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You came into this world together with your Spirit Guide. They’ve always been a part of your life, watching over you and taking care of you from the Spirit World. Have you ever wondered, what is a spirit guide?

What role do Spirit Guides play in your life?

You can think of them as your personal Guardian Angel. A Spirit Guide’s primary responsibility is to make sure that you are safe in your life. They try to ensure that you find happiness and that you reach your highest potential.

Everyone comes into this world with different life purposes to complete. Your Spirit Guide is here to help you achieve your dreams and fulfill your life’s purpose.

What is a Spirit Guide?

You have more than one Spirit Guide assisting you at any point in your life. But who are your Spirit Guides? Where do they come from?

A Spirit Guide is essentially a spiritual entity that has chosen to help you live through your life. Every person has a spirit guide that is exclusive to them. They also have team of spirit guides that comes and goes when they are needed. Your main Spirit Guide may or may not have a personal connection to you, but more often than not, they tend to be someone you’re already familiar with. But this familiarity may not come from your present lifetime.

What are the different kinds of Spirit Guides?

Before we go further into understanding what a Spirit Guide is, let’s look at the different spirit guides that are assisting you with your human experience:

  1. Your Main Spirit Guide: This is the guide that will always stand by your side – from when you were born to when you die. This guide entered into a spiritual contract with you before you were born. Through this contract, they agreed to help you achieve your highest potential within your present lifetime. They can assist you in various ways. This assistance can manifest in the form of hunches, intuition, or a gut feeling. This Spirit Guide is exclusive to you and mainly stays with you to help you through any trial and tribulation you face.
  2. The Secondary Guides: These Spirit Guides come into your life when you need them the most. They may not always stay with you like your main Spirit Guide does, but they will always answer your call. A common example of this is angelic assistance. Have you ever prayed to the Archangels and asked for divine intervention in your life? Did you feel as if Michael himself had come down to bring miracles into your life? Higher level entities such as Archangels aren’t usually anyone’s main Spirit Guide, but they can still play an active role in your life if you ask them to.
  3. Event Specific Guides: These are spirit guides who enter your life specifically when they are needed. This could be because you’re entering a point in your life where divine timing will set you on the road to your life’s purpose. They could even appear in your life to help you avoid an accident or a disaster.
  4. The Passion Project Guides: Have you ever wanted to focus on a particular hobby or creative gift? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to build a rocket, or even learn a new language. Whenever you start a new project in your life, a Spirit Guide who is proficient in that skill or hobby will enter your life. Their main purpose is to help you succeed in the skill or project you’ve started working on.

Who is a Spirit Guide?

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Now that you know a little more about what a spirit guide is, let’s look at who these spirit guides are. You already know they’re spiritual entities who operate on higher planes of existence. This already sets them apart from low vibrational beings that will never help you achieve greatness in life. Spirit guides are the complete opposite of low vibrational entities – they will never harm you or get in your way. They will always love you and guide you towards prosperity and abundance. But how can someone become a spirit guide? Were they human once? Are they divine? Who and what are spirit guides?

  • The Ancestor: Sometimes, a family member from the past can choose to become a Spirit Guide so that they can help their descendants succeed. This is even more likely if they feel that their lineage is suffering in any way. An Ancestor can either choose to become your main Spirit Guide, or a Guardian Spirit for your family.
  • The Ascended Master: When a human being achieves a high level of spiritual mastery, they don’t have to reincarnate back into the human world. However, these Ascended Masters can choose to become a human’s Spirit Guide to help them ascend. These entities already know what you need to do to fulfill your spiritual destiny, and make great Spirit Guides for those who walk on the spiritual path.
  • Animal Guides: Animals can also become spirit guides. Often, these are animals who have a strong affinity with you. Have you ever felt drawn to a hawk? Maybe a moth? That could be because your Spirit Guide is an animal entity and wants to reach out to you.
  • Healing Guides: These are spirit guides who are specialized in healing and nurturing. If you ever go through a turbulent event in your life, then these spirit guides will enter your life to help you move on. Their main purpose is to help you recover from any spiritual or emotional wounds you experience in your life.

How can you meet your Spirit Guides?

The answer to the question ‘what is a spirit guide’ can be answered very simply – they are spiritual entities who have decided to help you lead your best life. Now that you know this, you must be excited about meeting them. But can you? How can you meet a spiritual entity if you’re human and living on Earth? The truth is, you may have already met your Spirit Team without realizing it. They’re always there with you, and they always guide you, even if you don’t know it. But if you want to actively communicate with them, how do you do that?

  • Meditation: The easiest way to reach out to your Spirit Team is by meditating. When you’ve reached a state of deep relaxation, you can call out to your Spirit Team and ask them to show you signs that they’re there.
  • Imaginary Friends: Did you have an imaginary friend when you were younger? It’s quite possible that your friend wasn’t imaginary after all. Children are more prone to experiencing the spirit world. What you thought was your imaginary friend could have been your main Spirit Guide communicating with you.
  • Writing in a Journal/Letters: You could also write to your Spirit Team. Pen down your thoughts and ask your Spirit Team to receive your messages. Rest assured that they will.
  • Simply Ask: Whenever you want your Spirit Guides to be a part of your life, be open and ask. Remember they’re always there. When you ask them to communicate with you, they’re more likely to actively do so.

How do you know if your Spirit Guide is communicating with you?

Your Spirit Guide will only be a part of your life if you want them to be. Even though they’re always around you, the life you experience is ultimately up to you. You also have the freedom to not receive the guidance your Spirit Team provides to you, and this is due to Free Will. Within your human experience, you are the ultimate decider of your destiny. However, your Spirit Guides will continue to assist you to the best of their abilities regardless. There are many ways they can do this, but look out for these common signs to see if a Spirit Guide is communicating with you:

  • Repeating Numbers: Do you see the same number again and again? Does it feel like a number is following you everywhere you go? Maybe you see the number 38 everywhere. When you wake up it’s 7:38AM, and everywhere you look, the number 38 appears again and again. This could be your Spirit Guide trying to reach out to you. You can look up the meaning behind the number to see what they’re trying to say.
  • Music: In the way that repeating numbers can appear in your life, so can music. Look into the lyrics of the song that you keep coming across. The song could have a message from your Spirit Guide to you.
  • Animals: Do you see a butterfly everywhere? Animal symbolism is a powerful tool that spirit guides use to communicate with you. By understanding what the animal’s symbolism is, you can understand your Spirit Guide’s message to you.
  • Dreams: Lucid dreaming and astral projection are another way to interact with your spirit guides. In your dreams, they can come speak with you and show you many truths about your life.
  • Direct Communication: It’s also possible for your Spirit Guide to directly communicate with you. If you have a high spiritual vibration, they can communicate with you directly. If you don’t have a high vibrational frequency, you can train yourself to raise your vibration.

Communicating with your Spirit Guides can enhance your human experience and make your time on this planet much easier. If you’re walking the spiritual path, having your Spirit Team by your side can help you reach your highest potential and achieve greatness.