What Does it Mean to Be Convicted Spiritually

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The answer to this has never been clear, but it is important to understand the actual connotation.it requires many examples for a clear picture. Conviction is when a person is guilty of a particular act. It could be a bad deed or could also be a few good deeds. The discussion here is about spiritual conviction which can make sense, only when it is followed by repentance. Thankfully the Bible has provided a few good instances, where the sinners can achieve salvation, only when they believe and trust in Lord Jesus Christ. He gave up his life on the cross and was nailed to death. He did this to save people from sins. The above example narrates that the sinner’s would win salvation from the conviction when they follow the path of Lord Jesus Christ.

Undergoing conviction can include being faithful towards your principles in a blind way that you follow your beliefs without being anxious about the consequences. It could also be defined as a feeling of guilt for a particular subject, that has been done in a wrong way or it could also be something beyond the feeling of guilt. The word ‘convic’ in Greek means ‘elencho’ and it means “to convince someone of the truth” and that helps to prove the accused. The above examples have shown that conviction helps to brings out the truth.

Repentance and the Bible

This could also be the reason why courts and judges across the globe first convict an accused in a mistake. Sometimes, the criminals make a confession after the conviction and makes them repent of what wrong they did. Repentance allows the sinners to be free and liberated and do not carry any burden. Bible, John chapter 8:8 has said, “And they heard it, being convicted, by their own conscience, went out one by one. Beginning at the eldest, even unto the last and Jesus was left alone and the woman standing in the middle.”

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The story is about a woman, who was convicted of committing adultery and the disciples of Jesus Christ brought her in front of him. They declared as per law that she should be stoned to death. However, Jesus remained silent and after a while he said, “who ever thinks is not a sinner, should throw the first stone on the woman”. No one came forward. This certainly showed that everyone is a sinner. The Bible has made it clear that the spiritual conviction comes from the Holy Spirit.

How does Spiritual conviction work?

One has to remember that spiritual conviction does not vanish easily. It remains in the soul of a person unless it reaches its end. This would happen, when the sinner would change. The convictions can also be defined as deep wounds as they penetrate to the vital organs and can put the life of the patient in danger. It can be cured only by a heavenly physician, which is not easy. But when it is done it can be called as the remains of the soul that can never conclude. Once a soul is created, it remains there forever. The only thing that changes about the soul is its form.

Where does it reach?

Another point to be noted is that spiritual conviction has its reach to all sins. No sin is spared. It could be the sin of the heart, sin of life. It could also be the sin, that is born within us and the sin that is done by us. Some might opine that the sinners are never aware of what they do but that it not true. The spirit of the Lord comes to every soul and the ‘looking glass’ is held before the eyes of the sinner. He is then able to see all the filth, dirt and deformities that has been created by the sinner. It is not just the sins, but the soul is also made aware of the blindness of the mind, which is preventing them to see the right.

How does it work?

Spiritual conviction makes the soul aware of the evil. When god is dishonored, conviction makes it obvious and the person aware of it. Even Satan has confessed that Jesus is the Lord and he does not repent. Confession of sins is also important and it cleanses us from all the righteousness. A heart-felt sorrow is important for a person to repent and the sinner has to be broken before realizing it is time to repent. It is the affliction and pain that makes the sinner realize, what they have done and how it might have also affected others. It ultimately makes them realize how it could have been avoided. Although, many consider conviction as a negative term, but it is actually a good one.

Broken ness of a person is good, as it makes them repent for all their sins. it draws them closer to spiritual awareness and also draws them closer to God. Proverbs 3:12 has mentioned that those, who have loved God, have also been corrected. They have been showed the right way and have to first look at themselves in the mirror.


Spiritual conviction means that we are convinced that God is good. It means that the spirit remains at the center. It begins from, “who God is” and how he acts as the guiding star for every soul who remains a sinner. One has to be very careful of the path that they have selected in life. However, the best part of conviction is that it never abandons. It continues to guide, by reminding and making you realize. It shows that the sinners acts are of no use and is causing misery. But that does not happen without a lesson.

Things are realized only after a lesson is learnt and this is where you are led to the path of repentance. This can be called as the best way to salvation. God has always watched the acts of the sinners. He never judges but helps them by showing the right path. Understanding his ways is easy, it is also important to realize that he gave his life on the cross and shed blood for the sake of people.