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Shooting stars are considered to be possessing a certain kind of magical quality. They are considered to be granting good luck to the observer. Observing a shooting star is sure to bring a sudden flow of positive vibrations into your life. Since ancient times, many legends maintain this fact that if you see a shooting start, you should make a wish. It is believed that the wish you make on seeing a shooting star is surely to be made true.

Shooting stars are a common sight in the sky. Rocks from the space continue to enter the atmosphere of Earth in the form of shooting stars. Across the world, around one million shooting stars happen to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere every day! But, it is not easy to see a shooting star as they cannot be seen when the sky view is obstructed. The sky should be clear in order to see a shooting star clearly.

Shooting stars are like a sudden flash of white light. This white light has a long tail that disappears quite suddenly when the process is over. Blue, white, and read are the colors that are observed in the Earth’s atmosphere whenever a shooting star falls down.

Shooting Star or Falling Star Meaning Spiritually

Stars form a huge parts of culture and history of planet Earth. For religions across the world, stars have become a religious and sacred symbol. Stars are associated with the divine eye. They are like the divine protectors that watch over us continuously. Also, they are associated with powers that guide us to our path. There are many stars in the night sky that are known to provide guidance to lost travelers such as Pole Star.

A shooting star can mean various things for different people. It could mean confession, promise, warning, or a blessing. Some people think that the stars are related to their loved ones who have left the Earth. People think when someone dies, then he or she becomes a star in the sky.

Whenever you see a shooting star in the sky, you can be rest assured that soon you are going to have good luck in your life. A shooting star also predicts that your life is going to have a sudden shift in a positive direction. If your life is going through a negative phase, then it can mean that soon you are going to have a positive occurrence in your life. In Buddhist mythology, shooting star or falling star meaning spiritually carries a great value. They are considered as universal spirit. It is thought that whenever a spirit is released from the cycle of rebirth or samsara, then the shooting stars are seen. This kind of spirit becomes a universal spirit as it is released into the universe in the form of a shooting star.

The vast sky itself is symbolic of eternity, transcendence, infinity, and immortality. The sky is associated with heavens or the house of Gods. It is a symbol of omnipotence is regarded responsible for creating order in the universe. So, any occurrence in the sky will obviously carry a vast spiritual significance as falling star meaning spiritually holds significance. So, shooting stars are considered to be having a great spiritual or divine meaning.

Green Shooting Star

If the color of the tail of a shooting star us green, then it is regarded as possessing a huge spiritual significance. So, green color is magical regarding falling star meaning spiritually. The green color of a shooting star is considered as representing the spirit of the environment. Green color in itself is a spiritual color and represents peace and serenity. Moreover, green is the color of nature and thus a green shooting star is considered as auspicious for the planet itself. So, a green shooting star is a symbol of desire and hope that soon the environment is going to be in a very better condition.

Green is also the color of regeneration and growth. So, a green shooting star brings a ray of hope of something afresh that may happen in the life of the observer.

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Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, shooting stars are considered associated with the people who are no longer living. So, deceased souls are seen as being associated with the shooting stars. It is regarded that the dead souls try to make a deep connection with someone or something through the agency of the universe. It is as if the dead souls are trying to say that even though they have left the Earth, they are still here. These dead souls are telling us to be courageous and hopeful because the life after death is possible. There is someone watching over us always as a guardian. The people believe that the shooting stars are a message of the deceased souls to be happy and hopeful for the future life.

Greek people also associate shooting stars with the Gods. They think that the shooting stars are a way of Gods to communicated with people. So, this is the reason why people often make a wish whenever they see a shooting star. They think that God is communicating to them and if they make a wish, then it will be fulfilled.

Making a Wish

Making a wish on seeing a shooting star is a very common practice in many cultures. People strongly believe that their wish surely get fulfilled. Some people have even confessed that their wishes have gotten fulfilled in real whenever they wished something on seeing a shooting star.

Islamic Meaning

In Islamic religion, it is said that Allah asked some angels to carry his message to the people on Earth. Then, Jinn overheard the conversation between Allah and the angels but he was not aware of the command fully. Then, Jinn shared the secret message with the absent angels and also with the devils. It is considered that when angels came to know about this misdeed of Jinn, they used a meteor as a punishment on him. As a result, it gave birth to a shooting star.

Symbol of Good Luck

Many people across various cultures associated a shooting star as something that is symbolic of good omen. It means that soon you are going to witness good events in your life. It also means that the good energies will eliminated any kind of bad vibrations in your life. This is a rare event and it fills people with positive vibrations and a happy aura. In Hinduism, shooting stars are associated with optimism. It is a magical and precious sight to see a shooting star.

A New and Good Beginning

A shooting star also means that the observer is soon going to have a good and new beginning in his or her life. It means that all the hardships of a person are going to end and their life is going to take a positive turn. Shooting stars make the beliefs of people stronger that their is a God in this universe. They mean that we are going to do something good with our life. We will strive to take our life in a positive direction. So, shooting stars are a ray of hope in darkness.

Also, shooting stars signify us to embark on a new journey. Sometimes, people are too hesitant to start a new project. They just do not have energy to steer the wheel and start their new journey of life. A shooting star brings the hope and courage to start the new journey of life. People believe that there is never something bad about a shooting star. It is always a miraculous event that is sure to bring positive changes into your life. You will become motivated and will move on the path of success in your life.

Do Not Point at a Shooting Star

In many cultures, it is considered that we should never point at a shooting star. Some cultures associated shooting stars with demons. They consider that if you pint at the shooting stars, then it will result in bad luck and negative vibrations. So, some cultures associated shooting stars with good luck, while some cultures associated shooting stars with evil energy. The belief varies from culture to culture. But at the end of the day, shooting stars carry a spiritual meaning, whether positive or negative. Thus, their occurrence should not be taken lightly.

Shooting Stars in Dreams

If you see a shooting star in your dream, then too it can carry many spiritual overtones for falling star meaning spiritually. So, even if you see a shooting star in your dream, you should not take it lightly. It may means that you should start something that you have been putting off since a very long time. So, shooting stars in your dream is your subconscious telling you to be alert about your life. It is a signal from the deep corners of your mind to start paying attention to important stuff in your life.

So, seeing a shooting star carries a lot of spiritual overtones. Thus, whenever you see a shooting star next time, then make sure you make a wish!