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Crows are not mere birds but they are creatures holding great spiritual significance. Most of the times, what do crows mean spiritually is associated with the negative aspects of life. But in reality, that is only one side of the story. In this article, you will to get to know what do crows mean spiritually. You will get to know that this black bird is a great source of spiritual motivation in the life of people. They are not ill omens but represent something that we generally cannot know by our own.

Crows as the Spiritual Mediators

Since the time of ancient history, crows have been considered having a relation with the spiritual world. They are regarded as the messengers who mediate between the physical world and the spiritual world. Since these bird feed on the dead animals, they are associated with the cycle of life and death.

Death is not an end in itself. What do crows mean spiritually is the fact that death is the beginning of a new era. The energy get transformed from one form into the another. Thus, death should be considered as the gateway to a fresh start. In this sense, it is a bad idea to connect the crows to negativity. They are the creatures who show the harsh truth of the life without any kind of adornments.

Crows as Dead Souls

Some cultures associate crows with the people who have departed the world. It is considered that the dead souls try to reconnect and communicate with their loved ones through the medium of the crows. Thus, some cultures, as in India, stress on feeding the crows and knowing what do crows mean spiritually. It is considered that the food given to he crows reaches to the dead ones without any hurdle. In this sense, crows are a form of medium for the physical world to communicate with the spiritual world!

Crows as “Cleansers”

Since crows feed on carrion, they are regarded as “cleansers” in the Native American culture. As a result, they are thought of as having a very important place in the civilization as they perform a very integral duty. Death is a very harsh truth of this world and crows show this thing very well! They are involved in an act that humans are too afraid to acknowledge. So, what do crows mean spiritually is the power to embrace the hardships of life and to do away with everything that is dead in the past for your own future.

Crows as Symbols of Wisdom

In comparison to the dove bird that is a symbol of innocence, crows represent wisdom. They are not naive creatures. They are very well acquainted with the hard facts of life, the equation of life and death, and how everything ends. Thus, they understand the existential aspect of this world very well. So, instead of calling these birds as evil, they must be seen as the symbols of wisdom.

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Crow as Totem Animal

What do crows mean spiritually is that they are very smart in the way they take decisions. They make their home at the top of a hill or mountain in order to protect themselves and their family from the predators. When the situation arrives, they attack in groups. This behavior of crows contributed to making them the totem animals of various cultures. The wisdom of this black bird has been praised in multiple mythologies.

The crows were chosen as totem animals by people because they always wanted the spiritual energy of a crow around them. They wanted to have the same smartness and harmony that is shown by crows in managing their own affairs.

Crows Challenge the Comfort Zone

Since crows are the transformation, they send out the spiritual message to get rid of the comfort zone. They indirectly give the message that in order to achieve something new and great, you have to pass the phase of ruin and decay. The black crows symbolize that in order to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, you first have to go through a dark, black phase in life.

Crows in Dreams

Seeing a crow in you dream means that you need to hear the words of wisdom. It means that you may have to face a situation in which it is a matter of life or death! If the crow is flying in the dream, then it gives the spiritual message that you must not be afraid of our vulnerabilities. It means that in order to achieve your goal and be weightless and fly in the sky, you must let go of the past assumptions. The things that weigh you down prevent you from soaring high in the sky like a crow.

If you see a crow chasing you in the dream, then it means to stop doing whatever wrong you are doing in your life. As crows are the words of wisdom, you must understand that the spiritual energy of a crow wants you to get rid of all the dead and bad stuff in your life. Like a crows eats the carrion and cleans the ground, you must too flush away your past to stand on a clean ground.

If you see a crow perched on your shoulder in the dream, then it means that the words of wisdom are with you. You are going to be successful in your endeavors. A crow sitting on your shoulder signified that the divine wisdom is with you and you need not afraid of what you are doing.

If you see that you are a catching a crow in your dream, then it is considered very unfortunate. It is said that it is symbolic of the sad truth that there is going to be an unexpected death of an individual.

All in all, crows are the birds of wisdom and you must know what do crows mean spiritually to understand their role in your life or dreams. It will help you to take better decision in your life. Moreover, it will increase your spiritual insight and you will begin to see everything clearly.