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“Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.” Psalm 119:18

The imagery of the eye is often used across religions and folklore to suggest knowledge, mysticism, wisdom, as well as protection against the evil. The eye is associated with metaphorical phenomenon, superstitions, and enlightened vision. In the physical reality, the eyes of a person often betray their emotions and personality traits. Some people claim to know merely by looking at someone’s eyes if they are lying. Looking into someone’s eyes can reveal past karmic relationships and spiritual connections, as the act of looking into each other’s eyes opens the gateway to spiritual interconnectedness. The act of closing a deceased person’s eyes as a mark of delivering them to peace is common.

Symbolically, the eyes signify an all-knowing capacity. Some qualities associated with them include:

· Knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence

· Insight, perception and acute judgement

· Openness, strength and alertness

So what do eyes mean spiritually? To explore the answer to this question we need to reflect on this vital sensory organ in the context of our subtle, inner world.

Dreams and visions

What does it mean to see dreams? Dreams are naturally symbolic in nature. To see eyes in your dreams may be indicative of novel knowledge. Dreams are unconscious in nature as opposed to visions, which are the direct action of the cosmic consciousness. The imagery of the eye is often associated with visions and prophecies. Seeing eyes during meditation may be indicative of the opening of the inner eye or a descent of true knowledge upon oneself.

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Superstitions, beliefs, and the evil eye

A twitching eye is said to predict events in various cultures. Depending on which eye it is and the time of the day, the occurrences are believed to either be good or bad.

The eye is often also associated with various superstitions regarding evil and thought to instigate harm upon individuals. Gazes of envy, jealousy, and malicious intent from others are said to afflict unwitting persons who are not sufficiently protected. These malevolent forces or vibrations can result in varying degrees of misfortune. Across cultures the phenomenon is thought to be warded off through the use of different objects and talismans. Evil eye amulets when worn are believed to block any negative energies thrown on an individual.

Eye contact and soul gazing

It is said that soulmates discover each other in a true sense when they gaze deeply into the other’s eyes. Eyes can act as channels establishing the spiritual through the physical realm. They serve as mirrors to the soul and provide a peek into your true inner self. The act of ‘getting lost in someone’s eyes’ reveals rather important knowledge.

A scientific study conducted in 2016 by Wang and Apperly point us to a possible spiritual meaning of eye contact. It was proved therein that direct eye contact as a social cue interrupts our visual working memory and cognitive abilities. This alludes to a shift in our concentration from our mental reserves to a higher consciousness that is perhaps more direct in its approach.

Extended eye contact is a powerful medium of carrying across subtle messages to the other person. It can aid in connecting to the divine Oneness prevalent among all beings of the universe. It is commonly believed that when two people belonging to the same soul family connect eyes, it can trigger a magnetic and irresistible pull. The moment can reveal great insight into the relationships of past-life, karmic debts and histories, and other important soul lessons.

Religions and their interpretation of the eyes

The eyes have had considerable mystical connotations. Various religions and spiritual ideologies have alluded to the power of the subtle eye. Many myths and traditions talk about what eyes mean spiritually and how they are portals to inner unseen realms. The primordial cosmic energy is accessible through the spiritual eye and cultivated in deep meditative practice.

Hinduism and the Third Eye

In Hinduism, the inner eye, often referred to as the third eye, is linked to the Ajna chakra and signifies higher intuition. It is said to be a gateway to advanced levels of consciousness. It is Shiva’s third eye that sees the limitless nature of existence, implied also by the cultural tradition of wearing a bindi on the forehead. With significant and sincere practice, you can travel subtle worlds by concentrating on your third eye.

This astral gaze brings with it light and intuition. It has the power to fend off difficulties on the subtle planes that any malicious beings might bring with them. On the other hand, it is also a tool to befriend otherworldly forces that can help us on our spiritual path. Through progression, you learns to steady this gaze and discover the cosmic consciousness. For this, an unmatched steadiness, strength, and mastery over the vision is required. The yogi must possess an unwavering will and concentration to be able to see through his or her spiritual eye.

The Indian guru Sadhguru has said that our gross sensory eyes are ‘contaminated’ by the karma of the past, which in turn colors our perception and influences its objectivity. Perfect knowledge only arrives when you are sincerely connected to the inner truth, and this is only done when our inner vision opens up.

Various meditation techniques are employed to cultivate the opening of the inner eye. Tratak is one such Tantric practice that is said to open the third eye through one-pointed concentration.


The Bible says that the eye is the lamp of the body. Eyes are the windows or gateways to our souls and to illumination. The Bible alludes to the eyes in various places. If the eye is healthy and invites good, the entire body is said to be full of light. This translates to the spiritual eye that invites light when its vision is clear. On the other hand, it brings darkness when its gaze is clouded or disrupted. The eye is associated with Divine Providence in Christianity, which signifies the ever-watchful eye of God over humans. The Eye of Providence is used as a symbol across the government of the United States of America and its administration in various capacities.


The Buddha has spoken of the ‘divine eye’, dibba cakkhu, as the purified vision, as opposed to the physical eye. It is the power of clairvoyance that grants a being the ability to see the arising and passing of the karmic destination of others. The Buddha was believed to possess the ability to see the smallest of things through the vision of His divine eye.

The God’s Eye

The God’s eye, ro oje de dios, is a spiritual object in Mexican tradition. It is meant to signify the act of God looking into the human dimension, bringing with him spiritual light and a powerful otherworldly force. The object is said to be a portal of communication between God and humans. Its focal point is called the Nierika in Huichol tradition and is used for transmission of powerful messages.

The Eye of Horus

According to Egyptian mythology, Horus was a God whose left eye was gouged out by Set, the God of violence. After Horus’ eye was restored by his wife, he sacrificed it for his father to save the latter’s life. The symbol of the eye, depicted as a falcon, signals the virtues of healing and sacrifice. This eye was also thought to ward off evil from the bodies of the pharaohs.

How to cultivate the spiritual eye

“Shut your eyes so the heart may become your eye, and with that vision look upon another world.”Rumi

To answer the question of what eyes mean spiritually, it must be said that they connote powerful symbolism and at the same time serve as metaphysical tools. They help in reaching and developing higher states of consciousness. The true symbolism of the eye is hidden in the phenomenon of the opening of the divine eye. The divine eye is believed to be the doorway to inner realms that are as real as the physical reality. Imagery of the eyes has been vastly explored across different cultures, religions, and esoteric traditions. All translate what eyes mean spiritually to an awareness of the divine light. With it comes a sea of invaluable knowledge and a protection against the attack of evil forces.

To open your spiritual eye is to discover or elevate your psychic capabilities. For this you must practice quietude of the mind and possess unwavering focus. You must be patient with your practice. You must meditate on the space between the brows, gather energy at the focal point and observe what happens quietly. Fearlessness and an unshakable faith are vital forces required for this process. Study the eye if it appears in dreams and visions. Reflect on what it reveals to you. Do you feel an urge to see the unseen, a knowledge beyond physical understanding? If so, it is time open your hidden but omnipresent eye.