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Throughout human existence, spirituality and religion performed a significant role in human lives. Psychology continues to experience their relationship with personality attributes and how spirituality and personality affect each other. Discover more in today’s article.

Misconception related to spirituality and religion

In today’s world, not many people know the true meaning of spirituality. Spirituality is often confused with religion. The broad scope of spirituality is the reason behind this misconception. However, they are a completely different concept. There is spirituality within religion, and also a spirituality externally religion. Spirituality includes the realization of a feeling or sense of belief about something more prominent than myself. It is the feeling that something infinite to being more human than sensory occurrence. That is the greater whole of which we are part is grandiose or divine. Also, it can be described as spirituality is the natural motivation that drives and manages behavior towards the development of a broader personal meaning. In other words, the faith that there’s something out there in the universe that’s more influential than oneself. In this feeling, some authors suggest this could even be a personality determinant.

Similarly, religion is a set of beliefs, values, and manners that are explicitly supervised by social or institutional culture. And it depends on education and culture. The spirituality of a person influences and changes their religious biases.

Now the question arises on how spirituality is related to personality. And does spirituality affect personality?

How Spirituality and Personality are related?

Personality and Spirituality are two well-known fields of psychology. Analysts continuously give attention and observe how these concepts come collectively. Also, how spirituality influences human behavior and how it modifies the way humans observe the world. The link between personality and spirituality is becoming important as time goes by. Although this subject isn’t new, there’s a department that falls under this and is only 20 years old. In some studies, spirituality has been related to the five personality traits such as extroversion, openness, and kindness. However, other writers claim that spirituality has distinctions that don’t cover other people (simplicity, aloofness, or isolation). They reflect that spirituality should be the sixth personality trait. Depending on the extent of spirituality present, an individual would show specific behavioral inclinations and means of perceiving the surrounding life. The next big thing in personality is spirituality, somehow.

Spiritual Awareness is a part of Personality

Spiritual awareness is concerned with spirituality. This does not come from reading numerous books or attending various courses or going through several pieces of training or experiences. Somehow these activities will not bring you any nearer to personal and spiritual development. You cannot change your life for the greater if you don’t live and you’ll not come to realize everything you’ve studied or read. Only a deep-seated emotion and awareness by a person of everything that appears in his inner and outer world can bring him to a new stage of being.

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‘Awareness’ is a term that we all have heard many times in our life. But we do not know what it truly implies. So what truly is awareness and consequently spiritual awareness? Awareness is a kind of understanding, insight, perspicacity, reflection if you like. Awareness is a state of consciousness of a self in which he seems to “see” or “feel” himself if he were observing from the outside. We need awareness to assess our activities, gather information about ourselves, and experience what factors and how to influence our life. That is what Spiritual awareness does. Awakening to spiritual awareness is willing to see God at activity in your life, as it always appears and has always appeared — not the way you would like it to be. Some people see spiritual awareness as a retreat from a burden that is too disturbing to move on its own.

Spiritual awareness advances your personality to see the world from a different perspective. The proximity of a spiritual element is very important for our life. It is impracticable to know the completion of being, content with only its corporeal part. The search for the essence of life, the knowledge of the laws of the universe, bond with the spirit in the inner and outer life – all this is spiritual awareness. And this is not only abstract thinking about the mysteries of the universe but, first, the knowledge of your microcosm in its unison with the complete arrangement of the world. This is the awareness of all that is – internal and external – as a unity. Besides, we are addressing not only knowledge and understanding. But also a state that acknowledges God inside each of us fills with light, gives energy and guide in life.

How Spiritual awareness plays an important role in your Spiritual Personality?

Spiritual awareness is a part of spirituality which in one or the other way shapes your personality. There is also a phrase, ‘Spiritual personality’. So when you think about personality, maybe terms like friendly, bubbly, and calm come to your mind. Some of us even label ourselves as extrovert or introvert or ambivert. But there also exists a personality or side of our in the expressions of spirituality, called a spiritual personality. You might be unsure about this, but you can find about your spiritual personality by asking simple questions such as What makes you feel alive and brings you comfort?

It may be reading or working out, spending time with those you are close to, listening to some songs or cooking something you like, or simply taking quite long walks. Identifying this, you can simply understand what practices would deepen your spiritual self, encouraging you to experience all the dividends of spirituality in mind, body, and spirit. There are five types of a spiritual personality, they are,

  • Kinesthetic
  • Scholar
  • Devotional
  • Servant, and-
  • Contemplative.

How being spiritual affects your personality?

Being spiritual affects your personality in numerous ways. Spiritual people are lovely. They are gracious, which turns out to be associated with many positive emotions. These emotions can be enthusiasm, being generous with time and sources, and overall energy. It inspires you to be positive with your life decisions and true to yourself. Spiritual people are compassionate. Feeling compassion toward others is one of the strongest connections with experiencing a spiritual life. It allows you to feel good about the tiny things in life and observe the world through empathetic eyes.

Spirituality helps your personality to flourish. It also allows you to gain self-actualization. Spiritual individuals strive toward a healthier life and reflect personal growth. It compels people to concentrate on their inner values and work on becoming a better person. Individuals who value spirituality take the time to reflect on their everyday activities and eventually build permanent memories of their actions. Because spiritual people are more mindful of small, everyday activities, they feel positive emotions connected with the smaller happiness in life. Thus, Spiritual people take time to enjoy life happenings.

So one thing is clear that spirituality makes a person more compassionate, mindful, meaningful towards his work, and helps in the alignment of the values. It helps you to experience a sense of community, more precisely, a sense of belongings or a sense of connections. Being spiritual is a greatly more intelligent way to exist. In simple words, it means being in tune with the intelligence of the creator. It is not always about being optimistic and positive. As, many people may think, being spiritual means being positive about everything, but being spiritual means being aware and conscious about your surroundings and more precisely yourself. To become conscious is a totally different thing to become positive. To grow as conscious and aware, we must grow as authentic. And Authenticity includes both positive and negative.

Even though spirituality helps you to perceive the world through an optimistic approach, it also allows them to stay true to themselves and their emotions. It has nothing to do with what you believe but what you feel and experience, and everything to do with your state of consciousness.


Now, that you know there is a whole connection between spirituality and personality, and how spirituality is the next big thing in personality. In conclusion, all you should remember is you’re never in control of what happens around you but you’re always in control of what happens within you. Being said that- create a life that feels good on the inside, not just the one that looks good on the outside.

Remember, You have to develop from the inside out. No one can truly teach you that. No one can make you spiritual. There is a thing you need to know about spirituality that your soul is your mentor and no one else. It comes from the soul and not religion. Remember, a spiritual journey is not much of a journey of discovery. It’s a journey of recovery. It is the journey of uncovering your inner nature that is already there. Sometimes you don’t know or feel that it’s happening but, it is. All you have to do is trust yourself. And at last, Spirituality does have a real connection with your personality.