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All spheres of religion, symbolism, and spiritualism deal with what do triangles mean spiritually. What is merely a shape to you, does have its spiritual meaning. It is through spiritual healing that you can gain a better understanding of them.

The triangle has been in every culture

When you start to explore what do triangles mean spiritually, you will realize almost every culture in this world recognizes its importance. A triangle as your spirit shape can enlighten you in several ways than you expected.

For instance, it imbibes numerous positive aspects in you such as:

  • Enlightenment.
  • Revelation.
  • Manifestation, and
  • A higher perspective.

Several cultures of human civilization used a triangle to depict cycles of growth. The triangles signify a higher state of being.

In spiritual parlance, it represents the right path towards a connection to God or enlightenment. Similarly, spiritual healers advocate the use of a triangle as it offers many beneficial outcomes, such as:

  • It directs you towards energy and power, and
  • You end up getting the correct direction to lead your life.

Triangles have been used for communicating many hidden messages

According to one of the best explanations to the query of what do triangles mean spiritually, triangles communicate hidden messages. This has been used for thousands of years which is why you can spot a triangle in ancient communication transcripts.

Of course, the use of a triangle as a symbol to communicate depended on a lot of factors. For instance, the context in question or the timing it was done.

The triangle conveys the message that you ought to move forward through life lessons. Now, it’s all up to you how you take spiritualism and the connection of the triangle to spirituality. For instance, you can opt for a meaning that resonates perfectly in your journey.

Know the aspects represented by the triangle

The triangle represents many things. For example, it has the appearance of the number “3”. This number is considered to be one of the most significant numbers.

The triangle has three sides and three corners. This is why it is often linked to several trinities. For instance, it has reference to the holy trinity- father, son, and Holy Ghost. They are not different parts of God. On the contrary, three individual identities are present in one God. It is not possible to separate them from one another. Oftentimes, a triangle can go to symbolize various stages of the moon – full, waning, and waxing.

These are the spiritual things you tend to learn when you adopt spirituality.

Get a better understanding of the link between a triangle and the Earth’s diverse elements

Four components are present around you and inside you. Each of them is equally important for your survival. These are:

  • Earth.
  • Dirt.
  • Water, and
  • Fire.

Most of these components are present within you in the form of:

  • Personality characteristics.
  • Energy powers, and
  • Physical manifestations.

The components in question help in restoring equilibrium in your body, mind, and soul.

Both fire and water have equal importance and significance. For instance, you need to fire inside you to excel in life. Similarly, the water needs to be burned out by performing good deeds.

In case there is any lack of appropriate amount of each of them, it can result in unsatisfactory outcomes. For instance, if there is more fire in your personality compared to water, this can result in distinct variations in many ways. This can include:

  • Variations in your perspective towards life, or
  • How you express yourself.

By incorporating the right component and in the right amount you succeed in your life. You can attain such an objective by accepting spirituality and opting for spiritual healing. This way, you will be able to understand the question what do triangles mean spiritually.

The triangle symbolizes spiritual grace and the womb

The triangle is also called a chalice when pointed downwards. It symbolizes two things:

  • The element of water and
  • The womb of the goddess.

It represents more of the feminine energies related to the universe. This is almost akin to what ‘yin’ means in the Taoist yin-yang symbol.

When a triangle appears in a downward position, it symbolizes life.

Similarly, when it points upward, this symbolizes the divine power of man.

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Know why a triangle has spiritual relevance

While exploring what do triangles mean spiritually, you can find its spiritual relevance in varied religious scenarios. For instance, different occultists make use of the triangle as the perfect summoning symbol. Likewise, it is treated as a symbol for ascension when the triangle points upwards.

You can find the presence of the triangle in Judaism as well. Here, it is used in the form of a hexagram. Referred to as the Star of David, it is derived from two triangles.

Get aware why a triangle inside a circle is called ‘serenity triangle’ as well

There is an interesting reason the ‘serenity triangle’ is often used by various addiction groups. The people faced with problems of addiction take the help of spiritualism to get over their ill habits.

They use this symbol during their recovery phase of addiction treatment. It serves as a mark of a milestone during the sobriety period.

Spiritualism helps them to make their recovery less cumbersome and tedious. The triangle in a circle serves as a great reminder for them.

As they resort to spiritual healing, the ‘serenity triangle’ soothes their body and mind.

The triangle represents three answers:

  • Unity.
  • Recovery, and
  • Service

This in turn takes care of their three-part disease:

  • Physical.
  • Mental, and
  • Spiritual.

It may be noted, the circle here plays a significant role as well. This circle goes to represent:

  • Oneness, or
  • Wholeness.
  • Serenity.
  • Perfection, and
  • The source of unlimited potential.

When used together with a triangle, it redefines the union of body and mind.

By using this symbol to gain spiritual motivation, they tend to remind themselves of two things:

  • The body ought to be triangular and stable, and
  • The mind ought to be open and circular.

The presence of a triangle in the symbol represents two things for them:

  • To generate good energy, and
  • Opt for a more stable physical posture.