What Does the Color Black Mean Spiritually

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Black is a mysterious color, or is it the absence of color that makes it more mystifying? Demons, black magic, the grim reaper, and most often shades of black are associated with things that are negative. However, in the fashion world, black has found its special place through the ages and is considered elegant and chic.

As far as the color wheel is concerned, black is not a primary, secondary, or even a tertiary color. In fact, black is not a color at all. Black is a blend of all colors as it absorbs light, meaning all the colors in the color spectrum.

Black as a color is mostly considered negative. It’s the color that absorbs everything around. Thus spiritually, if you are in a place where you do not desire to absorb things that are happening around you, wearing black clothes makes it worse. In most cultures, black is considered not so divine. It’s devilish and is connected to death and mourning.

However, in some cultures black is not connected to negative emotions. In Chinese culture, black is considered a neutral color. It corresponds to water and is the color of heaven. Black symbolizes the northern and the western sky. Black is connected to stability, power, immortality, and knowledge.

Spiritual meaning of the color black

Black is one of the most universal colors on earth. It is a color of contradiction as various meanings are attached to this versatile color. Answering the question, what does the color black mean spiritually is not simple as it is connected to some extremely strong emotions like aggression and authority. Too much black can be overpowering and overwhelming as it is said to absorb negative energy.

While for most cultures and people black has negative connotations, it also has a certain elegance, and sophistication, especially when it comes to fashion. Since it holds power and exudes authority, it is mostly worn by dignified people in positions of power, where black matches their energy. It is also a favorite amongst teenagers during their rebellious years, owing to its negative reputation.

Coming back to what does the color black mean spiritually, black is a formal, reserved color. It absorbs energy around it, tends to be feared, and is mostly seen as associated with social outcasts, or powerful, mysterious people. Black also carries authority, and a sense of dignity and is very often seen in high fashion and has maintained its place for many a decade. It represents strength and seriousness and is used by people who wish to command others.

Going by color psychology, black signifies mystery and power, but at the same time, many people associate it with sadness, despair, and fear. Most cultures think of negative energy and death when they see black. It is a highly feared color when it comes to related energy.

It is a very dominant and aggressive color when used alone. However, it significantly highlights other colors when paired with bright, cheerful colors.

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Is black a color of mystery?

It has been established that black is a color that stands out, that stands alone, and is considered a social pariah all in all. People who are seen wearing mostly black generally are thought to be holding secrets and do not share much about themselves. They might even use black to shield themselves from prying eyes and curious people, as black is quite an unapproachable color. Black absorbs everything, quite like black holes, and for what does the color black mean spiritually, it absorbs negative auras too.

Negative associations of black

In popular literature, as well as texts about various cultures, black is associated with evil, despair, distress, death, and fear. Blackbirds are often seen as harbingers of death. Black of the night is thought to be a time when ungodly things take place, and when unspeakable evil wreaks havoc. The grim-reaper is also always clad in a pitch black robe, so are witches and the devil. Thus, the sight of black brings frightening ideas and thoughts of death to one’s mind.

Positive meanings of black

So far, in discussing what does the color black mean spiritually, there have been multiple negative meanings. However, does black color have any positive connotations? Turns out, yes! In fashion, through the years, black has maintained an image of class and sophistication, and with the right cut, it has a seductive appeal as well. It exudes power, sometimes edging on overbearing, characteristics often seen as desirable in popular fiction. Spiritually, black stones are often associated with the unknown, with a curiosity to discover the unexplored. Instead of fearing what we don’t know, black strikes curiosity in our minds about venturing into the darkness. Black stones are also thought to bring fertility. It symbolizes dedication, patience, and having a purpose bigger than yourself.

Black has always been a staple color and is closely tied with human history. Human language and written scripts started with black ink on parchment. Black signifies permanence and absolute lines. It is eternal and starkly in contrast to white. Our ancestors invented and developed fire to overcome this absolute blackness. Thus, black has been a constant throughout the development of human societies. Black marks borders on maps, because of the power it holds, it cannot be ignored.

Representations of black

Black is often used in English phrases, “black of night”, “black gold”, “black sheep of the family” and many more. They generally hold negative meanings.

To wrap up what does the color black mean spiritually, black as a color, is visually, spiritually, and mentally, a very dark color. It absorbs all energy, and in general used to signify empty, overpowering, and absolute things.

Looking at black for long amounts of time invokes depressing, despairing thoughts and makes one feel empty and lonely. While it can be used to show power and authority, it is only in moderation that black has a positive role somewhere. When used with other colors, it takes the backseat and helps others shine. So when using black stones, clothes, or surrounding yourself with black, one should always be mindful of the effects that black has mentally and spiritually.