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You must have experienced goosebumps at some point in your lifetime. It is perceived to be a natural and involuntary physical reaction to:

  • Cold,
  • Sudden startle,
  • Fright, or
  • Feelings of excitement

The science behind all such reactions is that your muscles located at the base of hair follicles end up contracting. Due to this, two things happen:

  • It prompts the hairs present in your body to stand upright on end.
  • This raises the bumps found on the surface of your skin.

Getting goosebumps is connected to your emotions

You get goosebumps due to various emotions running in your body and mind. This could pertain to a specific day, hour or any moment of daily life. These intense emotions in question could be anything:

  • Pleasure,
  • Horror,
  • Happiness,
  • Fear,
  • Spiritual inclination, and more.

Well, these are recognized as the true traits when it comes to the question of what do goosebumps mean spiritually?

Know the details about the close nexus between your emotions and spirituality

Yes, you are indeed born as a spiritual being. This is why you remain in touch constantly with your true selves. in other words, you keep trying to know your personality and nature all the time.

Nevertheless, the daily drill of life compels you to sever this wonderful connection to the actual spirit of life. Consequently, you end up failing to lead a life in its true spirit permitting your false self or ego to have total control of your life.

As a human being, it is but natural to protect yourself from pain. You will not shy off from doing anything and everything as long as you find protection from pain. This is the sole motto of the ego within you.

Goosebumps act as an indicator of your spiritual awakening

Your ego is something that plays an instrumental role to decide the direction of your life. It requires you to have a proper understanding of your ego. This is a very daunting task to accomplish creating problematic scenarios in your life.

In such situations, you fail to make a clear differentiation between your ego and yourself. Fortunately, these goosebumps can serve you brilliantly as an indicator of your spiritual awakening. This in a way is the starting point of what do goosebumps mean spiritually. Whenever you get the goosebumps it assures you that you are heading in the right direction.

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Explore the meaning of these goosebumps in spiritual parlance

In case you have experienced such goosebumps, it is natural to think what do goosebumps mean spiritually. The right approach is to evaluate and take note of your actions or the situations that prompted them. In this manner, you will come to know why you undergo the experience. It helps you undertake any corrective measure if needed. This in turn will augur well for your well-being.

You can analyze these parameters:

  • What were you doing or thinking?
  • What were the circumstances?

Sometimes, people do experience goosebumps:

  • When they are busy doing deep meditation.
  • Similarly, they were communicating with their spirit guides.
  • They were in the middle of a deep conversation with their partner, friend, relative, or other loved ones.·

Decipher the true meaning of the message behind the goosebumps

If you wish to get the real meaning behind the goosebumps or want an answer to what do goosebumps mean spiritually, pay emphasis to decipher the message behind the goosebumps.

Well, you indeed experience such goosebumps out of the blue! Nevertheless, there must be something that was going on in your mind at that moment. Try to evaluate what was going on in your mind so that you get a better understanding of the reason.

For instance, you are sharing with your friend your great desire to travel the world. You were talking with the same friend about how nice it would be if you can travel the entire world before you get old, and suddenly you felt the goosebumps. This is a kind of message from the spirits that you ought to take the plunge before age becomes a barrier for you.

At times, it acts as a positive confirmation too!

Positive and negative outcomes are two sides of the same coin. There are times when you find yourself too perplexed to arrive at a sound conclusion.

For instance, you are thinking about buying a new home for yourself. You spend endless hours searching several properties but fail to find one. However, when you see a specific home you start experiencing tingling sensation all over your body!

One way to view this reaction in your body is that your spirits have finally found a new abode for you! In a sense, by sending the goosebumps across your body they are trying to say that they approve this particular property!

Spiritual goosebumps can heal you perfectly

It won’t be out of context to say spiritual goosebumps heal you perfectly. This happens mostly when you are in :

  • Ecstasy
  • Altered states of consciousness, and
  • Devotional love

The idea behind this spiritual healing stems from the teachings found in Ayurveda. According to Ayurvedic teachings, goosebumps are a sign of an enhanced wind or ethereal state that takes the form of subtle energy.

Now, if there is any prickling, it causes the hair to stand on the end. As a consequence, the standing hair resembles excess energy that flows out of your body. As you experience the said energy flowing out, this, in turn, dissolves subtle slags and blockages. Normally, this takes the form of:

  • Urinating
  • Sweating, and
  • Defecating

There are some positive repercussions due to these activities. These are of two kinds:

  • It cleans, and
  • Cools your body and mind.

The spiritual significance of the goosebumps is enormous

There is a multi-dimensional effect of spiritual goosebumps. Yes, this is not always felt instantly. Nonetheless, it is very much evident.

You are not able to see it immediately simply because your mind has many sources of information. When they fail to ignite a tie, you miss realizing the spiritual effect.

It may be noted, according to the fundamentals of physiology, goosebumps reflect your distant past. The period relates to prehistoric times. During those times, erected hair offered rightful protection from cold. The hairs in question appeared bigger helping avert many combats in life-threatening circumstances.

In this modern age of clean-shaven and hairless people, these functions have lost their glory.

Goosebumps come directly from God

There is a strong belief that goosebumps come directly from God. As you navigate your way through life, you rely immensely on your intellect levels. What you do in the process is to ignore the mystical and the unexplainable.

Then, arrives the unexpected and special happening in your life – the goosebumps! This is more of an extraordinary piece of touching story or music. Irrespective of your levels of intellect, the body reacts.

Remember – this is the time when you feel as if God is instructing you to look at him. It is the time when even your heart starts realizing the spiritual awakening. In other words, you do what God tells you!

It aids in the psychological cleansing effect

You have various inner tensions that arise from time to time. They get conscious the moment you see goosebumps in your body. Fortunately, it is these goosebumps that go a long way in resolving these tensions.

For instance, when you experience fear, your psychosomatic body releases the energy of fear. Due to this reason, you become capable of remaining calm during such situations. In a sense, fear does lose its gigantic emotional power. It’s these goosebumps that ensure helpful transformation of your negative energy into positive energy.

Experiencing goosebumps while praying is a common phenomenon

People who are in the habit of praying, often experience goosebumps while praying wonder about what do goosebumps mean spiritually. It is nothing but an outward expression that has a close connection to things happening inside them.

It is an accepted fact that you feel something only when it is in your thoughts. When these thoughts get exposure, it results in good feelings and better emotions. This in turn enables you to make a wise decision leading to good behavior and actions. In the end, you end up reaching a good destination with good character.

Of course, you are not expected to depend solely on your emotions to dictate the terms and conditions to have a relationship with God. The reason behind this is that emotions always get controlled by situations around you. However, being a firm believer of God, it is better to avoid getting lost with the wind of emotions. Instead, it is your willpower and purpose that ought to be the guiding force.

On account of this, keep yourself attached to correct content about God. The best way to achieve this is to read the holy books and go through the scriptures.

It is the heart that produces undesirable things like:

  • Evil thoughts,
  • Blasphemies,
  • Adulteries,
  • Thefts,
  • Murders,
  • Fornications,
  • False witness

All these sinful actions take place because of your exposure to varied thoughts. When you experience goosebumps, it goes to show that your soul and spirit are in total agreement with your body.