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The night sky is astonishing and amazing ever since humanity started. The sky contains stars, planets, and the moon. It’s lovely to gaze at night light. It shows us how big our galaxy is, and we are just a small part of it.

A shooting star is just a glowing meteoroid containing rocks and dust entering the earth’s atmosphere. After getting heated up by a collision with air particles in the upper atmosphere- its particles burn. It produces a whitetail of light behind them known as a meteor. Meteors can happen in the form of showers. They are very small and very far away from earth. A meteor shower occurs through Leo’s constellation.

We know it’s a scientific and logical explanation but it still symbolizes different things in different cultures. It could be a blessing, warning, confession, promise, and wish. Somewhere it’s a way to connect with their loved ones who have left the earth; somewhere it’s a sign to start something new.

Feel connected

Life is unpredictable and mysterious, so we rely on nature to hint at the coming future. This beautiful occurrence happened 24*7, but we can’t see it during the day because of the sunlight. At night when the sky is dark sometimes if we are at the right place and right time, we look up. What we see is this magical light passing through the sky. Watching a shooting star makes us feel more connected to this big mysterious galaxy which we are just a small part of. The thought of being a small part of the entire galaxy keeps us humble and ground to earth. That can have many meanings but what does a shooting star mean spiritually. Let’s find out-

Shooting star symbolism

  • In Greek mythology– Shooting stars are symbols of deceased souls. It feels like they are trying to make a connection through the universe. It is telling that we are here even if they have left their physical form. They are telling us to be hopeful, courageous because someone is out there who believes in us. Some believe that that soul send messages to us through stars and tells us to be happy. Some Greek’s also believe that God is watching us through the sky and shooting stars means that communication can happen more effectively. So, they make a wish when seeing a shooting star in hope that God will fulfill those wishes.
  • Make a wish- In some cultures, when you see a shooting star you make a wish. It has been passed on for generations to make a wish when you see a shooting star. Some people there stories about them wishing something to the star and it got fulfilled.
  • In Islam– Prophet said Allah commanded angels to take some secret message to earth. Jinn overheard the conversation and without being fully aware of the command. He shared the secret order with other angels and demons. As punishment for jinn, angels attacked him with a meteor and hence the shooting star.
  • Good luck– Some people believe that it’s a good omen. It’s a sign that something good is about to happen in your life. Although in some cultures people believe just the opposite. It’s a rare and miraculous event so, associated with good luck. It fills you with a positive aura and optimism. Hinduism follows this theory of good luck. It’s precious and magical to see a shooting star.
  • Good beginning– a good start is something people believe to do on auspicious days. Shooting star just makes that belief stronger. Its occurrence makes us believe that we are going to do something good and change our life for the better. It encourages us to do something that we are hesitant about. People believe that this beautiful phenomenon can never be bad.
  • Don’t point- it’s bad luck to point towards the shooting star. In some cultures, it is believed that shooting stars are demons falling from the sky. So, pointing towards them can harm you.
  • In Dream– Seeing a shooting star in your dream has a different interpretation. It may suggest that your mind is telling you about something you have been putting off for a long time. Your mind is telling you to remember your desire or goal that you have long forgotten to complete. It’s your subconscious that is telling you to be conscious about your life.

What does a shooting star mean spiritually?

Spiritually its meaning is much deeper and wider than any of the above symbolism. It means something in your life is about to change, whether it’s good or bad. The shooting star represents that something has changed in the universe and that symbolizes our connection to Mother Nature.

You should be prepared to brace that upcoming change in your life and face it with courage and hope. It’s a good sign and you should believe in yourself that whatever you are trying to achieve, hoping to have, you will find it. The change is going to be something spiritual like having a realization of you, your inner self. Creating a version 2.0 of yourself that is your better self could be the change the shooting star meant to declare. If there is God looking after you from up, he is the one telling you to move on and do some good in life.

Feel the moments

Although in some cultures it’s about making a wish when you see a shooting star. There is not just fiction but important logic behind it. They give us a chance to discover ourselves. Universe has a connection with us that tells us to go after what we want. It’s a sign to pursue our goal.

