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The ‘universe’, the ‘unknown’, the ‘divine spirit’, or even the ‘source’ is the name of the undescribed source of power which exists for every human being. This is irrespective of their religion, faith, caste and creed.

Is the universe trying to talk to us? Maybe the universe is sending messages in different signs to gain our attention to guide us.

Sometimes don’t you wish for or even look for signs which might help you take the right direction in life.

Many times we look for answers from the unknown or the divine spirit for solving difficult problems. Daily life has its own set of problems being faced by each living being such as financial, physical, or even mental, which many find difficult to solve. This makes us look at the universe or the unknown in seeking answers. But then do you know how to receive it?

The Universe works in mysterious ways:

Are you tuned in to receive the messages from the universe? There are physical limitations for the unknown in connecting with you and it will not be similar to how we humans connect. To receive the strong signs from the universe one has to open up and relate to the unexpected positive turns life makes you take as if being guided by the unknown. These kinds of strong signs from the universe will go unnoticed if you are worried and under great stress. The message from the unknown or the divine spirit could show up in many forms such as through animals, a song, a gut feeling, a dream, and other unexplained experiences. It is for you to notice it but only possible if you let go of your ego and look for it with an open spiritual mind.


These strong signs from the universe are often considered a miracle. There are mysterious ways the universe or the divine spirit works if you are tuned in. These signs usually go unnoticed or many times are mistaken for intuitions or even coincidences. You have to be focused to detect these strong signs from the universe. These signs help you tread the right path in acquiring happiness and a good life.

Miracles are experienced by many and it’s often termed as a divine sign from the source or the universe in guiding you. Miracles are not objective and it is not the unknown face or an unknown phenomenon trying to communicate with you or guide you. But it is the sign which appears unknowingly, in an indirect way and in gentle form. The message or the sign helps you in solving bad situations of life.

In order to receive the strong signs from the universe, one has to be rid of their ego and fears, be on a more conscious perspective and allow intuitions to guide you.

There are various ways of the universe in trying to communicate with us. Let’s go over the various attributes you come across in daily life through which the universe or the divine spirit tries to communicate with us.

1. Through Other People: Many times you might have found support from a complete stranger in a very dire situation, like an emissary of the divine spirit. These strangers or the other people many times enter your life unknowingly. They tend to guide you or even prompt you to do the right things at that crucial moment, a thoughtful move. A random person might suddenly come out of the blue to give you a solution which you had been seeking for a while. A sure-shot sign of positivity and a strong sign from the universe or the unknown.

2. Intuitive Signs: Every human has the gift of intuition or the called gut feeling. These intuitive signs or also called the inner voice are the strong signs from the universe which guide you with positivity in your life. You experience true joy only if you feel things in your life are happening in the right manner. If not then it’s time to make changes, a sign from the unknown or the universe. Happiness or that light happy feeling in your life has a close connect to positivity, a sign from the universe or the unknown.

3. Recurring situations: Sometimes we come across a situation in life that might look to be a coincidence. But somewhere you get the feeling of having undergone a similar situation yet failing to connect. These recurring situations might be the signs of the universe telling you to be aware in not jumping further into a worse dilemma. The recurring situation has a deeper meaning to it and should not be discarded as it’s a strong sign from the universe telling you to avoid worse obstacles.

4. Night Dreams: Your sleep takes your body into a semi-conscious state, a state of unconscious mind. This is the period where your mind opens up to receive messages or enter that phase where we absorb the messages through a medium of dreams. But not just dreams, even answers and guidance can come to us through our dreams. If you are having the same dream repeatedly then it could mean an unresolved issue. That means it needs to be addressed or maybe something else that needs to be healed. Dreams, good or bad, are tell-tale signs of the universe in telling you to take precautions in treading the right path.

5. Birds and Animals: Many people consider birds as good signs or even bad omens. Some even connect the birds hovering around you daily to a deceased relative or friend. They consider it a strong sign from the universe of telling you that they are safe and happy. Some animals or animal behavior or even howling is considered to be a bad omen and supposed to be a sign of bad things to come.

6. Numerology: Numbers play a big role in the positivity especially in license plates, addresses, or even phone numbers. Each number added up has a specific meaning and conforms to the norms of numerology and supposedly a strong sign from the universe that you are on the right path of your life.

7. Physical Pain and Illness: Any problems that arise in the body are a sign telling you that something is wrong. Pain and illness can happen to anyone in life. It’s not needed that pain should happen due to an incident or an accident and even illness for that matter. It can happen otherwise too. Sometimes the location of pain or the kind of illness could be a sign from the unknown. It may hold a hidden meaning and could help you to figure out a way in solving it.

8. Unexpected Happenings: Everyone has faced detour, delays and even sudden cancellations in life or an event due to unanticipated reasons. These incidents, if taking place regularly, could be a strong sign from the universe. The universe may be telling you that the path you are traveling is not the right one and needs to be changed.

9. Signs of Objects: For many connections to objects such as a watch, pen, or even showpiece is very strong and live around it. When strongly connected the objects also become a medium of receiving signs from the unknown. A favored object damaged or broken could sometimes be a sign or a warning about an unforeseen incident anticipated to take place.

10. Inspirational Thoughts: Many times random thoughts bug you. A feeling that says you have missed out on the bus in taking care of your near ones. This feeling is a strong sign from the universe telling you to support or shoulder those in your family to recover from the dire situations.

11. The Sweet Song: The mind has the tendency to connect to songs that pop into your head indiscriminately. But many songs sometimes on repetition tend to make you emotional and disoriented. These are songs that the universe or the unknown source expects you to explore further in bringing out a better understanding in your lifestyle.

12. Smell: The sense of smell allows us to determine the positivity of certain events in the course of life. Not all but a few have that sense of smell in understanding it, whether good or bad, a strong sign from the universe.

An Aligned Flow of Life:

If everything is going well in life and if you are absolutely happy, it means that you are on the right path. The pathway of life is aligned to the truth and is guided by the unknown or the divine spirit.

The inner voice in you or the divinity of each human being depends on embracing spirituality. It also depends on the decisions we make in order to attain stability or order in the house.

The Universe or the unknown is a way of communication that is not one-sided. It has to be replied with positivity to gain its effect. This unknown power is the one that can guide you to achieve the greatest glories of life if performed in its guided circles.

The known fact by many is that the universe works in mysterious ways. In all your endeavors of life the universe is there to guide you in attaining the best things in your life.

The universe or the unknown is there to help you but not to give you signs. It is for us as individuals to be tuned in and paying attention to look for those signs.