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Engaged spiritually is a practice for spiritual people who engage in the world to find guidance, inspiration and nurturing. People see a deep connection with their spiritual sensibilities. They work towards positively transforming their personal and social connections.

It is a deep affinity between two people. You are actively trying to form a safe connection with each other. When you and your fiancé decide to grow together and work on your commitments with mutual understandings, you are working on your spiritual connections. Your thoughts, faith and beliefs encompass your spirituality. Discussing your spirituality with your partner will make it easier to understand each other’s emotional needs.

It may sound like a lot of work to connect on a spiritual level with someone. However, it is worth all the effort and time. Most of these points are factors that are innate. We are born with them. We need to fine-tune our lifestyles to work on these and better them every day. When you think of your relationship with your fiancé, you would want to connect it to happiness and joy. These are some techniques to go on a spiritual journey with your fiancé.


It is the most important component of spiritual connection. It acts as a base for the relationship. To be honest is a personal commitment to oneself. You have to pay attention to your thoughts and choices and stay away from ignorance. 

Being honest to oneself is the first step to building a spiritual engagement with your fiancé. Knowing and admitting how you feel or act a certain way is essential. Relationships based on lies can pollute the souls. Lies can lead to an endless chain of toxicity. Stay true to the relationship and ensure that you and your fiancé are on the same page. Make your own rules for the relationship and always remain honest with each other.

Mutual Respect

Having a deep spiritual connection with another requires mutual respect at different levels. Respecting each other’s choices, differences, similarities and flaws. Giving each other the freedom to make decisions is a huge step in this process. Respecting your fiancé’s personal space is the key to a healthy relationship.

It might not be easy to reach the ultimate level of respect for each other. Once the balance is established, the relationship is easy going and healthy.

Practice Self-love

Relationships require two people who love each other without any limitations. Unconditional love is a popular term used everywhere. However, reaching such a stage might take time, acceptance and positivity. 

Love is a sign of a deep spiritual connection. It is a selfless act. Love is not a physical aspect that can be measured or seen. It is vibrations, connections, conversations.

Love is not only given to the partner but also oneself. Without having the capacity to embrace yourself, you will struggle to love your partner.

Practising self-love can deepen the connection you have with your partner. Change starts within you.

Open Communication

Communicating with each other is another important aspect of entering into a spiritual connection with your partner. Engaging in meaningful conversations that boost your thinking and expand your perceptions. If you and your partner enjoy having such conversations it increases your ability to understand and improve together.

Life is too short to waste on talking about superficial things. Spiritual connections grow on thoughts, cravings, desires and ideas. Conversations are a pathway to find and learn more about your partner. It helps you empathize. Lack of communication can disconnect relationships. It can escalate conflicts leading to a toxic bond. A healthy conversation requires the ability to listen, pay attention and give feedback on the topic.

Communicating with your partner can help your emotional spirituality. You understand each other’s emotions and learn to express your own without judgements.

Take some time out for each other

With today’s fast-paced world, where both partners are working it might be hard to spend some time together. Both the partners can take out a few hours in a day, or a Sunday to spend some quality time together. It doesn’t have to mean actively participating in something. You can sit together in each other’s arms and watch a movie. This can deepen the spiritual connection between the partners.

Laugh together, cook together, do simple chores together. This helps deepen the bond. You are never too busy if you want to spend time with your loved ones. 

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Commit to daily spiritual rituals

Take out some time to meditate and relax. Meditation can be a way to connect with yourself. It brings peace and harmony within you. You can meditate along with your partner. This can strengthen the vibrations between both of you.

If you find meditation a little difficult, you can also engage in reading. 

Reading the same book together and later discussing it helps strengthen your beliefs and acceptance. Your fiancé may not agree to everything you say. Accepting the differences is the dimension of spiritual well-being that is tested here. Have discussions, take some time off work and engage in your daily ritual.

Practice manifestation together

Manifestation is often looked at with a negative connotation. Here you and your partner are manifesting for the better. Visualising your dreams and goals together can strengthen your connection. You can start by writing down your goals and combining forces of love and empowerment to manifest them. Practice gratitude for your partner while manifesting. Manifestation may not always work the way you want it. It may occur in a different form but staying grounded helps in acceptance. 

You can use a personal diary or create an aura in the space you live in to manifest. Practices like these help deepen your bond and understand your partner better. It evokes feelings of love for each other.

Face your demons

We all have negative thoughts and actions that might affect our relations. Facing and coming to terms with them is a practice that will benefit you and your partner. Being in a spiritual relationship requires growth and understanding between both partners. Talking about your problems with each other can be a cathartic experience. It can also help find a practical solution that might benefit both of you. Partnerships can be challenging. Arguments can bring out the dark side of each person. This is usually when each person starts blaming the other.

To avoid the occurrence of such events, resolving psychological issues becomes essential. Find a therapist if necessary, work on the relationship and yourselves.

Have your own time

Spend time with yourself. Staying in a partnership does not mean you cannot be alone. You need to take some time and space for yourself to think. Giving each other “me” time is crucial to reach a spiritual relationship. Having the time to engage in your hobbies and reflecting on your growth is important. This helps you become a better version of yourself which directly reflects on your relationship. Your fiancé may not always like to do things you enjoy, so use this time to engage in activities you love. Relationships require adjusting but you do not have to compromise things you love doing.

A healthy spiritual relationship does not require the partners to completely depend on each other or become like each other. It requires both partners to vibe with each other’s energies. It gives a healthy space for both individuals to grow by themselves. Spend some time to reflect, perceive and enhance yourself. This will increase the strength between the partners.


An important component of a spiritual relationship is touch. Holding hands, a gentle kiss on the forehead, cuddles are different forms of touch. Ask your fiancé on a date once in a while. Remember all the little things they mentioned and touch their hearts by gifting them. Touch does not have to always be physical. Touching someone’s heart has a deeper essence. It requires attention, memory and action. Striving to have a better quality life with your fiancé requires work from both ends. Remember to kiss your fiancé goodnight and never sleep with unresolved issues. Little gestures and actions are heartwarming. It keeps the spark of the relationship alive.

Use your relationship to be wiser, kinder and a better human. Stay true to yourself and everything else will fall into place. Engage in activities with your partner. Don’t force yourself to always be the best version of yourself. Relationships are dynamic. Evolve with your partner and create the space for growth. Explore yourself with each other. You don’t have to share the same spiritual beliefs, make sure to respect them. 

See your partnership as a space for love and not to satisfy or feed your insecurities. Your inner spirits are in harmony with the other person. You grow with the person through pain and through joy. Do not erase the sad moments but try to understand them. Use healthy techniques to handle sorrow and pain. Your fiancé then becomes your soul mate. Soul mates are not someone who you go look for but someone who you spiritually connect with.