How to find out Who you were in a Past Life?

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‘Who was I in my past life?’ is a question that is still bothering many of us. The philosophy of Reincarnation talks about the transition of your soul into a new body after you die. But that’s not all. People also believe that what you become in your next life depends on the quality of life that you have lived in the present.

The belief stems from various philosophical, spiritual, and religious systems. It is also present in societies and tribes across the world as Spiritism or Theosophy.

But to answer the above question, we must first think about whether such a thing is possible. There have been instances where people are born with specific marks on their bodies. And while it awed doctors, many people still doubt things like rebirth or reincarnation.

So, it brings us back to the same question of whether Reincarnation is possible or not. However, the idea holds immense potential for research and exploration.

Is Reincarnation Possible?

Sometimes, you may feel things that you think are not real. You may even say that intuition or déjà vu you feel is your mind playing tricks on you. But is it, though? You may brush it off as a one-time experience, but deep down, you know you may feel it again.

They say that you should let go of the past and focus on the present. You can even argue that the past doesn’t hold significance to what is happening right now. You may not believe in such a thing as Reincarnation. But it doesn’t mean that you should not try to know who you were in the past. It could bring drastic changes to your lives.

The question, ‘Who was I in my past life?’ isn’t new, though. Many philosophers have already tried to find answers to it in the past. There have also been hundreds of books on the topic, one of the most prominent ones being Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

The book tells you all that you need to know about Reincarnation and how it can affect your life. Most philosophies agree that there is no difference between time and space as you achieve higher states of mind. When you experience a kind of ecstasy where you feel that you are one with everything, the past, present, or the future doesn’t matter.

They also say that once you achieve this state, your imagination triggers experiences of your past life. But the question is, how exactly do we achieve this state of mind?

Has Reincarnation got Something to do with Karma?

Philosophers who have a deeper understanding of Reincarnation also suggest that ‘karma’ plays a prominent role in our future lives. So, when you pass into the afterlife, the Karma you have accumulated so far, whether good or bad, is what empowers you in the next life. And when whatever good Karma you have left is exhausted, the remainder is what sends you back to the earth.

However, when you pass into the afterlife, your bad Karma gets exhausted, you will reach the spiritual world of ‘Brahmaloka,’ never to return. But note that getting to such a state of mind is only possible when you choose to give up all your pleasures and desires.

And while you may enter this world, you will last there as long as you have all your good deeds. After you have exhausted all the good deeds you have done in your past life, you will be born as a human being again.

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How to Remember your Past Life?

There are many techniques you can use to remember who you were in your past life. These ‘Who was I in my Past Life?’ methods should help you to remember who you were before you were born the way you are now. Additionally, it also accounts for the things you did in the past.

But instead of going for methods that are far more complicated, you can try a simple technique such as the one below. It is not only simple but also helps you to experience glimpses of your past life. To do this:

1. Get Ready.

Firstly, you must make yourself comfortable. Set the right temperature and adjust the lights. You must also ensure absolute silence. So, turn off anything that tends to make noise, like the TV. Alternatively, you could again try this technique in a calm and serene environment, such as the beach. When you try this, be sure to have a quiet surrounding so that your mind and body is in a relaxed state.

2. Keep your Mind Calm.

Once you ensure that you have a peaceful environment around you, it is time to relax your mind. Note that one of the best times to do this is when your mind and body are calm. Ensure that you focus and are not hungry or thirsty when you try this technique.

3. Keep your Body Relaxed.

After you have calmed your mind, you should go ahead and relax your body as well. Your body should not be too stiff when you try this out. So, take a moment and unwind before you travel along this path.

4. Keep Away all the Negative Forces.

Now that both your mind and body are calm, you should drive away all the negative energy within you and draw in the positive, spiritual power you need. Close your eyes slowly and gently and lie on your back, placing your hands at the sides.

Then, imagine that white light has surrounded you from all sides. Feel this white light cover your whole body. Imagine its warmth or coolness. Let the light create an aura and build up energy around you for protection.

Then, focus more on the white light as it gets brighter. Keep yourself calm and don’t rush the process.

5. Create a Path.

So, now it’s time to begin your journey. For this, you must use your imagination and create a path. Remember that you can take any course of your choice. What it is should be your least concern. Imagine walking down that path until you reach a door. Now, as you open that door, imagine that you are entering your past life.

6. The Journey.

As you take each step towards that door, feel all that you experience in that pathway. And it would help if you built upon each thing that you see here as you construct the path. Keep an open mind along the journey, accepting whatever you see. At this point, you may also feel that you are imagining things. You must forget that for a moment and believe you are walking towards your past life.



7. The Past Life

When you open the door to your past life, make sure that you keep a positive and open mind and accept whatever you see. You could also think about something you love doing, such as a hobby, and connect that with who you were in your past life.

It doesn’t matter what you see. The most important thing here is to accept what comes at you as it is. You shouldn’t, even for a second, doubt that you may be imagining these things. Always remember that you can’t change the past. So, you cannot change your past life.

But you can learn lessons from the experience that can enlighten your present.

8. Back to the Present.

After some time, your mind feels tired and automatically returns to the present. It usually happens when the images stop appearing. Essentially, you will start to move away from the door that led you into your past life as things begin to return to normal.

But do know that you can choose when you want to go back. So, when you are ready to return to the present, you can always open that door and go back until you reach where you are currently.

So, in this way, you can experience your past life. But note that the technique may not work for everyone. However, you can always try it out to check if you can catch glimpses of your past life.

Last Few Words

While people may brush off things like Reincarnation, saying it makes no sense, there are things in this world that we cannot understand and probably never will. If you believe in reincarnation, you can always try the ‘Who was I in my Past Life?’ technique and experience your past life. Many people have found the technique to be useful. There have also been several instances where such people have experienced their past lives. So, the technique should work to some extent.