Opening doors to other dimensions

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The word portal conjures up images of whirling and shimmering light opening up to otherworldly vistas through which angels can visit the Earth or saints can journey to heavenly realms. But what are portals spiritually? In our daily life we use doors to enter or exit a room or a house. Similarly, spiritual portals are subtle gateways that allow energy to pass to and from one dimension to another.

Portals in the natural world

Portals have existed in the natural world of phenomena since time immemorial, usually in places where magnetic energy gets concentrated.

These locations include river banks at points of confluence, waterfalls, caves, certain trees and at the top of mountains and hills.

Portals and places of worship

Man has often built temples, churches and shrines in areas with interdimensional connections to benefit from the flow of energy emanating from spiritual portals.

What are portals spiritually? A doorway for the world of matter to commune with spirit.

Most prayers, chants and rituals which are referred to as pagan are a means to tap into these energies. The rites involve offering something, whether tangible or intangible, to receive something else in return.

Portals and human beings

Portals can also come into existence by our actions.

Any place which is connected to strong emotions and intense experiences can create a vortex or magnetic pull. This vortex usually depicted as a spiral vacuum opens into the subtler dimensions beyond the space-time continuum.

It could occur in locations where saints and prophets have practiced penances, expressed their devotion to God and performed miracles. Great prophets are often mentioned in the scriptures as living spiritual portals as they have attained the state of emancipation.

Portals can also open on sites that have witnessed sorrow and suffering on a mass scale. Such locations include hospitals, cemeteries and battlefields or where natural catastrophes have occurred. That’s another reason why certain places attract specific incidents.

How are portals created?

Imagine you are pulling a cloth in opposite directions with extreme force. Eventually a weak spot will appear in the cloth as it frays and a tear will develop. Portals are created in a somewhat similar manner where some great force creates a distortion in the space-time continuum.

What are portals spiritually? A doorway that manifests from a concentration of intention, attention and visualization.

According to the scriptures, the portals

  • Originate in the third heaven or the causal sphere of motivations, intentions, beliefs and fundamental ideas
  • Opening into the second heaven or astral realms of energetic vibrations, volition and focused attention
  • Manifesting finally on the Earth or physical sphere as a door for the invoked forces

Portals and spiritual guidance

What are portals spiritually? They are a means of communication for God and the angels to guide people on the path to salvation such as the example of Jacob in the Old Testament.

The prophet Ezekiel also alludes to a spiritual portal. He says, “Then he brought me to the entrance of the court, and when I looked there was a hole in the wall.”

Portals are also indirectly mentioned in the New Testament as in the example of Paul the Apostle when his consciousness was uplifted on the road to Damascus.

Portals within you

What are portals spiritually? A means to awaken us to our true nature.

Each person is a microcosm of the universe and spiritual portals exist within us allowing for subtle energies to flow into and out of the body to maintain a state of equilibrium.

We are in fact much more than just human beings with our true selves being electromagnetic and made up of light energy.

Portals and esoteric symbolism

What are portals spiritually? In terms of esoteric symbolism, portals refer to doorways within our subtle body of light through which our consciousness passes through as it evolves to a higher state of enlightenment.

Spiritual portals are also mentioned in the context of “Moksha” or ultimate freedom from the cycle of life and death. The concept states that Man’s soul descends through seven portals while taking birth on Earth. The journey of life requires the soul to reascend through each portal before liberation can be attained.

Spiritual portals are also referred to as seven lamps, stars and churches and Jacob’s ladder in the Bible. They are also mentioned as wheels or “chakra” in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. The portals act as reservoirs and distributors of cosmic energy within us.

Portals and bodily functions

The energy drawn from the spiritual portals provides the impetus for the involuntary processes of the body such as breath, digestion, circulation, metabolism and elimination to function.

At the time of death our consciousness passes through a portal of light while a panorama of our life is observed and felt by the consciousness according to our intentions. We lose perception of our five senses and gross body and become aware of our finer body of light energy.

The most powerful spiritual portal

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Spiritual portals can also be tapped consciously within us for spiritual progress and not just for physical well-being. The heart portal is the biggest and most important of all and is considered as the basis for our human experience.

In most cultures around the world people greet each other by placing their hand on their heart as an expression of solidarity. It is from the vortex of the heart portal that we experience the world in a reactive cycle of projection and perception of our ego and emotions via the sense instincts.

Open your heart portal

The journey of life with its ups and downs, traumas and losses causes the ego or false sense of self to override the heart portal. The ego often forces us to rationalize the influences from the heart to be disruptive and dangerous to our welfare.

This closes us to the very energies that we need to heal ourselves and drives us to focus more on the outer delusive experiences, furthering the vicious cycle.

The heart portal can only be opened by the keys of positive emotions based on the spirit of oneness. Such emotions include

  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Faith
  • Forgiveness
  • Hope
  • Surrender to the higher self.

Negative emotions stemming from a sense of separateness such as fear, guilt, sorrow, anger, self-doubt and attachment cloud our faculties of discrimination and confine us in a prison of our own making.

A simple exercise of mindful breathing opens the heart portal to vast healing potential. Let go of any bitter experiences with each exhalation and visualize the heart portal expanding with each inhalation. The healing can take place in any form whether as physical calmness, mental peace, emotional solace, or spiritual joy.