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People who believe in narcissism find the spiritual root in Greek mythology. It is the mindset of self-absorption that calls for their self-starvation and death.

Even God advises such people to exercise control and restrain their thoughts. It is widely believed that narcissists use their religion cards to score some brownie points! Not only this, they go to the extent to:

  • Dominate.
  • Control, and
  • Manipulate through fear.

Typically speaking, when it comes to categories of individuals who can be termed a narcissist, it consists of people who do not believe in the existence of God, including:

  • Agnostic.
  • Atheistic, and
  • Satanism.

How to spiritually deal with a narcissist is a common query among people.

The right process to deal with them spiritually is to identify them with certain special traits

Handling a narcissistic spiritually requires due diligence and care. Remember, such individuals usually exhibit a deeply-held conviction that they are the best and no one else is even very close to them. They are so lost in self-admiration that they fail to recognize several qualities in others that are:

  • Outstanding.
  • Special, and
  • Unique.

Owing to their nature of self-praise and admiration, they usually suffer from several problems in:

  • Satisfying, and
  • Mutually supportive relationships.

Lack of empathy and psychological awareness is attributed to such problems making how to spiritually deal with a narcissist the most common query among other people. After all, people from this school of thought often use others to meet their ends which is why you ought to be a little cautious while dealing with them.

Keep a tab on traits like:

  • Needing constant praise.
  • Not caring or recognizing needs of others.
  • Taking undue advantage of others.
  • Having an enhanced sense of self.

Spirituality can be of great help to teach them a couple of things

In case you are sustaining a relationship with a person with narcissistic tendencies, the question of how to spiritually deal with a narcissist is most likely to come to your mind.

Remember, spirituality is very powerful. It can handle any individual and a narcissist is one of them. Make sure the narcissist is introduced to spirituality. This will go a long way to eradicate a lot of inabilities in the person in question, including:

  • An inability to truly love.
  • The non-stop nature to attract and charm others.
  • A peculiar tendency to utter lies as well as emotionally manipulate, and
  • An unquenchable need for attention.

It is worth noting, these character traits can produce destructive consequences. For instance, it can bring any relation to an abrupt end without any logical reason behind the action. You need to ensure such behavior patterns are checked on time by providing rightful spiritual guidance. This way, the same narcissist will start giving love to other people around them.

Know a few essential facts about a spiritual narcissist

Like any other individual, even the spiritual narcissist portrays certain specific tendencies and behavior patterns. For instance, they take the help of spirituality to boost their ego. Of course, they do so unknowingly and unconsciously.

1. Watch out for your spirituality levels!

Don’t be surprised to see them looking down on you in case your level of spirituality is not at par with them! Yes, you heard it right! This is exactly what they will do – flaunt their spirituality and frown upon others who are less spiritually advanced to their level. It gives people handling them a very annoying and disgusting time.

2. Be prepared to face some turbulent discussion session

During your daily routine, you come across a bunch of individuals with whom you interact. Some of these interactions are soothing while others aren’t. This is part of the game.

Nevertheless, if you are dealing with a narcissist, make sure you do appropriate homework beforehand. For instance, you can know more about how to spiritually deal with a narcissist.

Wait and anticipate to face the music if you are planning to have a discussion session with them in regard to spirituality. Do not get shell-shocked if you find them hounding you. It happens only because you dared to disregard their views or question their research and logic.

3. Don’t get deceived by their tactics

In real life, the spiritual narcissist exhibits peculiar traits. One of these is to deceive and fool others with their tactics. For instance, they make use of two most popular tactics of:

  • Defensiveness, and
  • Technical jargon.

They resort to such a mechanism due to a reason. Irrespective of how aware you are about spiritually, they tend to make you realize every fault that has occurred is because of you, not them! All this happens in disguise of helping you find actual spirituality!

