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General Symbolism

Since ages, peacock feathers have been associated with the quality of pride. They represent glory and nobility. Peacocks can easily digest plants that contain poison. This is the reason why peacocks feathers are considered a symbol of immortality and incorruptibility.

Ancient Significance

In ancient times, peacock feather held a lot of importance in the classic times of Greece. The bird was seen as associated with the mighty goddess Hera. Mythologically it is considered that the eyes on the feathers of the peacock were placed by the goddess herself. So, the peacock feathers are seen as representative of heavenly wisdom and the knowledge that is all compassing.

Hindu Mythology

Hindu mythology sees peacock feathers in relation to goddess Lakshmi. So, the peacock feathers are seen as having the qualities associated with the wealth goddess such as good fortune, happiness, patience, and kindness. The peacocks dance with joy whenever it rains and thus they are seen as harbingers of rain. God Indra, who presides over rain and thunder, is also seen as associated with peacock feather because they are seen as having celestial powers. Lord Krishna adorns his head with a peacock feather. Thus the feather takes on overtones of beauty and charm in Lord Krishna’s presence as he is the god of love and beauty in Hindu mythology. Lord Kartikeya rides on a peacock and this makes a peacock representing the charm, strength, and celestial wisdom as Lord Kartikeya is the commander of heavens in Hindu mythology.

Buddhist Significance

In Buddhism, peacock feathers take on the quality of openness. When the peacock bird opens its tail, it displays everything. Thus, the peacock feathers are related to baring your soul in Buddhism. The ability of the bird to survive even after eating poisonous plants is seen as an emblem of perseverance during hardships in the Buddhist mythology.

Peacock Feathers and Peacock Feathers Meaning Spiritually

Almost every culture that has thrived on this planet has used peacock feathers for spiritual meaning in one way or another. The feathers are seen as having healing powers. They are considered as possessing the energy that heals spiritually. So, they are of great significance in the lives of people who lack harmony and balance in their lifestyle. If the peacock feathers are utilized in a proper way, then they can help an individual to connect to the healing potential of the universal energy. An further, this universal healing energy can be channeled into healing people’s diseases, life problems, and other complaints.

When a peacock dances, with its feathers spread wide and elevated, this scene takes on a whole great meaning. The elevated colors represent the ascension of an individual to a higher domain in life. The feathers represent the spiritual elevation of a person to an upper level. Native American Chiefs used to wear peacock feathers to showcase their power to communicate with the holy spirit. The feathers were also representative of their spiritual wisdom. In Native American Indian culture, the peacock feathers also used to represent the glory and power of the gods of thunder. They also used yo represent the power of natural agents such as wind and air.

Peacock and Spiritual Symbolism

Peacock per se is seen as possessing many characteristics that are admired by humans. The peacocks and their feathers represent beauty and integrity. The spreading of feathers by peacock shows that we can achieve the desired aestheticism and fulfillment when we open up ourselves and show our true colors. In myth, lore, history, and legend, peacocks and their feathers are representative of nobility, protection, holiness, watchfulness, and guidance. Peacocks and their feathers are seen as having attributes such as glory, royalty, awakening, refinement, vision, spirituality, immortality, and incorruptibility.

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The Shape of Peacock Feather

The feathers of peacocks have a very complex structure. It is a mixture of multiple vibrant colors that are arranged in various shapes, mostly having oval orbits. Thus, many cultures associated the peacock feather’s shape as representing the cosmos or showcasing the solar system. Thus, they are also seen as having the potential to connect someone to the celestial powers, being the centre of existence. The peacock feathers were used for prayer in Native American Indian Pueblo culture when there was a need to invoke rain gods.

Peacock feathers also formed a part of the clothing of the Druids in Celtic culture. There too, the significance carried a celestial meaning and they were used in prayers to connect to the sky gods and to gain the knowledge of the cosmic realm. The Druids used to wear a cloak made up of peacock feathers during the ritual. It was believed that by doing so, the Druids will surpass the earthly realm and will enter the ethereal domain by connecting to the sky gods through the peacock feathers.

The eye-shaped mark on the peacock feather is seen as representing the third eye spiritually. So, it means opening you Chakra or third eye, finding your deeper spiritual self, and connecting to it. You can even perform meditation by focusing your consciousness on the eye of the feather. It will help to boost up your spiritual wellness.

Egyptian Significance

In Egyptian mythology too, the feathers were seen as associated with the sky gods. The weight of the peacock feathers meaning spiritually can be gauged from the fact that a peacock feather was used by the Egyptian goddess of justice, Ma’aat, in the afterlife. The goddess would used the peacock feather to weigh the hearts of the newly deads in the underworld. The worthiness of a person’s soul was weighed against a peacock feather and the degree of weight was used to determine the value of a person’s soul!

Christian Symbolism

In Christian religion, a peacock feather is symbolic of virtues. As an interesting feature, an image containing of three feathers was carved into signet rings. Each feather in the signet ring used to represent charity, faith, and hope. The wearer of this kind of ring was seen as possessing a virtuous soul. These rings were also taken in use as wax seals. The ring was used to make an impression in the form of a seal on the documents after being dipped into liquid wax. The recipient of the document used to know just by looking at the seal that the document came from a virtuous person. The symbol of three feathers in the wax was enough to confirm that someone was coming from a virtuous mindset.

Muslim Significance

In Muslim religion. peacock feathers are considered as having a huge potential to guard someone from evil powers. Thus, the peacock feathers are seen as guardians or healers.

Persian Significance

In Persian, peacocks are seen as spiritual guardians. They were usually carved in the vicinity of the royal chambers to provide divine protection.

Peacock Feathers and Dreams

If someone is getting a dream involving a peacock feather, then it could mean than the person has a chance to go places in the imminent future. The peacock feathers also represent the free movement and thus carry the symbolic notion of moving freely in one’s life.

White Peacock Feathers Meaning Spiritually

While vibrant-colored peacock feather holds great importance, white peacock feather holds a unique spiritual significance of its own. White peacock symbols are a symbol of purity and innocence. The pristine and untainted appearance of white peacock feathers meaning spiritually carries the meaning of a fresh start.

In summary, peacock feathers have held a great spiritual significance in all cultures across the globe. Peacocks were considered at par with Phoenix by alchemists in their ability to provide the power of spiritual resurrection. They were regarded as talisman possessing the power to ward off evil powers and bring good luck, health, and wealth. Peacock feathers meaning spiritually is related to truth, lightness, ascension, speed, flight, and celestial superpowers.

Peacock feathers are also seen as associated with humility. They show that there is a time when to remain calm and when to show your true colors and not to boast about them all the time. On the other hand, peacock feathers are also emblematic of keeping the ego in check. Since beauty can instil overconfidence in people, the peacock feathers show that it is best to remain low key at certain point in your life and open your true self at specific intervals.

Peacock feathers are also seen to represent watchfulness and observance. The eye shape on the feathers is considered as an all-watching conscience of the universe that witnesses all the transgressions. It is believed that the peacock feather has the ability to absorb any kind of harmful energy and thus it represents immortality. As a result, peacock feathers should form a part of your lifestyle in form or ornamentation or clothing. Peacock is considered as the spirit animal of people who have a huge inclination toward extravagance and luxury. So, if you want to settle for nothing and desire to lead an extraordinary life, then know what peacock feathers meaning spiritually. It is worth connecting spiritually with the peacock feathers.