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You all have heard the saying ‘marriages are made in heaven’. Haven’t you? But you must have also realized the practicality of marriage and its ever-changing dimension and meaning. Nobody exactly knows when and how the concept of marriage came into existence. But we can’t dispute the fact that it brought a sense of order in human society. The vows we take, the commitment we make, and the intimate emotion we experience during a marriage are designed to make a relationship last long. Marriage is an instrument to establish a bond between two independent individuals.

Do you think the formula of marriage has worked?

The question is a tough one. Humans are, by nature, complex beings and any ritual or process associated with them also turns complex as it evolves. Marriage too has become a complex institution to manage and bear in these modern times. Hectic lifestyles, wild expectations, deepening differences, financial freedom, and more, may be considered as the reason for the deterioration of the institution of marriage. The evolution of technology has also contributed to the development of frictions in relationships.

What is the solution?

What should a couple do to strengthen the marriage?

Is there a way to restore faith in the institution of marriage?

Every problem has a solution. You can visit a counselor, talk to friends and family members, discuss your differences, or take a break. If no tactics are working, you should try spirituality. You might wonder how spirituality can help a marriage when most of the spiritual processes talk about leaving materialistic things, including marriage. This misconception has led to couples not seeking spiritual guidance when they are in need.

One of the best ways to start seeking spiritual help is to read spiritual books. There are dedicated books in spirituality that guide people facing problems in their marriage. Catholic spirituality books have been helping married couples to understand and solve the problems popping up in their marriage.

If you are planning to marry or facing any issues in your marriage, you should try one of these catholic spirituality books.

Significance of Catholic Spirituality Books in Marriage

Catholic spirituality is embedded in the teachings of Jesus. It preaches worshipping of God, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Praying to the God for the well-being of humankind and sacrificing ourselves for a noble cause are pillars of catholic spirituality. Seeking God through our actions combined with regular prayer awakens the hidden spirituality inside us.

Catholic spirituality books incorporate these aspects and allow the couple in marriage to grow spiritually. Catholic spirituality considers marriage a sacrament. If a couple negotiates their marriage life with absolute love and dedication, it is considered as devotion to Christ. Reading such books introduces couples to new ways of understanding each other through spirituality. It teaches how to reveal Christ through marriage and build a relationship on values.

Investing time in reading catholic spirituality books allows you to ruminate on your marriage and find flaws or weaknesses arising out of differences. They also provide ample solutions to come out of difficult situations and make the bond between you and your spouse stronger.

Below are a few catholic spirituality books on marriage and relationship.

1. This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues

This book, written by Leila Miller and Trent Horn, talks about how to prepare children to face today’s world where moral values are depleting daily. It also includes tough and complex issues like sexuality, marriage, pornography, and sex outside marriage. While growing up, children become curious about these issues. As parents, if you could educate your children about these complex matters while growing, they would easily negotiate them in life. The book begins explaining marriage, sex, and relationship considering natural law. It gradually teaches how these aspects are explained in the Bible and catholic spiritual books.

Pick this book to learn techniques to teach your children about marriage, relationships, and other complexities attached to them.

Topics covered in the book

  • Sex Outside of Marriage
  • Same-Sex “Marriage”
  • Divorce
  • Contraception
  • Abortion
  • Reproductive Technologies
  • Modesty
  • Pornography
  • Transgenderism
  • Homosexuality

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2. Manual for Marriage

Manual for Marriage is one of the best catholic spirituality books on marriage since the couple married for 25 years has written it. Dan and Danielle Bean have been married for 25 years and have 8 children. They have tried to give a modern touch to the ancient philosophies of marriage in the book. The teachings in the book are picked from the Church and their 25 years of experience as a couple. They have expressed their thoughts on several issues, including sacrament, vocation, mutual love, sacrifice, and family life in the book.

The book has personal stories, ample humor, useful insights, and suggestions for husband and wife about the values of marriage and life. This is a book for every Christian who is planning to marry or already married.

Topics covered by the book

· Teachings of the church

· Prayers for marriage

· Wisdom from the saints

· Scripture for marriage and family

· Hymns

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3. Man and Woman He Created Them

This book contains teachings of Pope John Paul ll shared in general audience addresses from September 5, 1979, to November 28, 1984. Translated by famous biblical scholar Michael Waldstein to English, this book talks about the human person in the view of Jesu Christ. The pope has elaborated on the bodily dimension of human personhood, marriage, celibacy, and sexuality. All the explanations contain biblical references and laced with Catholic spirituality. It also includes the influence of the sermons of John Paul after his demise in the past twenty years.

The book includes:

· A foreword by Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Shonborn

· A preface by Christopher West

· A reference table of versions of the papal texts

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4. Forever: Catholic Devotional for your Marriage

Written by Jackie Francois Angel and Bobby Angel, this book contains six-devotional for couples. The devotional is inspired by the theology of the body and leads to the great glory of God’s call through prayers and meditation. Practicing this devotional helps you in loving faithfully, fruitfully, totally, and freely. The book teaches how to pray to God as a couple and seek his blessings. It tries to answer questions like:

What is love?

What is marriage?

How to create a family as a couple?

How do we accept a gift from God?

This book enables couples to understand that marriage is a physical sign on earth and a great responsibility. You are here to ultimately get one with the God and you should be able to do that as a couple through a marriage.

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5. Christian Dating in a Godless World

Christian Dating in a Godless World is a book specially written to understand what is Christian dating. The author of this book, Rev. T. G. Morrow, entered the seminary at a ripe age of 34 after dating several girls for many years. In this book, he explains how men and women conduct themselves in Christian dating. He elaborates on what is true love and how to find it. The book also deals with loneliness and uncertainty after a breakup. If you want to learn how to plan your dating life and still be spiritually aware, this book is for you. Rev. T. G. Marrow explains what you should look for in a potential spouse and also elaborates when you should keep away from a date. He also explains how to control your senses and keep yourself calm while dating.

What you will learn by reading the book:

· The art of ending a relationship in a quick time

· How and when to share your past with your date

· Seven steps to finding the right partner

· Three rules to express your displeasure without hurting your date

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6. God’s Plan for You – Life, Love, Sex, and Marriage

If you are a teenager or you want to educate your teenage child about the Catholic way of seeing love, sex, and marriage, this book is for you. The author of the book, David Hajduk, has comprehensively explained love, sex, and marriage from the perspective of the teenage mind. He has taken into account Theology of the Body, as explained by St. John Paul ll. This book provides a helpful framework of Theology of the Body, which could be easily understood by teenagers. Reading this book would help teenagers and parents to handle teenage confusion about love, sex, breakups, and marriage.

Features of the book:

· The book is completely rooted in scriptures

· It has been revised and includes new chapters

· Helps teenagers to easily understand the theology of the body

· Insightful quotes and vocabulary at the end of each chapter

· Discuses frequently asked question at the end of each chapter

· Reading assignments to understand the Catechism of the Catholic Church

· Contains guidelines for teenagers and parents to understand life, love, sex, and marriage

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