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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a wide and abstract concept that finds it origin in the word spirit or self. It has similarities with religion in that it focuses on faith in a higher power. But unlike religion which is a more organized form of beliefs and practices, spirituality is more personal. It is less rigid and dogmatic and focused on the individual. Spirituality also does not confer importance on any particular all powerful being like Christ, Buddha or Mohammad. And is more practical in the way it approaches the path to enlightenment. 

Some people are fortunate enough to have a natural affinity for spirituality or leading a spiritual life. Whereas, others are attracted to the path due to life circumstances. You may have come across instances in your own life of people who become more spiritual with age, trauma or loss. Some people use spirituality to lead a more holistic and peaceful life. Whereas, others focus on the healing powers of spirituality. It may take some people years to reach the stage of all encompassing balance in life through spirituality. Whereas, others are born with a natural gift for connecting with the higher powers. In the initial practice of spirituality, people may notice a change in their bodies and minds both. By keeping a careful lookout for these signs, they may be able to harness their powers better. 

Spiritual symbolism of Hands

There is rich symbolism in various world religions and spiritual practices regarding the human hands. Hands signify authority, prayer, grace, faith and so much more. The different parts of the hand such as the fingers, the thumb and palm all have their own symbolism. Hands joined together signify marriage and unity. In Asia, the picture of a hand with an eye in the palm is used as a symbol to ward off evil spirits. And practitioners of palmistry believe the palm to be a significant source of insights regarding the person.

In Buddhism, the symbol of Buddha with his palm upwards depicts protection and connection with the universe. In Celtic mythology, the long hand refers to the rays of the sun. Hands in China indicate longevity. And Christians consider hands to represent blessings from the Almighty. Many other religions have their own mythology and significance associated with hands. But the ultimate agreement is that the hands carry energy and can play an active role in spiritual enlightenment.

In China, both hands represent something different individually and together. The right refers to the rational and logical, whereas the left represents weakness and death. Together, the hands suggest balance and harmony.

In Hinduism, the positions of the hand which are called “mudras” are thought to help in transfer of higher powers. The various positions are meant to symbolize different things like wisdom, meditation etc. In the ancient language Latin, the word manifestation is formed from two words-one of which is “manus” meaning hand. Therefore, the hand is understood to play a crucial role in manifesting circumstances of life achievements.

Have you ever experienced a rush of emotions after touching a stranger’s hands? A handshake can feel friendly or combative. It can feel comforting or threatening. Energy can quite literally pass through the hands to convey positive or negative emotions. Much like facial expressions, hands can represent strength or weakness, support or derision.

Your hands may feel different depending on your inner spiritual state. A happy, content human will convey positive energies through their hands. A sad angry human will convey evil, negative energy. Hands can also be healing. Lines in each hand represent the past, present and future. They can be used to predict a person’s growth, success or downfall. Aside from the modern religions discussed above, hand symbols have also been found in caves of prehistoric people.

In the Hindu practice of “yogasana”, the hands are considered to contain energy spots which can be channelized for the betterment of the individual. The energy field that spiritualists claim to find in the hands even have scientific backing. The human hand acts as a reflex body part for the functioning of the brain. Research has found that various nerve endings in the hands can be stimulated to produce desired effects like calmness and sleep.

What does “hot hands” mean spiritually?

People who begin following the path of spirituality often find themselves wondering about signs and symbols. Some people find themselves experiencing vivid dreams, unexplained heat in their hands and other parts of the body, sharper and keener senses of taste and smell. And other such experiences. “Hot hands” and other energy changes in the body can be linked to ascension which is a spiritual state of enlightenment.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is a common concept associated with spirituality. It simply means levelling up or reaching a higher state. Many people also describe ascension as a spiritual awakening. This higher state helps people with feeling more at peace, self aware and one with themselves. If you are on a spiritual path yourself, keep an eye out for the following signs. It may well be that your are approaching a higher state. 

Physical signs

  • Inexplicable headaches and back aches
  • Extreme fatigue and vision like states of delirium. 
  • Vivid dreams which feel extremely true to life.
  • Burning sensation in parts of the feet or chest.

Observing and accepting these physical symptoms may bring you closer to your purpose in life. Keep in mind that these signs may wax and wane with time and you may not experience all of them together 

Energy sensations

There are certain energy changes that you may experience in your spiritual journey that also point to ascension. Changes in energy flow within the body include temperature changes, increased sensitivity to light etc. Hearing, smell, touch or tastes may be heightened or conversely dampened. You may notice hotter hands than you are usually used to or strange vibrations and tingling.

