What Does 12 Mean Spiritually?

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The universe is expressed in numbers. So, how can it be that our lives are not connected with numbers? Did you ever stop to wonder if these numbers have a meaning? Did you know these numbers could be significant to your life?

Every number has a story behind it. A number becomes special, lucky or even a guardian angel when it is connected with your life. Understanding the spiritual meaning of numbers can help you discover the right path to your dreams and achieve greater success and contentment in life.

As any other number, the number 12 too has a spiritual connection. If you find yourself encountering the number 12 frequently in your life, then there may be a spiritual message waiting to reveal itself.

What does 12 mean spiritually? Read on to uncover the deeper meaning behind this special number.

12 is the God number

The number 12 has a special place in the Bible.

· The number occurs 187 times in the Holy Book.

· It is believed that the Tree of Life would bear 12 types of fruits in God’s new creation.

· Jesus was 12 years of age when he posed his questions to temple scholars

· It was 12 years that Virgin Mary resided in the temple

· The Bible carries 12 names of only 2 letters

· 12 is also a reference to the 12 stars and 12 princes

Given the holiness attached to 12, the number represents intense faith, completeness and strength, in the spiritual sense.

Angels may be communicating an important message

Seeing 12 quite often? What does 12 mean spiritually?

You may be seeing the number 12 more frequently than may be normal, and your intuition may be shouting out loud that these occurrences are not a coincidence. If so, then your intuition may be right.

If you are repeatedly seeing 12 in your life, then it indicates that you are about to witness the power of 12 in your life. Angels may be trying to communicate an important message through the number.

12, in spirituality, stands for the positive elements of growth, independence and inspiration. It is also a sign of new beginnings. The number 12 may mean that angels are ready to guide you through the next significant phase of your life and that good things are waiting to happen.

It also needs to be understood that the individual numbers 1 and 2, which make up 12, have a deep impact on the number 12. The number 1 signifies growth and goal realization. It also conveys that growth is possible only through a positive way of life.

2, on the other hand, signifies presence of angels in your vicinity. Your guardian angels are showing you the way with their strength and wisdom for your inner growth and materialistic success.

If you are seeing 12 repeatedly, then your guardian angels may be conveying that you need to follow the path before you. You need to overcome obstacles therein and achieve success.

A warning to remove negativity in your life

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What does 12 mean spiritually? The number could be a warning about the prevailing negativity in your life, either in your surroundings, in your relationships, or within yourself.

A keen awareness of your surroundings is key to understanding the possible impact of the number 12 in your life. If you are repeatedly seeing the number in your life, then scan your surroundings. Angels may be trying to draw your attention to an element that needs elimination or improvement.

If, for example, you are seeing 12 at your home too often to be considered reasonable or a coincidence, then perhaps a more peaceful ambience needs to be created at home.

If the number is revealing itself more at work, then you could perhaps benefit from maintaining better work relations.

Your guardian angels are motivating you to overcome the negative energy in your life with strength and wisdom so that you achieve all that you deserve. The number 12 is a spiritual gateway for your guardian angels to warn you about removing negativity from your life.

You need to take action

12 is a powerful number with a strong spiritual influence. It indicates growth, new beginnings, and opportunities. But merely witnessing the number does not bring good luck. It is YOU that needs to put in required efforts and take actions that lead you toward progress.

So, what does 12 mean spiritually and how is it useful to you?

Say, for example, you are considering a new job and you are repeatedly seeing 12 since this opportunity revealed itself. In this case, 12 could be a sign from your guarding angels urging you to take up the opportunity and excel at it.

Relevant actions on your part are crucial to make use of opportunities. For example, if you are not spiritually inclined, then you may not be able to identify the spiritual signs and the opportunities within them, in the first place.

Being guided by an experienced spiritual teacher is the first step to raising your spiritual consciousness, especially if you are witnessing strange occurrences often.

Positivity is another element to build within yourself to not only excel in life but also awaken your spiritual senses. It is important that you are surrounded by people that wish your well-being. It is equally important for you to be positive about yourself and life.

Once you are able to identify the spiritual meaning of 12, it is time to focus and work hard toward making the best of your opportunity.

The number 12 denotes prosperity that is possible in your life, but it is in your hands to convert the possibility into a reality.

A need for spiritual awareness

The number 12 may also be a way to communicate a need for spiritual awakening in your life. Spirituality can be achieved by doing simple things in life such as helping people in need, or motivating others with your positive words or deeds. The simple action of doing your duty, as a son/ daughter, spouse, or father/ mother, more consciously is also spiritual.

If you are wondering what does 12 mean spiritually, then increasing your spiritual inclination may be the answer.

The power of spiritual energy is immense. This energy can help you achieve your materialistic desires as well as inner peace while helping others achieve their own goals.

Spiritual energy helps overcome negativity. Spiritual strength helps you always choose wisdom-driven path so that you do not regret your actions later.

A reliable spiritual teacher can help you interpret the significance of the number 12 in your life with more accuracy. A teacher can equip you with spiritual tools that help you to better connect with your spiritual self and the spiritual elements in your surroundings.

With well-honed spiritual energy, you will be able to connect with your surroundings and all living beings, better. You will be able to identify spiritual communications with more confidence and understand them better. You can use these spiritual messages to shape your life better.