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Mentions of fortresses can appear in the annals of early recordings of human civilizations and settlements. Societies built fortresses according to their development and knowledge to ward off invasion by another group.

Fortresses Developed as Societies Developed

When warfare took the form of science, the art of fortification became a part of military studies. Cities flourished inside strong fortifications. Fortresses served as watchtowers and checkpoints. Empires thrived inside huge military walls. Many fortresses are still looked at with awe and admiration. The Great Wall of China protected huge territories for centuries.

Quest for Perfection

Humans are seekers. They have been searching throughout their existence for the unknown. The search created many explorers and saints. Those who searched for the supreme believed in the existence of a spirit far beyond the wildest imaginations that society as a whole could dream of.

All the religious texts point in the direction of this spirit, which can do wonders for the materialistic world. It is entirely up to the individual to build a fortress of spirituality and protection.

Cow and Bulldog

Isn’t coupling spirituality with fortresses contradictory? A fortress represents images of all that is materialistic. Where is the comparison? Isn’t it akin to an attempt at mating a cow with a bulldog?

Energy is Matter

All scientific findings declare that matter is nothing but energy. Many science fiction films have portrayed beams of energy arranged like a fortress protecting entire cities from invading space ships. What if we could protect ourselves with strong spiritual waves all around us warding off invading negativities? Build a fortress of spirituality and protection to accomplish this.

A man’s home is his castle

The Bill of Rights reflects the old English adage.

“The right of the people to be secure in their … houses … against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.”

It holds true for an individual, family, and society as a whole. All members of a family feel protected and peaceful within the confines of their homes. Laws of every civilized nation stipulate that nobody has the right to enter a home without the express consent of a family member.

Violation of Boundaries

Most people are unaware that negative feelings are energies that violate our castles of peace. Uninvited invaders of our minds that create chaos in our households are not strangers. They are:

· Anger

· Jealousy

· Greed

· Addictions

· Melancholy

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Cruelty

· Disgust

· Guilt

· Fear

How did they penetrate the strong walls of our fortresses?

They didn’t. We invited them inside with open hands.

Empires Crumbled Like Cookies

Invasion by the negative energies has had a shattering impact on personal progress, relationships, families, and existence as a united society. The sad fact is that these emotions sprouted within the mind. External incidents or other stimuli can trigger them. But they found a haven and nourishing soil within ourselves to grow. Our homes and nativities are our personal empires. They crumbled as these emotions took root and grew into mighty oaks. Huge roots penetrated our very existence leading to the total collapse of our personal universes. Such oaks will vaporize into thin air if we build a fortress of spirituality and protection.

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Build Fortresses of Spirituality and Protection to Prevent Intrusions

Positive spiritual energies will shield us from the attack of evil aliens. That can be achieved with a willful and concise effort. Men conquered the moon, difficult mountain peaks, and depths of the oceans. It should be a simple feat to conquer our minds by exercising sheer will.

Obstacles That Prevent Spiritual Fortification

It is very easy to build our spiritual castles. All great endeavors face blocks and ditches along the path. Similarly, when we set upon the path of spiritual fortification, many obstacles will pop up.

i) Conceptual and Literal Meanings

The many parables and quotes contained in religious texts have hidden meanings. They are not to be taken literally. Before beginning any practice seen in ancient scriptures, always learn the true meaning.

The best example is the word ‘ignorance.’ Its literal meaning is ‘not having enough knowledge about matters of the world.’

In a spiritual context, the word is used to imply the belief that ‘I am the body. ‘

ii) Lack of Ideal Terminology

Many languages lack a single word to translate words like Dharma or Karma. Translators have taken care of the issue by adding lengthy footnotes or explanations. A typical example is the biblical camel passing through the eye of the needle.

iii) Spirituality Is Not My Cup Of Tea

Sects that are loyal to the idea of atheism lack the ideology to expound their views. During serious discussions, they take refuge in meaningless intellectual blabbering. If you are on a spiritual path, avoid entering into debates or discussions with such people.

iv) The Same Word with Different Meanings

A word in the original text can get translated into different words in another language, depending on the context. There is nothing to be confused about it. Continue steadily on the path with focus and confusions shall clear along the way.

v) Insufficient Explanations

Some texts are written in condensed form. A not so knowledgeable person will need explanations to understand the concept. It is like explaining quantum physics to a person who has no scientific background.

Don’t get disheartened. Carry on with the spiritual practices and the result will be a strongly built fortress of spirituality and protection.

vi) Duties and Responsibilities

We are social beings. Many responsibilities need to be performed in the family, workplace, religious places, etc. These should not be a deterrence to your progress on the spiritual path to building a fortress of protection.

These six obstacles can come up at any point in your journey. They have to be dealt with and overcome with a calm and peaceful temperament. Getting over these obstacles itself is spiritual growth. Certain obstacles, like our responsibilities, cannot be eliminated. The trick lies in finding the balance by navigating efficiently through them.

There is a very inspiring quote that has given courage to many. They have strived courageously forward to build a fortress of spirituality and protection.

“Delays will occur on the way ahead. God created them. If you had reached as planned, you would have faced a storm. Now you will reach after the storm is over.”