs your help and support during this transformational journey.

Ways in Which You Can Provide Spiritual Awakening Help to Your Partner

People undergoing spiritual awakening experience a massive change in their priorities, emotions and perspectives. There is a continuous turmoil of emotions that leaves them confused and asking for more. As a soulmate, it’s your duty to provide your partner with utmost care and compassion during their spiritual journey. If your spouse needs spiritual awakening help, here’s what you can do to comfort them:

1) Understand their Needs and Desires

With every stage of spiritual awakening, you’ll see your partner’s perspective changing towards life and the world. Try to understand their needs and what they want from life. Support them in their endeavor. After all, there’s no harm in seeing life through a different lens and from a new perspective.

2) Be Compassionate

You may not be in agreement with the way they have started perceiving life and are evolving as an individual. You may also have a completely different stance towards life. It’s pretty natural and absolutely okay. But you have to take life as it comes. Rather than being critical and judgmental about their opinions and choices, try to be compassionate with them and extend your wholehearted support in their spiritual journey.

3) Help them Deal with Sudden Waves of Emotion

Spiritual awakening keeps people on an emotional roller coaster ride. At time, they could cry at the drop of a hat, while at others they may handle even the most difficult situation with a smile. Allow your partner to vent out their feelings – happy or sad whatever they may be, and support them unconditionally and with all your love.

4) Build Some Inner Flexibility and Willingness to Grow

We all change a little, every day. Sometimes more, and other times a little less. But lives of people who are on a spiritual awakening journey undergo a paradigm shift. And you as his/her partner need to change your life a little too. So, build some inner willingness and flexibility to heal and grow, as a person and as a family. For example, you might love to drink and party with your partner and friends. But once he’s on a spiritual journey, he/she may no longer want to do be a part of that gang. Respect their choice and be flexible to try new things. Accept their disliking and displeasures and discover things that you may love to do together.

5) Evolve Together

Understand that you both are living in a different world now and have different expectations from life and from one another. So, rather than being uninterested in your partner’s perspective towards life, try to evolve together and take interest in each other’s passion. Conflicts are bound to happen, but it’s your willpower, strength and love for one other that will determine how you will overcome the challenges of life.

6) Help Them Connect with Like-Minded People

Spiritual awakening can be a painful experience for your partner as he/she would be dealing with the darkest shades of life. At multiple times during the process, he/she may experience emotional breakdown, fatigue, and loss in energy levels. As a life partner, it’s your responsibility to help them ease the pain and dilemma they are going through.

For this, try to connect him/her to a spiritual guru or master and like-minded communities. They can help him/her clear their emotional blockage and find answers to some of the most intriguing questions about life, people and the universe. This, indeed, could be the biggest spiritual awakening help that you could provide to your better half. It will help them transform their life in the most effective way.

While this may be a difficult phase for both you and your partner, remember together you can conquer all challenges in life.