Emotional changes

As you reach the stage of spiritual enlightenment, you may feel as if your emotions, both positive and negative are heightened. You may experience extreme, intense sadness. And happiness may feel equally explosive and life changing. Anger, bitterness and jealousy may feel more real. You may also feel increased connection or empathy for others’ emotional states. Sometimes your emotions may also appear out of nowhere, catching you by surprise. You may feel crippling depression without any particular reason behind it. Or deep joy that is confounding.

Remember, these emotional states need to be fully experienced for spiritual enlightenment to take place. You must take care not to suppress these feelings or try to overcome them. Instead, immerse yourself in these emotional states, positive and negative to reach true understanding. Be consciously accepting of these emotions and brave when facing them. Know that they are signs that your body’s physical and mental states are in harmony. And the more conscious you are of these states, the better you will be at overcoming and conquering them on your spiritual journey.

Mental changes

Mental signs of spiritual awakening may take the form of anxious thinking in repetitive patterns. Fear and “running thoughts” in loops may also be a mental sign of connection with the divine. The more vivid a person’s experience with their inner thoughts, the greater their connection with universal powers and must be embraced. Allowing your thoughts and accepting them for what they are can help with managing them.

Life Circumstances

People often find a greater need for God and spirituality following major upheavals or traumatic events in life. Death, job loss, physical ailments etc. are the transformative events that recharge and change a person’s relationship to the universe. As the saying goes, desperate people find faith. You may be able to harness the power of change by embracing these catastrophic events and using them as a tool for turning over a completely new leaf. And forging a deeper connection with the higher powers.

Existential fears like aging, job changes, loss of friendships and breakups may not seem like spiritual events. But are in fact part of the larger plan of the universe for you. And in order to let that plan power ahead, your must accept these changes courageously and optimistically. You may lack support during this journey. But your will notice immediate internal changes and rewards, clarity of thought and emotion if you accept them without question.


Are you experiencing sleepless nights, uncertain days and deep emotional pain? It may be easy to dismiss your feelings as a circumstance of life. In fact, they may be harbingers of change and indicative of healing and transformation. Your dreams also carry rich symbolism so focus on what they are saying. Are your experiencing agitating visions and incomprehensible events in your dreams? These are all positives and must be experienced fully.

And remember, this is a temporary state and will come to pass. With time, balance will be restored and your strength for bearing this cosmic load increased. You will gain more confidence in your abilities and even find direction and guidance to deal with painful thoughts and feelings. Your communication with your inner self will grow and you will be better equipped to find solutions to life problems. These changes will happen suddenly and without prompting. They will not require your active intervention aside from requiring your complete acceptance.

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Connection between temperature changes and spiritual energy

Temperature and sensitivity to temperature is a big sign of spiritual changes taking place in your body. This temperature change doesn’t refer only to your internal body temperature. But also the temperature around your and in your physical space.

If you experience sudden coolness and warmth entering your body, you need to know, it is a sign of a spirit. Different people experience connection with the spirit differently. Heat is a sign for some people and vibrations of energy in the body for another. Sudden bodily changes, trembling or heat radiation can also indicate a spiritual connection. The more the spiritual activity inside and around you, the greater heat you will experience.

“Kundalini” refers to a divine feminine energy located at the bottom of the spine. People who experience a “kundalini” awakening also experience hot flashes similar to that during a spiritual awakening. But there are some key differences. Look out for these to understand and differentiate between the two.

Inexplicable change in temperature of your surroundings which is not connected to:

  • Physical source of heat such as a heater being turned on.
  • Natural sunlight hitting the space.
  • Natural weather phenomenon.

If the temperature changes cannot be explained by the above, they are likely indicative of the presence of a spirit. But this is nothing to fear as the state of warmth is generally related to friendly, positive spirits-like a passed loved one, guide or angel. This heat is meant to represent joyful and positive energy.

In order to best confirm that the energy is related to a friendly spirit and not natural phenomenon such as weather, consider the following:

  • Move outside the room or area with the weather change and then walk back into it.
  • Again remove yourself from the space and enter it again.
  • Walk around the entire circumference of the area and try to recognize the feelings and energies you feel.
  • Keep a look out from signs from your body-is your body feeling hotter? Are your experiencing vibrations or currents entering your body that are not attributable to anything physical.
  • If you find that certain parts of the room have a specifically different temperature, it is likely the work of a spirit. Think of spirit energy as being a vortex like gathering of energy in a single space that is distinctive.

Ultimately, remember whether it is hot hands, hot vibrations in your body or changes in the temperature of your physical space, it is all positive and must be embraced. Spirituality is a long and lifelong journey. And must not be questioned too deeply. Much like religion and faith in God, the more you surrender to the powers and signs the universe sends your way, the greater your chances of achieving enlightenment.