A spiritual guide, also called a ‘spirit guide’ is an entity that has been present with you since the moment you were born. Your spirit guide looks after you, watches over you, points you in the right direction whenever you feel lost, and loves you unconditionally.

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Befriending a spiritual guide may sound like an impossible task – but it’s easier than you think! Your spirit guide wants to communicate with you and help you achieve your highest potential within your lifetime. They may already be communicating with you without you even realizing it!

Have you ever felt called to a certain place? Felt a ‘gut feeling’ warn you against something? Let’s look at some examples of this:

  • You’re walking home late at night and you wonder whether you should take a shortcut you don’t often use. Something inside you tells you not to. You listen to it for some reason. You later find out that a mugging happened in the area and you were lucky to not go down that road.
  • You go out with your friends and everyone picks a place to eat. When the food arrives, you aren’t sure about eating it. You have a bad feeling about the food, so you make up an excuse and order something you’re more comfortable with. Some of your friends wind up getting a upset stomach later that night and you’re glad that you listened to your instincts.
  • You have a big exam coming up and you don’t know what to study. Your syllabus is huge, and you can’t remember everything. However, you feel like you should absolutely study one topic no matter what. You memorize that topic well, and try your best to remember the rest. When you get your question paper during the exam, your surprised to discover that the topic you studied is important that day! Needless to say, you perform well in the exam.

In all these cases, you were able to navigate through life in a way where you achieved the best ending possible for yourself. Is this possible in real life though? Absolutely. These are some very real examples from the lives of people who actively communicate with their spiritual guides.

What are spiritual guides?

A spiritual guide is an entity that has agreed to help you live your life in the best way possible. Before you were born, you entered into a spiritual contract with an entity from the higher realms. This is your primary spirit guide.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were younger? A pleasant, almost calming presence that felt like they cared about you? Children are far more likely to have spiritual experiences than adults. The reason behind this is that their minds have not yet become attuned to the material world. This helps them sense the spiritual world and form bonds with their spirit guides.

As people grow older, they become more attuned to the human experience. Often, this separates them from spiritual experience, and as a consequence, their spirit guides. If you remember having an imaginary friend when you were younger, then this might have been your spirit guide!

But if you didn’t have an imaginary friend, then don’t worry! Not every child has spiritual experiences, but everyone has spirit guides!

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If you want to communicate with your spirit guide, then chances are that you are interested in spirituality. The good news is that simply by wanting to reach out to your spirit guide, you’ve already opened the doors to befriending them.

A spirit guide is a high level entity. They have achieved a certain level of spiritual mastery through their past experiences, and now they want to help you master your life using spirituality!

Do you only have one spirit guide?

Everyone has a primary spirit guide that has agreed to help them through their life’s journey. But they aren’t the only spirit guide you have around you!

People have multiple spirit guides that help them through their lives. This spiritual team manifests themselves in your life at various points.

  1. The Primary Guide: This is the spirit guide that is exclusive to you. They are the one always watching over you, they are your personal Guardian Angel. Whenever anything goes wrong in your life, they will be there for you. This spirit guide usually has an active role to play in your life. The two of you partnered up for a very special reason! This is the spirit guide that works best with you, and the one that can help you fulfill your life purpose.
  2. Secondary Guides: Aside from your primary spirit guide, there are other spiritual entities that appear from time to time, to help you in your life. They appear when you need them the most. They appear when you call for them, or when they have a specific role to fulfill in your life. Secondary spirit guides may not always be a part of your life, but if you call them, they will always come to you.
  3. Creative Guides: There are spiritual guides that enter your life when you start a new project or a new hobby. Let’s say you’re beginning to get interested in spirituality. At this time, a spirit guide with knowledge and expertise in the area of spirituality you’re drawn to will enter your life to teach you about spirituality.
  4. Animal Guides: Do you resonate with a particular animal more than others? Maybe you’ve always loved monkeys, or wolves, or even butterflies! There could be a spiritual reason behind this. Sometimes, animal guides join your spirit team to help you through life. If you resonate with a particular animal more than others, then look up their symbolism. You may find information there that could help you on your path to spiritual excellence. Your pets can also choose to become your animal guide after they’ve passed on. In this way, they help you even though they’ve left the material world.
  5. Human Guides: Spirit Guides can work through people as well. Do you feel drawn to a particular song? Does a book fill you with emotions when you read it? Do you find that a video game inspires you to do better in your life? This could be your spirit guides pointing you in a certain direction that is important for your life purpose! A human guide may not know that they play a spiritual role in your life, but it’s an important role nonetheless. Psychics, tarot readers, healers, and others who actively pursue the path of spirituality may be aware that they have this role to play in your life.

