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Being spiritually asleep refers to being in a state where you have yet to unlock your spiritual powers. You may be a person who is spiritual and has just started working on their spiritual progress, or you may be completely new to spirituality.

If you’re still spiritually asleep, then you won’t be able to enjoy a lot of the benefits that being spiritually awake can bring into your life. You won’t be able to manifest as well, communicate with your spirit team, or understand the signs that the Universe is trying to send you. Being spiritually awake means to be in control of your spiritual powers.

When you are spiritually awake, you can willingly invite spiritual prosperity into your life. As a spiritually asleep person on the other hand, it can be more difficult to grow spiritually. Many people are spiritually asleep, as they don’t use spirituality in their lives in any way. If you’re interested in growing spiritually, then you’ll need to be spiritually awake. To do that, you’ll need to go through a spiritual awakening as well. Being spiritually asleep however, inhibits you from a lot of the abilities and abundance you can enjoy, when you’re spiritually awake.

What Does It Mean to be Spiritually Asleep?

A person who doesn’t know how to use their spiritual powers, is considered spiritually asleep. Essentially, it refers to anyone who hasn’t yet started on their spiritual journey. But people new to their spiritual progress can be considered spiritually asleep as well.

It’s important to note that to be spiritually awake, you may need to go through a spiritual awakening as well. However, not everyone who hasn’t gone through a spiritual awakening, can be considered spiritually asleep. This is as people reach their spiritual awakening at different stages of their spiritual journey. When you start your spiritual journey however, then you’re most likely to be spiritually asleep.

There are various signs associated with being spiritually asleep, such as not being able to interpret signs from the Universe, or not knowing what your spirit team is trying to tell you. Do you try hard and often find yourself unable to progress spiritually? Then this can indicate that you’re spiritually asleep. If your intuition isn’t working as well as it could be, then this is another sign that you’re spiritually asleep.

To better understand what it means to be spiritually asleep, you can think more about what being spiritually awake refers to. A person who is spiritually awake is someone who has practiced on their spiritual path for some time. They understand the world of spirituality, as well as how to communicate with it.

They don’t feel lost or detached, from the spirit world. Instead, they know how to work together with the Universe to make their dreams come true. To become spiritually awake, you’ll need to work on your spiritual progress. The better you become at understanding the spirit world, and how it interacts with our world, the more spiritually awake you’ll become.

Common Signs That You May Be Spiritually Asleep

So, what then should you be looking for, if you wanted to see whether you were spiritually asleep or not? Are there are any common signs that can indicate that you’re spiritually asleep? The answer to these questions is – yes. From the time you begin your spiritual journey, to the time you finally become spiritually awake, there are several signs. You can be on the lookout for these signs, to better ascertain whether you’re spiritually awake, or that you’re still spiritually asleep.

Here are the five common signs that indicate you may still be spiritually sleeping:

1. You Feel Low on Energy

If you feel tired and lethargic on a regular basis, then this could be a sign that you’re spiritually asleep. This is as someone who is spiritually awake, is more likely to be in good spirits, and have energy. They can use this energy to do all the things they wanted to, in their life. A lot of this energy comes from positive spiritual growth.

Should you not have adequate energy reserves to do all the things you want to, in your life, then you may be spiritually asleep. You may find yourself feeling tired everytime you practice some act of spirituality. You may also feel drained often, and feel the need to rest. Even after testing, you may find that you don’t have the energy to do the things you want to do.

To become spiritually awake in this situation, you’ll need to invite positive vibrations into your life. When you align yourself with the spiritual path, you can enjoy more energy to do the things you want to, in your life. Being spiritually asleep on the other hand, can hold you back from doing many of these things.

2. You Can’t Focus On The Present

Being mindful of the present, is another gift that comes with being spiritually awake. When you’re mindful, you are focused on the present and can do everything you need to get done. You are grounded, and capable of doing the best you can at any given moment.

If you find your mind straying however, or if you find yourself daydreaming often, then these can be signs that you’re spiritually asleep. A good way to overcome this lack of focus, is with the help of mindfulness meditation. Just ten minutes of mindfulness meditation in a day, can go a long way towards ensuring that you develop spiritually.

When you find yourself more capable of grounding yourself, you’ll also find that you’ve progressed spiritually. Other than mindfulness meditation, you can also do breathing exercises. When you focus on your breath at a given time, you bring your focus back to the present as well. With the help of these exercises, you’ll better be able to reach a state where you’re spiritually awake. It’s common to be spiritually asleep at first, and it’s only with effort and skill that people become spiritually awake.

3. You Can’t Manifest

Knowing how to manifest, and then successfully being able to manifest what you want, into your life, is a sign of being spiritually awake. When you can’t manifest on the other hand, this indicates that there is a lot.of spiritual progress needed.

Manifestation refers to the ability to bring to reality, anything that you want. From success at work to new relationships, you can manifest your truest desires into your life. But you can only do this when you’re spiritually awake. When you’re spiritually asleep on the other hand, you’ll find it much harder to manifest anything.

To become spiritually awake, you can try manifesting with the help of scripting or a vision board. Think about and visualize what you’re trying to manifest, and then visualize yourself getting what you want. Doing this enough times will open the channels to you manifesting what you want, in your life.

When you’re more capable of manifesting, you’ll also be able to progress spiritually as well. This allows you to move closer towards being spiritually awake. The more you practice the skills associated with spirituality, the closer you’ll come to becoming spiritually awake.

4. You Can Communicate With Your Spirit Team

When you’re spiritually awake, you’re better able to interpret the signs and messages the Universe sends your way. This means that you can understand the signs that your spirit team is sending you as well. You’re better capable of communicating with them, and working together with them, to manifest your desires into reality.

If you think you can’t communicate with your spirit team that well, then this is a sign that you’re still spiritually asleep. In order to better learn how to communicate with your spirit team, you’ll need to work on developing your spiritual powers. When you work on developing your spiritual powers, you may find that the Universe is trying to send you messages. These can be in the form of repeated numbers, or even through your dreams. Pay attention to these messages, as they can hold special information on how you can develop yourself spiritually.

5. You Haven’t Experienced a Spiritual Awakening

Even after you start developing your spiritual skills, it can take time before you experience your spiritual awakening. This is as people experience a spiritual awakening at different times on their spiritual journey. A spiritual awakening can be a time in your life when problems arise, but these are challenges. These challenges are designed by the Universe to help you reach your full spiritual potential.

Until you experience your spiritual awakening however, your spiritual powers may take time to peak. Once you do experience your spiritual awakening, however, you can truly feel spiritually awake.


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If you think that you’re still spiritually asleep, then these signs can better help you to determine if you are, or aren’t. Here are the most common signs related to being spiritually asleep. Keep in mind however, that as you develop your spiritual skills and grow spiritually, you’ll gradually become spiritually awake.