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A train is a symbol that frequently comes up in dreams and meditations but very few people understand its exact significance or meaning. There are some obvious interpretations-travel, unfulfilled goals and expectations for life. And then there are some lesser known meanings. If you too are searching for the symbolism of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we discuss some common meanings of dreams. These will help you put the symbol in context and answer the question “what does a train symbolize spiritually?”

Trains Indicate Arrival

Trains can often point to the arrival of something in your life. This arrival could be the arrival of people, a job or even stress. If you are in a negative mind space, seeing trains in your dreams could suggest a dark outcome such as news of a death. If however, you have been excitedly waiting for a job offer or a friend’s phone call, a train could mean the imminent arrival of both things in your life. Spend some time meditating on your mental state to decipher the symbol of trains in your life. You will then be able to answer the question “what does a train symbolize spiritually” more effectively and accurately.

Trains Indicate a Change in Life Circumstances

A dream about trains could mean different things depending on the context. A dream about an old, broken down train means something different from seeing yourself driving or travelling by a train. If you see yourself sitting inside a train and enjoying the world going by, this likely means something positive awaits you. In this context, the dream would suggest that you are ready and willing for a change in scenery and that your journey is just beginning. A dream with you in the passenger seat usually pertains to a person’s path in life.

Trains Indicate Travel

The most obvious interpretation of trains is that they suggest travel. However, travel doesn’t necessarily mean a holiday-it could also refer to shifting houses, shifting jobs or even moving away from difficult circumstances. A moving train usually has a positive connotation. However, if you are frequently seeing the symbol of an old, discarded train or a train stuck on the tracks, the travel may have a negative meaning. In order to answer the question of “what does a train symbolize spiritually”, focus on the specifics. Is your dream or musing happy? What is your mental state in the days before seeing the train in your dream? What does the train look like?. You will get the best answers by engaging in this meditative activity.

Trains Indicate Stagnation

One meaning of trains is that they point to conformity. This is especially true if a person views himself driving a train. This symbol could suggest that you are comfortable, set in your ways and holding the reins of your own life. It could also mean that you like to be in control or desire and hope for control. When a person is driving a train, they are in charge of everyone’s safety which means they are likely burdened, stressed or alert. If this symbol comes up frequently, perhaps you are feeling overburdened with responsibilities and desire a change in circumstances.

Trains Indicate Missed Opportunities

A common meaning attached to the symbol of trains is missed opportunities or feelings of loss. A moving train can symbolize things you wish you could have done or opportunities you wasted. This is especially true if you are a bystander to a moving train. Want the answer to “what does a train symbolize spiritually” when you frequently see visions of trains that are late? Search your mind for connections with your real life. Are you dwelling on unfulfilled goals in your life and seeing visions of trains passing you by? Chances are your dreams are indeed pointing to missed opportunities and discontent.

Trains Indicate Death and Destruction

Find yourself dreaming of a train crash, a passenger jumping out, a train moving erratically? Chances are you are fearful of death, worried about some impending doom or overall stressed in life. Dreams are usually visuals of actual events in a person’s life. In this case, therefore it means that sickness or stress relating to a catastrophic event is clouding your thoughts. Remember, answering the question “what does a train symbolize spiritually” is just one aspect of the equation. Use the knowledge gained to calm yourself spiritually and find solutions for your uneasy mind space,

Trains Indicate Desire for Connections

Trains frequently symbolize travel, far flung places and movement. In this context they can also suggest a desire to connect with someone who feels far flung or removed, a desire to move to them or reach them. Perhaps you had a fight with your significant other-seeing a train with a clear stop could mean you want to reconnect. Conversely, trains could also be indicative of distance from someone or desire to move away further from someone or something. Maybe you want to run away from your circumstances or your responsibilities, maybe you need a break.

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Trains Indicate Desire for New Beginnings

Are you seeing yourself waiting for a train on the horizon. Spiritually, this is a very good sign as it means you want a new start or are ready for new horizons. A train track with a long horizon in the distance is also an extremely positive train symbol as it means you have a plan in place. Dreaming about long journeys is indicative of your new path being more permanent and long term than your current one.

Trains Indicate Nostalgia

The symbol of a train is also very nostalgic. As modern travel is usually by flights, a train could symbolize nostalgia for a simpler, slower time. Trains travel is slower than plane travel which could indicate your desire for life slowing down. Maybe you desire a simpler life, a slower pace and fewer responsibilities. If you are an older person who sees a train your dreams-maybe you are ready to face retirement. Trains allude to a happy time in life and could portend happy times in the present as well.

Trains Indicate Partnership

Trains move slower than other modes of transport and unlike travelling by car are not in the passenger’s control. There are many passengers along with you and if you are not driving the train you are likely not in control. If you see a train filled with passengers chugging along and the dream is a happy one, it could indicate a happy partnership in your life. Maybe it points to a happy social event upcoming in your life or an interaction where you’ll be surrounded by people. The combination of a full and moving train signals fulfillment, completion and steady growth. If you are worried about the future of an endeavor, such a symbol shows that you will do well and the endeavor will move along smoothly.

Trains Indicate Help Coming your Way

If you find yourself watching a train arrive in the distance, it’s a likely positive dream. It means the answer to your prayers, support arriving your way or the arrival of an important message or answer. If the train is moving smoothly and fast, it means that the message is going to shortly arrive and it will be positive.

Trains Could Indicate Long Term Plans

Trains are slow moving vehicles. Therefore if you frequently see trains in your dreams. chances are your goals will also be long term and need time to bear fruit. This could refer to both personal and professional plans and is not necessarily a negative, just a practical fact.

Trains Indicate Confidence and Self Assuredness

Trains are big marvels of engineering that require skill to construct and drive. A person who is capable of driving a train is likely confident and self assured. If you have embarked on an important venture, seeing yourself in the driving seat of a train could mean that you are ready and primed for the job.

Trains Indicate Derailment of Plans

Seeing a train stuck at a crossroads or in the middle of the tracks shows a literal derailment in your life’s plan or fears regarding the same. Maybe you are worried about a deal going through, an investment bearing fruit or a person renewing their health. A train stuck on the tracks is a negative portent and shows that your plans will experience a setback.

Trains Indicate Satisfaction

Trains are indicative of journeys and when one sees a train in a happy context, it likely points to a happy journey. A happy boarding of a train is likely pointing to a happy event-perhaps a break to meet someone or to travel to a joyful destination. In these contexts, a train is indicative of complete contentment and joy and unity with the world. A train can also connote a carefree existence devoid of strife or worries-a joyful happy human. Trains also show a person who gets along with others and is open and prepared for journeys and change.

Nobody gets on a train who’s afraid of change with every new spot bringing a difference in scenery. A train is therefore a happy symbol and a creative one.

Self Reflect for Answers

As with all spiritual symbols, finding an accurate meaning will require self reflection. Self-Reflection helps to put things into context of your circumstances and will give you more accurate and satisfactory answers. Sit with yourself and consider the things exciting or worrying you recently. When you do that, you will be able to better put things into perspective. Ultimately, a symbol is just that-a sign. The control lies with you to change things in your life and your circumstances. Use the symbol as a guide and reflect on what you can do to change things around.