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Numbers play a huge role in our lives. Vastu-shastra and Feng shui of the east and numerology of the west all believe in the power of numbers.

We often come across the same numbers in a day if we are paying attention to our surroundings. May be the bus we got into was number 38, the house where we are going for a visit bears the number 38. It might come in the form of street number, the restaurant bill amount or any such form. We should keep an eye about this if are coming across number 38 several times in a day.

The Secret Meaning of number 38

Angel number 38 is a symbol of abundance. It also symbolises happiness, hope and power. If you believe in angels and believe that they will help you when you need them, then you should always trust their powers. This question might have come to your mind, ”what does number 38 mean spiritually?

If we keep our focus on the goal and call upon the angels to help us when we are stuck, they will surely come to help us. Angel number 38 signifies that we are on the right path and the Ascended Masters are giving us that that signal through that number.

Angel number 38 also reminds us about our blessings, and we should thank the Universe for propelling us towards our path. If you witness this number again and again during the week, then you should accept that you will be blessed with abundance soon.

Number 38 spiritually means that we are going to attain a major breakthrough in our spiritual realms in our lives. Along with giving us materialistic success like success in career or earning more money, this number also guides us towards higher levels of spirituality.

Number 3 represents your creative powers and guides you to explore the means of self-expression. The root numbers 3 and 8 give power to the number 38. This number will guide you towards the vibrational essence of joy.

Angel number 3 also has a strong connection with the divine powers of the Universe. This number will fill your life with exuberance and magnificence. You will become more spontaneous and new creative ideas will take birth in your mind. If your soul is aligned with the divine powers, then all your desires will be manifested, and you will experience completeness in your life.

Connection of love, fulfilment, and angel number 38

The people who are connected vibrationally with angel number 38 seek for their ideal soulmate. They cannot stay alone or in the company of an incompatible partner. The meaning of number 38 spiritually in our love-lives is very significant.

Such people never look at love from a physical perspective alone. They are connected to their partners spiritually. The people who resonate with number 38 seek loyalty from their partners and seek long-term relationships. They invest a lot in their love-relationships and go to any extent to make their relationships work.

Another strong characteristic of angel number 38 is it helps you to involve yourself with someone from your workplace or professional field. Both of you will enjoy a strong harmony at workplace too. Often both of you will be involved in same or similar projects and help each other in your respective professional growths.

Out of the two numbers 3 and 8, 8 is more materialistic in nature. So, when it connects with the spiritual number 3, it balances it out. Hence the people who resonate with number 38 have two sides to themselves. On one hand you will find them extremely inclined spiritually, and on the other hand you will find them materialistic and career oriented. They love to live life king-size.

Angel number 38 and your soulmate

If you already have someone significant in your life, then angel number 38 is guiding you to become more benevolent to him or her. This number expects us to be generous with our number. It tells us to value our partner and not take him or her for granted. It also tells us to spend quality time with them and shower them with your love and care.

If you are someone who is stuck in a toxic relationship, angel number 38 will guide us out of it. It will first guide us to work on the relationship and see if it can be mended. If it can not be mended, these vibes will guide us to come out of it. We should never disrespect the power of angel number 38, as it has the vibration of a lot of positivity from the Universe.

Angel Number 38 and Inheritance

If you repeatedly see the angel number 38, then it is not a coincidence. Angel number 38 most of the times reward us financially and if you are trying to achieve something in your work life, it will be rewarded soon to you.

If you have been working during the weekends and putting long hours to complete a project, case study, report, analysis etc., then you can expect to reap the rewards soon. Angel number 38 will put an end to most of your money matters and help you to clear your debts.

The number 38 means spiritually we are connected with the abundance which we are going to embrace soon. It also indicates we might receive an inheritance or a large sum of money through an investment maturity, sudden benefits from previous investments in the stock market or something like that. 

Angel number 38 also brings in bonuses, large incentives, large commissions, and similar stuffs in our lives which we did not expect or foresee. If we see the presence of number 38 several times in a day, then through this number, our guardian angels are giving us some instructions. They are guiding us to work harder and remain vigilant. They are asking us to grab the opportunity and not to lose sight of our goals.

Our guardian angels also try to stop us from deviating from our paths. Many a times what happens is, when we work very hard for something, and do not receive the desired results, we lose interest in that work. The guardian angels through number 38 tell us that we are just at the verge of receiving the fruits of our patience and efforts.

