Jenny Roland


How to connect spiritually with your fiancé

Image source Engaged spiritually is a practice for spiritual people who engage in the world to find guidance, inspiration and nurturing. People see a deep connection with their spiritual sensibilities. They work towards positively transforming their personal and social connections….


Spiritual & Religious Living

Image Source Spirituality is a very broad concept that connects various aspects of life together. To arrange it into simple words, spirituality means connecting ourselves to something bigger than ourselves, which is usually practiced to search for meaning in our…


What happens after Kundalini Awakening

Image source – Pixabay The world is filled with hidden energies that are continuously in motion around us. It contains both external and internal energy. Harnessing these energies gives us an extra edge to understand ourselves and the entire existence….


Building a Fortress of Spirituality and Protection

Image credit Mentions of fortresses can appear in the annals of early recordings of human civilizations and settlements. Societies built fortresses according to their development and knowledge to ward off invasion by another group. Fortresses Developed as Societies Developed When…