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Hiccups are caused due to the involuntary contractions of the diaphragm which is benign in nature in most of the circumstances. The muscle that separates your chest from your stomach area is called diaphragm and it plays an extremely important role in helping us to breathe without any efforts. Due to these contractions, there is a sudden closing of your vocal cords, and you feel blocked for a nanosecond. That creates an involuntary ‘hic’ sound coming out of your mouth at regular intervals.

Normally these hiccups stop on their own after a few minutes, or if you release the air sac which is formed within the oesophagus. Hiccups can happen after consuming a heavy meal quickly without chewing the food properly. Air might have got trapped while swallowing the food causing this condition. Even after having carbonated beverages, alcohol, dry fruits etc. hiccups start. Often it stops if you drink water or look towards the ceiling allowing the trapped air to move out.

Sometimes hiccups are symptoms of some other serious medical condition and if one is getting hiccups frequently, they should visit a doctor soon. 

What do hiccups mean spiritually?

Now you have looked at the medical reasons behind getting hiccups, however you may think, what do hiccups mean spiritually? Since your childhood you might have heard that someone is remembering us and that is causing hiccups. It sounds illogical as someone might be thinking of you sitting miles away, or sometimes thousands of miles away, and that is causing imbalance in your body.

Signs from the Universe that someone significant is missing you

It is believed that God created us in pairs, and we are meant to meet our soulmate in our lifetimes. Once we meet our soulmate, life becomes as fairy-tale, and everything appears rosy. Well, this might sound like a Cinderella story, however, if you believe in finding your true love, then look for these signs in your life.

The Universe will always give us signals for everything which is going to happen in our lives. If we are present to those signs, then we can harness the best out of life. So, if you have wondered if there are any other signs which propel you towards that spiritual journey to meet your soulmate, then read further.

There are tell-tale signs from the universe which will make you realise that your soul mate is strongly thinking about you and is trying to communicate with you telepathically.

1.   Getting Goosebumps-

Goosebumps happen when you’re cold, or scared. They also can happen if you need to use the restroom and have not been able to do it. While watching a movie or reading a book, if you are feeling heightened emotions, even then you may get goosebumps.

However, if you get goosebumps out of nowhere when there is no apparent reason, then that’s a sign that your significant other is thinking of you. After getting the goosebumps, you will suddenly feel calm and happy. This is certainly not a reaction to an external stimulus, but something strong within. The soul inside our body is trying to reciprocate to the feelings of our soulmate and letting us know about it through these goosebumps.

2.   Getting hiccups-

It is believed that if we get hiccups suddenly for no apparent reason, then our soulmate is thinking about us. Spiritually getting hiccups means that your soul is connected with your soulmate, and you both are meant to be together. When one soul is trying to communicate with the other, the body shows some signs to let the owner know about it.

Getting hiccups randomly is one such sign. If you have had this feeling that someone is thinking about you strongly, then in all probability it is not your imagination. The Universe has its own way of letting us know about such intense things.

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3.   Seeing them in your dreams

It is possible that two people see the same dream at the same time, and research shows this phenomenon is common between soul mates or twin souls. Often dreams are a doorway to show us the path for future, or they even delve into the secret subconscious and show us about our past.

Dreams can even take us to the occurrences of our past lives and give us the glimpse of the kind of life we had and the important people in that life. If we constantly dream about someone who is alive or dead, then it means that their soul is trying to communicate with us. Since the soul does not die, seeing dead people in our dreams is a common occurrence. Their soul is trying to tell us something which they could not tell when they were alive.

Their consciousness connects with yours through this medium of dreams and if you are frequently seeing one person in your dreams, then in all probability it is not a co-incidence. If you maintain a dream journal and write about all those dreams, you will soon find a pattern and realise what they might be thinking about you.

4.   You are smiling too much

Others are drawn towards a smiling face and people who practice it are perceived as approachable people. However, if you observe that you are smiling a lot more than earlier, without any apparent reason, in all probability your twin soul is thinking about you.

When they think about you, their neurons emit some signals which reaches your soul, and a smile appears on your lips.

5.   Your nose itches

In some parts of Asia and Indian subcontinent, it is believed that if the inside of your nose is itching, then someone is thinking about you. And such an occurrence often is followed by a sneeze.

It is also believed that if someone sneezes thrice in a row, then their soulmate is remembering them fondly.

6.   You feel encompassed with positive energy

Even if you are miles apart from each other, there are occurrences reported of one partner experiencing positive energy around them all the time. They feel that a positive aura of love and care is encompassing them.

They can also feel it when their soulmate is going through a difficult time, and often when you call them, you realise that your hunch was correct.