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There are scores of practical ways to deal with them spiritually

You ought to be a little cautious with your approach if you want the perfect answer to how to spiritually deal with a narcissist. There are several ways to deal with them practically.

For example, they will try to charm you when they want to. There is a high probability you might even get drawn to their lofty promises and grand ideas. They are well known to adopt this approach, especially in work settings.

The million-dollar question is – how to know if they are going to treat you similarly? There is a great solution to this. Watch their behavior when they are mingling with others.

There is a great chance they are going to do the same with you in case you find them doing certain things with others. This will include:

  • Manipulating.
  • Lying, or
  • Blatantly disrespecting others.

It is wise to remember, your requirements and needs are not important to them. In case you go ahead highlighting them, get ready to witness stiff resistance from them!

The best way to deal with them is to accept them as they are

No matter how hard you try to change or convince them, a narcissist will always remain a narcissist. There is no point in wasting your valuable time and energy in trying to reform them.

The best available alternative is to accept them as they are. Of course, you ought to remain cautious so that you do not get carried away with their ‘sweet talk’.

You can rely on these tips to find successful outcomes

These tips have worked wonders for many and you can rely on them as well:

  • Expect push back.
  • Find support.
  • Accept them.
  • Speak up.
  • Set boundaries.
  • Break the spell.
  • Demand action.
  • Remember the truth.

Take some guidance and inspiration from the Bible to handle a narcissist spiritually

The Bible can be a source of inspiration and guidance. According to the Bible, you can:

  • Stop feeding their ego

In case you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you can deal with them spiritually as well. For instance, stop feeding their ego. Remember, they prefer to have a regular ‘narcissistic supply’.

Instead, motivate them to spend sufficient emotional energy and time doing things like:

  1. To be kind.
  2. To be happy, and
  3. To love.

At the same time, the Bible even says these people are a tough nut to crack! They fail to change only because they do not have any willingness to surrender themselves completely to God.

  • Pray for their salvation

God is great. He always thinks about happiness and joy for all people. This includes such narcissists as well. On account of this, God suggests that you ought to pray for them as well. Yes, you may not appreciate their mindset and behavior. Despite this, you ought to continue praying for them. This will facilitate their salvation. When you pray for them, it goes a long way in resolving all forms of bitterness you might be harboring for such individuals.

  • Refrain from yielding to them:

It is an accepted fact they will oppose you in three circumstances:

  1. Your awareness about their real nature.
  2. When you set your boundaries, and
  3. When you do not think twice before standing for yourself.
  • Don’t shy off from telling the truth irrespective of the repercussions

It is an accepted fact that ‘truth hurts, not the denying of it, but of accepting it”. When you try to spiritually motivate and guide a narcissist, chances are high they will not agree with you readily. This is in no way an indicator that truth should not be disclosed.

The Bible urges you not to be scared to speak the truth. Your lack of fear is a clear sign that you will be saved while the narcissist in question will be destroyed.

  • Break the spotlight they love to remain in

Narcissists are not bad individuals. Due to a lack of spiritual know-how or their traits, they love to remain in the spotlight all the time.

The best way to stop them from doing so is to break the spell. Once done, avoid focusing on them.

The narcissistic personality inside them makes them attention-seekers. They yearn to have all the attention, positive or negative. Do not be surprised to see a narcissist making painstaking efforts and working hard to get their daily dose of attention!

It is a wise move not to try too hard to convince them with your views on spirituality. If you fail to do so, you might fall into the tactic and booby trap set by them – their charm!

At times, out of love and respect for the narcissist who may be your relative or a friend, you leave no stone unturned to break their attention-seeking behavior. You may even go to make necessary adjustments and amendments in your life to match their needs. Despite all these efforts, it might seem not enough for them!

Instead of doing all these, you can:

  • Define your world, and
  • Prohibit them from infiltrating your sense of self.

Likewise, keep yourself reminded of three things, like your:

  • Goals.
  • Strengths, and
  • Desires.