Your spirit team loves you, and they’ll always want what’s best for you. The material world can be a difficult place to live in. Everyone has harsh experiences in their lives, and everyone faces dark times that leaves them confused about the future. Befriending your spirit guides can help you find healing, joy, and the path you should follow to achieve your highest potential within your lifetime.

Which spiritual entities become spirit guides?

Your spirit guide will never hurt you, and they will never scare you. If you’re scared of ghosts, ghouls, or low vibrational creatures, then don’t worry. Your spirit guides are the exact opposite of these entities. A spirit guide is a high vibrational entity whose purpose is to help you lead the best life that you possibly can.

They can be:

  • An Angel: In this case, quite literally your Guardian Angel.
  • A Deva: Also known as Spirits of the Earth, these are high vibrational elemental entities. They especially help those who choose to follow the path of spirituality.
  • Ancestors: This is a spirit guide who was related to you once upon a time. They could be a part of your family’s history within your present incarnation, or in any of your previous incarnations. Your mother from a past life may choose to become your spirit guide in this life, for example.
  • Ascended Masters: These are spiritual entities who have ascended to a higher spiritual level. Instead of reincarnating or moving on to a higher level, they chose to help you to ascend first. In this way, you can together you can enter a higher spiritual plane.

Why would a spirit guide help you, you wonder? To put it very simply, it’s their job. But it’s more complicated than that. Your spirit guide genuinely wants to see you succeed and achieve your highest potential within your lifetime.

How do you befriend your spirit guide?

Your spirit guide is always there with you. You can communicate with the anytime you like, all you need is an open mind and a desire to reach out to them.

Here’s how you can communicate with them:

Find a quiet place to sit. Turn on some relaxing music if it helps you focus. Now listen to your breathing, focus on it. Start to feel and sense everything that is happening around you – the air, the sounds, the vibrations. Allow yourself to fall deeper into relaxation. Once you feel completely at ease, ask your guides to enter your life. Tell them that you want them to be an active presence in your life.

Remember, your spirit team will only actively interfere in your life if you want them to. Free will is an important part of the human experience, and if you don’t want help from your spirit guides, you can choose to tell them that. Even though your spirit guides will always help you and guide you down the right path, the actions you take within your life are yours alone. Even if they become an active part of your life, you’ll still be the person who has to listen to their guidance and act upon their advice.

Are there other ways you can communicate with your spirit guides?

There are other ways you can reach out to your spirit guides as well. These include:

  • Lucid Dreaming: Astral projection and lucid dreaming allow you to communicate directly with your spirit guides in the astral realm.
  • Writing in a Journal: You can write diary entries in your journal dedicated to your spirit guides. Tell them that you are writing your entries for them. They will read your entries and communicate with you.
  • Music: Music is a universal language and a powerful tool for healing. Does a song keep repeating in your head? Does the same song keep appearing in your social media news feed? It could be from your spirit guides!

At the end of the day, the best way to befriend your spirit guide is by being honest with them, and being grateful for the advice they bring to you. Look for signs around you, like repeating numbers or symbols. Your spirit guides will always love to communicate with you. Once you’ve befriended them, they’ll become an active part of your life. This is like having a supportive group of friends who are always there for you, and who never give up on you!