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Why God? Why did you do this to me?… What wrong have I done?… Am I sinful?… Why me God??? Such questions are common and everyone asks these in their bad times. Human life has always been full of disappointments, diseases, defeats, and challenges. It is probably the suffering that leads mankind to believe in the almighty who controls the destiny of all beings on earth. Imagine life without disease, worries, or trouble. Seldom would have man cared for his spiritual relationship with the Father-in-Heaven. Isn’t it? Perhaps it is the basic nature of a ‘denial’ to lead towards ‘transcendence.’

But, does God need to force ‘spiritual evolution’ upon us? Doesn’t God want us to happy? Isn’t it the right of us(God almighty’s children) to be happy? Can God be evil?

God is Both Good and Evil

And yes, this isn’t a paradox. God’s grace is beyond the conceiving ability of us mortals. It is the man, who thinks in terms of a pair of opposites like day – night, heat – cold, far – near, love – hate, rich – poor, good – evil, etc. Discrimination and discernment is the quality of a human mind. But the almighty is the lord of the supreme intelligence. The universe is a composite unit, and he sees oneness in all. He is exalted beyond the illusions that arise out of duality of things. He can be anything and can do everything. The almighty is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

So, let us again come to the same old question. Can God be evil?

The answer is yes! God can be evil! But, he can never be unjust! Destruction has always been an important part of the cosmic plan. And God is the best planner. He makes sure that every particle in the universe lies perfectly in its place. There are numerous instances of disaster and destruction that we find in holy scriptures. Like a few below:

Bible: Isaiah 54:16 “See, it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon fit for its work. And it is I who have created the ravager to destroy and wreak havoc…”

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 11 Verse 32 “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

Reasons God Lets the Disaster Strike Us

How often do we find ourselves thanking God for all our happiness? How often do we cherish our blessings? Rare are those who are content with what they have. For every other person, the grass has always been greener on the other side. Isn’t it?

We take credit for our success, accomplishments, and wealth. While, for all our defeat and failures, destiny is to be blamed. Why is it that destiny always likes to play the role of a villain in our beautiful life’s stories? The question ‘why me God?’ is always asked in adversity, frustration, and anger. Imagine a billionaire with a seemingly trouble-free life asking ‘why me God?.’

God works in mysterious ways. And disaster, death, destruction, and decay have been few unsolved puzzles of philosophers and thinkers from ancient times. There are few reasons through which “religious thinkers” try to answer this ‘why me God?’ question. These reasons are given as:

1.We lack faith and don’t believe that the almighty will deliver: Maybe our lack of faith blocks our reception for heavenly help and blessings. Hebrews 11:6 “must believe that he exists and rewards those who earnestly seek him”.

2.God wants us to develop trust in him: Maybe God would eventually rescue us at the last moment, and we would learn to develop unflinching and unwavering trust in him.

3.Our sins are too many: Maybe we never obeyed God. Isn’t it natural for parents to turn strict towards a rebellious child? Maybe we were leading a sinful life till now.

4.We need to learn a lesson about patience and resilience: Maybe God wants us to go through tough situations so that we become even tougher.

5.God knows best for us and rescue isn’t that for now: Surely, God’s plan is higher. He knows best. His vision is for all the heavens, earth, and its dwellers.

6. Maybe God is building our beautiful faith story: Everything passes. This too shall pass. We shall overcome. We should feel privileged for the divine has chosen us to spread his message of love, compassion, and spirituality for all.

7.Something better and amazing is in store for us: We must wait for our turn of blessings. For God surely rewards, in multitude, to those who wait.

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These reasons have been a way of deciphering “almighty’s divine intentions” and justifying human life’s challenges. But, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. What can justify the death of a starving poor? Why would God turn deaf towards an orphan’s cry? Why can’t angels console a person lamenting for his/her beloved’s loss? Can prayers grow the limbs back? All those thousands who died of a tsunami or an earthquake; were they all sinful? What great philosophy can answer their ‘why me God?’.

Law of Karma

Again! The question remains the same. Why would God need to cause destruction? How can the happiness of god’s children and their adversity co-exist?

As we learned above, thinking in terms of opposites is the human view. God cares for the whole of the universe. And the universe needs to maintain balance to function properly. This can also be explained scientifically with the help of Newton’s Third Law of Motion. It says, “For every applied force in motion, there is an equal and opposing force in motion.” The Hindu holy scriptures define the eternal ‘Law of Karma’ same as, “For every action(Karma), there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

To maintain the balance of forces in motion, there are equal forces opposing in motion. Likewise, to maintain the cosmic balance of mankind’s actions, there are consequences of mankind’s own action. This sets our beautiful universe in balance. In this universe, we all are interconnected. Each person’s action is bound to affect every other person.

We need to take care of our thoughts and intentions before they unknowingly manifest as actions.

While performing our actions, how often do we ask, ‘why me God?’. When raging in fury, or firing an employee, how often do we ask, ‘why me God?’. While cheating in love, or while not caring for the things we have, how often do we ask, ‘why me God?’. While destroying our natural resources and polluting Mother Earth, how often do we ask, ‘why me God?’.

Reasons you should never ask ‘why me God?’

To err is human, to forgive divine. Man can fall for temptations, but our Lord Supreme is compassionate, forgiving, and fair. God had put the milk in our mother’s breast before our birth. Fear, greed, lust, anger, attachment, and ego are the frailties of the human mind. It is these failings that mankind needs to overcome. Only then can we see the grace of God working magic for us.

Only when the clouds of ignorance are dispersed, can the sun of true knowledge shine in its full glory…

We must learn to trust God’s wisdom and should never ask ‘why me God?’ because:

1.We should instead cherish what we have: God should be thanked for all the things he provided to us. Take good care of people and the things we have in our life. Human wants are endless. Only those who are content with what they have, are satisfied.

2.We might be better in comparison with many: There are many who may not be as blessed as we are. There are people dying of hunger, people with no vision, no limbs, no money, etc. Everyone is fighting his own battles. God cares for all.

3.We should keep a check on our ‘attachments’: It can be an emotional or an ego issue to let go of things or people. But, we must stop looking at situations from our personal point of view only. At times, it is beneficial to let go. We must trust God’s plan and not get overly attached to things. Over-attachment towards perishables can act as a hindrance to our spiritual growth.

4.We all are part of a bigger plan: And everyone has a beautiful role to play in it. We must always think of contributing positively to the divine process. Spread as much love and positivity as you can. All in all, we’re just another brick in the wall… Sometimes we must try to transcend our petty egos.


In this article, we tried to provide some logical and comprehensible reasons for why you should never ask ‘why me God?’. Our creator, our divine father, the lord is supreme, and he surely attends to every question of his children in distress. Whatever he does, is for our greater good. He has provided in the past, he will provide in the future. Our faith is the best gift we can offer in return to our Lord. Every religion teaches us to have faith in the almighty. In times of suffering and disaster, we must remember:

“To God, we belong, to God we shall return”