This phenomenon does not only happen between lovers, but it also happens between a mother and a child. Since they were connected via the umbilical cord for nine months, the bond is extremely strong. A mother always gets to feel if her child is doing well or is in pain.

7.   You hear their voice

Psychiatrists might call this as hallucination; however, research shows that a lot of people who are otherwise perfectly normal have talked about this experience. We might be busy at work, focusing on creating a painting, sculpture or project report, and out of nowhere, we suddenly hear the voice of our significant other.

This should clearly tell us that our significant other is thinking about us and assuring us in case we are stressed out. This thing happens between parents and children, close friends and sometimes between teachers and students. There have been incidents reported that students heard the voice of their teacher before an exam about the important topics and similar ones came in the question paper.

Our brain has immense power and most of us use less than 10% of it. Our brain waves have the capability to communicate with other human beings without any physical mode of communication.

Signals from the Universe

Ways of life often can not be defined by equations and statistics. Often there is no scientific explanation of many things which happen to us. There are many other signs which the Universe uses to signal us about the significant things in our lives.

Hiccups mean spiritually to allow us to think about the significant people in our lives. All the above-mentioned signals and more are similar to hiccups which happen to everyone on this earth irrespective of demography, age, and gender.

Apart from the seven signals mentioned above, there are many other signals from the Universe like twitching of eyes, a sudden desire to be with them also signify the same. They communicate to you by stepping up for you (mostly men) and save you out of a problem without you asking for help. You might experience sudden moods swings because your moods influence each other even though you might be miles apart.

People have reported that they see signs and signals about their life-partner all around them when they are at work, school, in a shopping mall, driving etc. You might hear the favorite song which you call ‘’your couple song’’ being played on radio or someone else’s ringtone, you see their favorite movie poster somewhere etc.

They are not coincidences

If you thought that the above-mentioned occurrences were mere coincidences, then let us assure you that they are not.

A deep and spiritual connection is often denoted when you feel their touch even though they are not close by. You feel that they touched your hand or shoulder to reassure you about something. You feel their embrace or kiss when you feel lonely or depressed. These are not mere daydreaming. This denotes that you two are connected with a very strong spiritual bond.

There will be times when your significant other will share jokes or videos on social media which resonate with your interests. They might be doing it to grab your attention, however you will realise that you both have a lot of common interests.

There might be instances when they will buy tickets for the movie which you have been planning to watch. They might even plan a surprise vacation to a destination which was there in your mind.

Apparently, they might look like mere coincidences, but there is a strong spiritual link in these incidents.

Something big is manifesting

If you have been meditating, doing yoga to connect with the supreme power, energy healing, seeing a Reiki therapist, then often you get hiccups even when there is no physical discomfort. This means that the energy which your body is receiving through these practices are manifesting something big within your body, mind, and soul.

Hiccups often denote a release from your old aura and negativities. If you had some negative experiences in your life and were trapped in those vibes which did not let you do anything positive, through these hiccups, your body is releasing those negative vibrations.

Hiccups mean spiritually, that you are elevating from one level to the next one. Allow that change to happen and you will feel stress-free and light. This may also happen when your significant other is thinking about you intensely. You might experience weightlessness as if you are in the outer space. Spiritual journey often is crossed as a pair and hence in many religions it is believed that the couple should perform the rituals together.

Cleansing the chakras

According to ancient yogic practices, it is believed that we have seven chakras. They are root chakra (location- base of spine), sacral chakra (location- lower abdomen below the naval), solar plexus chakra (location- abdomen or stomach area), heart chakra (location- above heart/chest area). We also have throat chakra (located in the throat), third eye (located in the forehead between the eyebrows), crown chakra (located at the top of head).

If you are feeling low on energy, making silly mistakes at work, feeling sick all the time, feeling drowsy, then in all probability your chakras need to be cleansed.

When we meditate and do a cleansing of chakras, they may result in hiccups. If it happens, do not try to stop it because through the hiccups, the negative energies which were trapped inside your body and mind are getting released. Once the cleansing process is completed, the hiccups will stop automatically.


So, hiccups have a lot of meanings spiritually and we need to pay attention to our own bodies first. Our bodies always give us signs about ailments much in advance. If someone gets a heart attack, the body would have given the signals to take preventive measures. Most of the people ignore these signs and go about the daily chores. It is very important that we take very good care of our health. We should exercise regularly, have positive thoughts, east healthy food which consists of fruits and vegetables. We should avoid smoking, alcohol, and junk food at all costs.

Maintaining a harmony between a healthy body and mind is of utmost importance in today’s hectic life. Optimising this balance will help you to live a long and healthy life.