Angel Number 38 and spirituality

Our guardian angels always remind us that we should not forget to pray. While we are in the path of creating big opportunities for ourselves, we should never forget the diving powers. Since the Universe blesses us just at the right time, the angels guide us to grab the right opportunity at the right time.

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The guardian angels always stand by our sides and motivate us to achieve more. If they see us losing hope, they try to motivate us and sprint towards our goals. If we fall down, they send someone to pick us up, help us to stabilise and propel us towards the right path again.

So, what does angel number mean spiritually? Master number 11 guides the angel number 38. When we add 38, we reach the master number 11. Since master number 11 has a high frequency and it helps you to achieve great heights in your career, angel number 38 too has such properties.

Angel number 38 also guides us to serve the mankind. If you are at a juncture of life, when you are choosing your career for the first time, angel number 38 will guide you towards the right direction. Even if you are at a crossroad when you are doing a career switch, your angels will guide you towards the right path. If you have not been able to identify your calling, this number will guide you towards that.

How to bring angel number 38 in our lives?

When our minds are cluttered and we feel stressed out, we do not attract any positive energy in our systems. So first we need to calm ourselves down and prepare ourselves to receive the abundance bestowed upon us from angel number 38. Once we are ready, we should start getting visions about our future life.

We need to be aware of our conscience and we will hear the resonance of number 38 around us. It could be in the form of a preaching, some written material, some TV program, some advice from a friend and so on. We just need to realise that what we heard was something divine. Our mind needs to be alert to catch those directions from our surroundings.

The number 3 symbolises our connection with the angelic realm. And number 8 denotes our materialistic needs. Number 8 symbolises the skills and other important aspects of our lives which helps us to earn our livelihoods. When both come together, it creates an amazing balance in our lives.

Does angel number 38 bring bad luck?

Angel number 38 never brings in bad luck in our lives. However, if we just depend on the presence of this number in our lives and do not put in the requisite efforts, then the angels get hurt. They start to leave us and during that time, it might bring in bad luck.

Angel number 38 always propels us to find our own path, create our own destiny. If we disrespect that aspect thinking anyway financial aid is on the way, then we send the angels away. We do not allow the Universe to shower us with abundance. Hence there is no substitute for hard work and determination. On one hand we should show our gratitude towards our angels for showing us the right path, and on the other hand, we must put in our efforts.

If we think that we will get a large bonus or inheritance and we need not work hard anymore, then we are shooing away our good luck. God helps them who help themselves. Even the divine powers expect us to work for what we want to achieve in life. There is no place for lazy people in the world of achievers and successful people. Hence the number 38 mean spiritually to be aligned with our mind, words, and actions. As it is said, ‘’actions speak louder than words.’’

Numerology and number 38

If we add 38, we get number 11, and when we add the digits of 11, we get 2. As per numerology, number two stands for teamwork, partnerships, and relationships. Number three stands for creativity and inspiration. And number 8 symbolises practicality and business.

Hence number 38 has the energy of all these numbers, and it signifies coexistence. It also symbolises creative self-expression and intuition. If you are guided by the aura of number 38, you will feel energised and optimistic. It also signifies your success in your relationships in your personal life and partnerships in your professional life.

As per numerology, number 38 also signifies diplomacy. The number 8 brings in that factor and makes you street smart and empathetic at the same time. People who possess high intelligence quotient and emotional intelligence normally are very successful in life.

You will find these people to be balanced and realistic. They have creativity surrounded by practicality. They write poetries but sell them to the publication houses and make money too. These people might be creative and end up becoming great animation artists and create blockbuster films.


Angel number 38 has high frequency. This number also tells us to involve ourselves in the works of charity and serve humanity. The good news for you is that your angels are there to support you in these endeavors. However, you need to be very mindful if you resonate with this number. Any act of dishonesty, disloyalty or treachery will take away all the blessings from your life.

When you are surrounded by abundance, creativity and motivation, there will be days when things will not work out in your favor. However, you must keep faith on your angels and seek their guidance. As it is said, tough times do not last, tough people do, you will soon see the sunlight at the end of the dark tunnel. In a nutshell, this is what number 38 means spiritually. So, if number 38 is showing its presence in your life frequently, you should be assured that you are very close to the finishing line. You should not think about giving up, and you should always remember, there is a time and place for everything. At the right time, you will get the rewards of all you are trying to achieve.