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Angel numbers are messages that our guardian angels send to us. These messages appear in a very subtle manner that we often miss them. One of these angel numbers is number three. This number is quite significant, but the power it has is less than the number 7.

Purpose of angel numbers

Guardian angels have many ways of guiding us and helping us fulfill our destiny. They use angel numbers, and each angel number its meaning. These numbers tend to appear subtly. However, we see many numbers daily, and we might miss these numbers. That does not mean angels will send the message once. They would send the same message many times during the day.

Angel numbers can appear in the least expected places and at the least time. In case you see the same number again and again. You can rest assured that it is an angel number.

Remember that angel numbers appear when needed. That is to say that you should not expect every number or sequence of numbers you see to have a meaning. Trying to find meaning to everything you see is not only foolish but counterproductive. This activity will prevent you from focusing your energy on important things. They can also cause you to miss the actual angel number.

Significance of three

Many of the things that happen in life happen in threes. Take the example of time. It is into the past, present, and future. Even a story is said to have three parts – the beginning, the middle, and the end. Birth, life, and death are said to three pieces of existence.

There are three primary colors – Red, blue, and yellow. Artists use these three colors to form the remaining colors in the spectrum.

Spiritual meaning 3 in the Bible

“ 3 spiritual meaning” can be understood by the number of times it appears in the bible. The most important things that appear in the bible appear in threes. Take the example of the trinity. It is the combination of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Israel, the country favored by God, had three patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. More important, the number of books available in the New Testament is 27. The number 27 is the product of three times three. In other words, the three times the number three.

Before flooding the world, God had chosen three righteous people. That is, he had chosen Noah, Enoch, and Abel.

God has shown the importance of a phrase by repeating it three times. Remember that Jesus had prayed three times in the Garden of Gethsemane before he was arrested. Similarly, God has repeated a word three times to prove its significance. People also repeat words three times to show the importance of the word.

A coach will say the word practice three times to drill the importance of practicing into his students’ heads.

After Jesus’ birth, he received three gifts. Also, God has mentioned the name of three angels in the bible.

Spiritual meaning 3 in mythology and other religions

The number three has significance in other religions as well. In many religions, people need to perform certain rituals three times. Also, we cannot forget the popular saying “third time is a charm.”

In Ancient Greece, there is a popular myth of Cerberus. It is a three-headed dog that is supposed to guard the underworld. It is called the hound of Hades, and it is supposed to prevent the dead from leaving the underworld.

A Muslim man has to pronounce the words “I divorce you” three times before he is allowed to divorce his wife. That is the significance of the number.

Another example of the significance of three is the Borromean Rings. It is a set of three rings that have been interlocked. The purpose of keeping the rings interlocked is to show the power of unity. The rings will stand only when united. Even if you remove a single ring, the whole thing will collapse.

Number three and its significance towards love

This angel number influences the realms of love and confidence. “ 3 spiritual meaning” has significant meaning when it comes to love. The appearance of the number can indicate you should follow your heart when it comes to love. It could also mean that you should be confident. It could mean that the time is right to start a new relationship or romance. The time could be right to express the feeling present in your heart. Sending the number three to you repeatedly can be the angels’ way of saying that your life is going to be filled with joy, flowers, and of course beautiful poetry.

The appearance of the number three has its significance for people who have not found love yet. It is a sign that you are going to find love soon. In case married couples see this number they must rejoice as it is a sign that God is happy with their union. It is a sign that their lives are filled with happiness, love, and blessings.

Many of you might have been hurt after showing love. But if you follow the guidance given by your guardian angels, then you are sure to have a healthy relationship. Your relationship will be filled with love and care. That is to say that there would be no place for jealousy.

3 spiritual meaning can also be understood by Ireland’s lucky charm. The clover which has only three leaves is said to bring luck to whoever finds it. If, you go through the stories in many countries you would find that three plays an important role. A popular children’s tales is the three little pigs. There are other instances where the number three has appeared. Many stories begin with a statement saying three things. These can be three brothers, sisters, and many more.

Significance of three towards self-confidence

The number three has an impact on the confidence of a person. When you see the number, it is a sign from the angels that you are about to perform great deeds. It is especially relevant for people who have artistic talent. The number might be the angels’ way of saying that the world is ready for their talent.

Your guardian angels can also be saying that the time is right to start a new hobby or learning a new skill. The universe is going to support you, and angels are conveying this to you. However, this message does not mean you need not put any effort. Things may be falling into place by themselves, but that does not mean they would stay there. The number conveys that you are heading in the right direction, and you should not slow down.

Influence of the number three on your social life

The number 3 can have an impact on your social life. ” 3 spiritual meaning” and its effects on your social life can be quite significant. The appearance of this number might be your guardian angel’s way of saying that you are not prioritizing this aspect of your life. You may be very sociable and friendly, but of late, you have not been ignoring this aspect of your life.

Angels might be telling you to go out and meet new people. By doing so, you might meet people who have a similar mindset and vision as you. Surrounding yourself with such people would give you the boost you need. Also, by associating with such people, you are allowed to learn from the mistakes they have made. That would not only prevent you from making them but also save you from feeling the pain they felt. The flow of ideas is not a one-way street. You can also share the mistakes you have made and help them avoid them as well. Thus, both lives are enriched.

Secret meaning of the number three

The number three relates with dreams, luck, and love. “3 spiritual meaning” is quite relevant when it comes to these three things. The appearance of the number in many forms can signify that you have you are about to meet the love of your life. It relates to personal growth and achievement.

What to do when the number appears in your life

The number 3 does appear, it is a sign that the universe is supporting you. It is a message that something new is going to happen in your life, and the universe is with you. If you see the number three it is the universe’s way saying you to follow you heart. Also, the path towards your destiny and your current path are the same. Thus, you need not worry about it. The universe is with you.


Guardian angels exist, and they have the power to help us with our destiny. These angels are sending us messages. The purpose of these messages is to guide us. By following these messages you can lead a happy and fulfilled life. Remember that the number three has its message and significance.