In those few seconds, we think about something that is important to us. This is something that leads to a realization of what we really want in our life whether it’s a big project or a relationship. Those few moments give us the positivity to get through life. The moment you start thinking about what you want to wish for, that desire is what arises while watching the star. A shooting star is in fact for the realization that tells us to take a moment and think about our life. Think about what is important to you. In short that answers the question of what does a shooting star mean spiritually?

Double shooting star

The shooting star is an incredible sight to watch. If you get to see more than one shooting star in one night; I am sure you will be amazed. You know it’s a rare occurrence.

People believe that seeing one shooting star is good luck. But seeing two is spectacular luck. It means you will have a great love life. In particular to your relationship shooting star means you will either fall in love or get more close to your partner. It’s a very romantic sight to see with your partner. The little push you get from looking at the double shooting star gives you the courage to confess.

Find your soul mate

A double shooting star is connected to love life. It means you will find your soul mate very soon. Maybe you have met him and didn’t realize it yet. This event gives you the confidence that you will find love. Often we have heard that a match made in heaven; star-crossed or written in stars means somewhere it is connected to our destiny.

Shooting star and spirituality

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It’s a signal that you may be damaged, unhinged or broken but can still shine just like shooting stars. It’s a simple action but so breathtaking. Shooting stars make you believe that you have to hold on to that moment and do something. Like when you gaze at the stars and puff… in a few seconds it’s just gone. This wondrous experience leaves you in splits.

In spirituality, this occurrence has a great effect on our lives. It a light removing the dark, enlightens and guides us on our paths. Stars have always been mentioned as angels in history. They are usually described as a symbol of good and positivity. They shine on us at night, are beautiful, and have a wonderful aura around them.

Aligns with destiny

 A shooting star is aligning with your destiny. That seeing a shooting star will lead you on a good path. Different religions have different interpretations of shooting stars. Christianity believes that shooting stars are fallen, angels. The Bible believes that Satan was a fallen star too. It represents hope, truth, and spirit.

In some religions, shooting stars represent god’s presence. God is peeking through the sky to look at humans. To ensure how everything is going. The wishes we make are like prayers. We are asking God to fulfill our wishes and take care of us through prayers. People say it’s a blessing to a shooting star.

Feel its impact

During tough times we wonder how to get away from this despair and disappointment. Life is always giving us something to feel positive about shooting stars are one of the opportunity. If you choose to ignore it, you won’t feel its impact. And, if you choose to see the beauty of the shooting star- you will feel its positivity and aura around you. Nature has its own way to give us hope and encourage us to reach our goal. This gorgeous phenomenon is another event that is supposed to cheer us.

Do you have a hard and tough decision to take and you are wondering if it’s any good? The occurrence of an event like you looking at a shooting star will fill you with confidence. You will be able to make the decision you were confused about. It gives you hope that success is just out there and you just have to grab it.


It is an empowering feeling, this thrill you get when you see the shooting star will make you believe in yourself. What does a shooting star mean spiritually? It means that our destiny is written, and we just have to awaken our self to reach it. Stars give you hope and with hope comes power. Stars give power to accept the truth, find a new path, remove darkness and get on to greatness. This adrenaline rush we get after the event when we make a wish is a moment that makes us determine what we want in life.


Life is small and everyone wants to make the most of it. Sometimes life is complicated and hard and makes us doubtful and hesitant in our decisions. A shooting star is the spirits falling from heaven that gives us not just hope but positivity to make things right. We are so involved and busy in our life’s that sometimes we forget what is actually important.

There are things that make us happy and enthusiastic. We miss those things due to our complicated lives. The universe is letting us know to take a moment and really think by creating such phenomenal sight. When we think of making a wish we think about something we really want. Want is something that is constant in a human being’s life. So, in those few moments, it becomes clear to us about what we exactly want.

In conclusion, the spirituality of a shooting star is not a myth or a superstition. Those few moments where you see a shooting star and make a wish charge you with many emotions. It brings hope, optimism, and positivity. The sight gives you thrill and passions. Shooting star creates a beautiful aura around you. It gives you the courage to have self-realization and meet your spiritual self.

We are so busy living between materialistic things those we often forgets how crucial it is to meet our spiritual being. We are a small part of this great universe that is divine and cosmic in nature. When you start thinking from your heart rather than your mind, you connect to your spiritual being. Shooting star helps us connect to our innermost self, our subconscious, and make us realize the main and prime things in life.