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Spirituality to some contains a meaning as well as a purpose. When they view spirituality in this parlance, they do have huge respect for spirituality.

At the same time, some are addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc. and look forward to how drugs affect you spiritually to find instant respite from their addiction. For them, the spiritual model of addiction holds great importance and relevance. According to this model, it is a total disconnection from a Higher Power or God that leads to addiction.

They suffer due to their addiction mainly because they refrain from abiding by God’s direction or will. This model relies on establishing or re-establishing a suitable connection with the same Higher Power or God.

Yes, even alcohol abuse can affect your spirituality

When people resort to taking alcohol or drugs, they do undergo various kinds of feelings like:

  • Delusions.
  • Hallucinations, and
  • A different mentality.

Most of them fail to understand how drugs affect you spiritually. Due to the ill effects of alcohol or drugs, they start believing drug-induced haze is the only reality. In the process, they fail to make a clear distinction between what is:

  • Real, and
  • What was conjured up.

Such a mindset is the result of consuming unreliable intoxicating substances.

Know the piece of advice God has stipulated

Only because you are addicted does not in any way mean God will not care for you. He wants welfare and happiness for everyone, including you. On account of this, God has given his advice on how to deal with the situation.

According to God, there is always hope that you can return to your sobriety. Yes, at times this might seem almost impossible. However, God says you can win over this battle only when you never give up. Overcoming the temptation of consuming drugs is not impossible. All you need is some willpower and absolute trust in God.

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Drug or alcohol addiction will prevent you from establishing a proper connection with God

Your spiritual thoughts, beliefs, and experiences are entirely between your God and you. It will be a futile exercise for anybody else to make any decision in this regard.

Nevertheless, your addiction may be the real culprit if you fail to find a proper connection with your God.

Remember, when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your mind does not work the manner it ought to. On top of that, your alter ego will take total control over you.

Not only this, you may even end up having a ‘moment of clarity’. Such an instance can take place with you. You start to decipher meeting your creator and want to know how drugs affect you spiritually. Whereas the truth is, you are not very sure what transpired in reality.

Consuming alcohol or drugs works like an indicator. It indicates your unwillingness to meet your God. The reason behind this is that by using drugs, for instance, you are exhibiting total disregard for your life. If you can do this with your life, how will you muster the courage to meet God?

When you become a drug abuser or an alcohol addict, you do not hesitate from undertaking unscrupulous and illegal activities like:

  • Selling drugs.
  • Theft.
  • Prostitution, and more.

Your indulgence in such nefarious activities will prohibit your mind from relating to your God.

Drug alcohol addiction always produce not-so-soothing consequences

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol you are making the greatest mistake of your life. When you think about how drugs affect you spiritually and the consequences your addiction can create, it is beyond your imagination.

The consequences being referred to here are entirely different from the one you experienced, the first time you consumed an addictive substance.

Yes, people do get attracted towards these substances. They get tempted to immediate and powerful psychological rewards the substances can produce, like:

  • Distraction or relief from emotional discomfort.
  • Feelings of relief and pleasure.

The real trouble begins the moment you realize you have become addicted to the substance. Owing to your addiction, many kinds of adverse consequences come into the picture including :

  • Interpersonal.
  • Physical.
  • Psychological, and
  • Spiritual.

You remain consumed by these consequences and start looking for how drugs affect you spiritually. Among the worst spiritual consequences that come to the surface, it has a lot to do with:

  • Hurt caused to you, and
  • Hurt caused to your near and dear ones.

Spirituality can be a helpful influence to recover from addictions

There is a very deep nexus between your behavior and spirituality during an active addiction scenario. Two possible outcomes emerge in the case of active addiction. These are:

  • When it comes to religious practices and spirituality, they usually suffer in very intricate and complex ways.
  • Nevertheless, they do go hand-in-hand during the recovery period.

Spiritual discussion groups are highly popular among addicts interested in achieving their spiritual goals. Additionally, they do find the integration of all voluntary spiritual discussion groups in the treatment process very beneficial for them. This mostly happens when they readily agree to undergo the treatment process to quit their dirty habit.

The early you get into spirituality, the better!

Religious beliefs and spirituality are very powerful. When you begin experimenting with spirituality from early teens, this might work miracles for you. For instance, you will not get carried away or tempted to fall for substance abuse. The exact opposite happens to teens who are not in touch with spirituality.

There is no doubt spirituality helps addicts to overcome their addiction. Nonetheless, when you practice spirituality from a very young age, it deters you from getting addicted at all!

This happens mainly because as a teenager, you are more likely to exhibit traits of:

  • Institutional conservatism.
  • Personal conservatism, and
  • Personal devotion.

On top of it, you are less likely to engage yourself with:

  • Marijuana or cocaine use, and
  • Alcohol consumption.

Spirituality plays an incredible role to treat substance use disorders

No wonder spirituality is presently used to treat individuals suffering from substance use disorders.

Let us bear one thing in mind – spirituality is:

  • Your belief in power.
  • A force greater than what you already have in you as an individual, and
  • It connects you in a cosmic and universal manner.

Its ability to produce satisfactory recovery outcomes has made it an essential component of almost all self-help programs. People who suffer from substance use disorders are left in two astonishing conditions:

  • Broken in spirit, and
  • Alone

Reconnect and take yourself back to happier times with spirituality

Today, the problem of addiction has become a menace to society. Oftentimes, addiction to drugs or alcohol is characterized by feelings of:

  • Meaninglessness and
  • Denial.

When you fall into the trap of difficult circumstances, for instance, you tend to escape from the real problems. There are varied kinds of distress or pain caused to people, like:

  • Emotional.
  • Physical, or
  • Spiritual.

To find some quick relief from their discomfort, many end up using substances such as drugs or alcohol. The relief they get is short-lived as they remain under the influence of these substances for a very brief period. These substances bring about instant alleviation to their pain. People who resort to such steps do not recognize the devastating consequences their actions can bring. For instance, it can :

  • Destroy various kinds of relationships, and
  • May prompt individuals to disconnect and isolate themselves from others. What starts as a one-time action, soon takes the dangerous shape of an addiction.

Fortunately, many of them soon realize how deadly the path is, encouraging them to adopt various recovery routes. The spirituality route is the most straightforward of all available routes.

The greatest advantage of spirituality as an aid to recovery is that it enables you to get back to your earlier happier times. Once you succeed in getting back to your life, finding your voice becomes a lot easier.

Apart from connecting to the Higher Power and relying on spirituality, you can also connect with:

  • Mutual support groups, and
  • Community and family.

When you make your best efforts to connect in this fashion, you end up reaping three benefits:

  • The strength.
  • Hope, and
  • Power.

All these elements play an instrumental role to prepare you mentally so that you can win this battle to overcome your addiction problem.

Take spiritual guidance and help

With the rightful guidance together with a strong willingness, your attempt to accomplish complete recovery becomes:

  • A highly rewarding, and
  • Achievable goal.

You ought to undergo the drill of a reliable and time-tested spiritual journey. It will not only free you of all addiction but also result in tremendous inner transformation. The power of spirituality causes a total redirection in the engine of desire in you. In a way, you get motivated towards better life-affirming pursuits.

Once you join a group of like-minded individuals, you become a part of the community. This sense brings you out from the shade of isolation. It is the same very isolation that prompted you to drink or take drugs.

You start to interact with these community members. You start to air your opinions and share your problems. As a consequence, new connections opens us and you end up making friends having the same views about spirituality.

You start to give a patient hearing to your friend’s side of the story and listen to their views as well. Your intuition and spiritual principles start getting strong and firm.

All these lead to establishing a spiritual connection with your God!