What Does A Bluebird Mean Spiritually?

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Joy & Hope! Yes, that is what Bluebirds have brought scores of people around the world. People believe it to be a symbol of good tides to come. They symbolize the good of the earth and are often associated with positivity and the spirit of love.

Have you been seeing bluebirds around frequently? Are you wondering what does a bluebird mean spiritually? Did you know that bluebirds don’t appear randomly with no reason? If so, keep reading, as we explain to you what a bluebird means spiritually, and the symbolism associated with it.

Bluebirds, the small little birds that are majorly found in the Northern Hemisphere, have been around for a long time. Their gorgeous blue and white plumage, and those tiny beaded eyes have mesmerized many a child and youth. They are also called blue-winged magpies because of their blue and white wings. These birds are well known amongst avian aficionados as they are found in many parts of the world.

Bluebirds are popular in most cultures around the world and symbolize many different things to different people. They are believed to be a symbol of the blue sky, or the blue ocean; both of them being the color of the peace and serenity. They are also believed to be a symbol of the joy and hope that comes with the coming of a new dawn, a new beginning.

What Does a Bluebird Mean Spiritually? How Do I Associate Them With My Life?

The striking feature of a bluebird is its blue and white plumage. While blue is associated with assurance and assertiveness, white is associated with joy and peace. Their sweet, melodious voice is associated with spirit and passion; their busy little bodies symbolize energy and activity; and their little beaded eyes symbolize love and affection.

Bluebirds hold a dear place in the hearts of many people around the world. What does a bluebird mean spiritually to these people? They convey spiritual messages and can be easily understood with a little guidance.

Bluebirds And New Beginnings

You will always find bluebirds in the Spring, when the cold thaws and new life springs. Maybe that’s why bluebirds are always associated with new life and new hope. Native Americans believed that bluebirds were a symbol of hope, and were seen as the heralds of the coming of the new day.

Bluebirds Bring Good News

Bluebirds are, in many cultures, associated with good news or good tidings. Whenever you see a bluebird, or see something associated with bluebirds, you are sure to receive some good news.

Frequent dreams of bluebird means that your family is going to receive abundant joy, happiness and fulfilment. If you find a bluebird flying around your home, expect good news of a promotion or a raise at work.

The next time you see a blue bird and wonder, ‘What does a bluebird mean spiritually?’, be assured of revival of love & goodness in the world around you. It represents life’s essence and beauty.

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Bluebird During Hard Times

Bluebirds are hard workers- even in the harshest of climates, you will see them cheerfully singing and flying around the garden, gathering food. They are bringing you hope and strength to get you through the rough times. This is a spiritual symbol of the beauty of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

What Does A Bluebird Mean Spiritually When You Dream About Them?

A bluebird has visited you in your dreams if you see a little thrush with blue and rose beige plumage in your sleep. These birds, known as angelic messengers on Earth, always appear in your dreams for a spiritual reason.

Dreaming of a bluebird eating a worm has a positive meaning. Such a dream indicates that you are about to achieve great success in your professional life.

Some people have had dreams of a single bluebird feather but are unable to see the bird it came from. Such dreams are not good. They could mean you might be set to lose some wealth if you are not careful. They are a warning sign not to take your wealth for granted.

Bluebird Symbolism In Other Cultures Around The World

What does a bluebird mean spiritually in other cultures? You would be surprised to learn that bluebird is hailed as a symbol of hope and strength in many other cultures too.

Native American Tribes Symbolism

The Pima, one of the Native American Tribes, regard the bluebird as a symbol of growth and change. It represents the process of transitioning from a negative to a positive state in their eyes.

The Navajo & Iroquois Tribe associated bluebirds with fertility, prosperity and abundance.

Bluebird Symbolism In Korea

Just like Christianity, the Koreans too consider bluebirds to be a sacred messenger. They believe that bluebirds are sent by God to deliver good news for the world.

For those who wonder what does a bluebird mean spiritually, Koreans believe that God chooses the bluebird to be his messenger. He wants someone special to take care of his children when he cannot come down to earth and keep an eye on us all. So bluebirds are special messengers from God to us.

In China

In China, bluebirds find an interesting place in their spiritual symbolism- in fact, they have two distinct symbols in the Chinese culture. The first symbolism is associated with Xi Wangmu, the Western Queen Goddess. Xi Wangmu was said to protect single women, nuns, and priestesses. A bluebird following a girl all around was seen as a protection cover to the girl by the goddess.

The second is from the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BC), when they were regarded as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.

Conclusion: Bluebird Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

While birds usually symbolize the sky, freedom, and beauty, bluebirds symbolize the earth, humility, and being a messenger of good news. Bluebirds show us that life should be filled with contentment and satisfaction. They teach us to be joyous with whatever we have, rather than flying high and trying to catch something that is not there. True happiness comes from living a full life by being content with what we have and not taking anything for granted.