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Many times, people feel let down in their career or even in family social life despite all the efforts put in. It is as if every attempt of yours in reaching a certain goal is negated due to no fault of yours, thus making you feel unworthy in your favored surrounding. This feeling is bad for your growth & even your social life. You feel that colleagues, family & friends are avoiding you on purpose. This is a sign that you are not applying your body & mind in the most positive way to achieve success in life. This means you require somebody to guide you in improving certain areas which need improving or even to approach things differently, more positive. You need to be encouraged in achieving goals that you never had even thought about.

You need a Life Coach to mentor you, guide you in touching those areas of life needing improvement, in approaching things differently & in changing your life.

Will a Life Coach help?

A life coach is a type of wellness professional who evaluates you thoroughly in understanding your lifestyle & relationships. This assessment helps him to guide you in making those certain changes for your life to attain greater fulfillment. The life coach guides you to improve your career, day to day lifestyle & even relationship. They identify those obstacles holding you back & help you overcome it achieving your goals. They create strategies for you in bringing major lifestyle changes in building a happier, more meaningful life.

Many personal issues can be resolved with the guidance of a lifestyle coach. They are:

· Frequent Irritation

· High-stress levels or anxiety

· Overcoming bad habits

· Unfulfilled social life

· Dissatisfied with career

· Neglected creativity

Entrepreneurs & even MNC’s are nowadays teaming up & taking guidance from life style coaches in enhancing their productivity and in creating a healthier lifestyle of their employees.

Types of Life Coaches

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There are various types of life style coaches. Some take a more general approach encompassing virtually every lifestyle issue. But many life coaches in today’s troubled scenario dwell on specializing to focus on an individual’s specific problematic area. These life coaches’ study you, evaluate you & then guide you in achieving your goals after helping you to overcome your troubled areas. This is not a small process & likely to take some time. These specialized life coaches include:

· Coaches for Addiction

· Coaches for leadership improvement & business

· Coaches for career growth

· Coaches for healthy relationship & dating

· Coaches for diet & fitness

· Coaches to deal with separation after divorce

· Coaches for a happy family life

· Coaches for healthier finance management

· Coaches for health & wellness

· Coaches for a better lifestyle

· Coaches for improving mental health

· Coaches for a spiritual lifestyle

· Coaches related to the field of sports

At this juncture, it is very necessary to understand that life style coaches can only guide you in overcoming unresolved issues of your life but not treat you, unlike a therapist. A lifestyle coach can enhance on improving any small problem of yours with his guidance. However, professional healing or even treatment of any mental health condition can only be gained through a licensed therapist.

How will you benefit with a Life Style Coach?

A life style coach encourages you & guides you in achieving your personal goals & transition. Your life style coach helps you consult, gives advice, counsels & mentors you to grow in your professional life, by analyzing you. The life style coach helps you to overcome your negative straits that stand in your way to success. The life style coach help bridge the gap between your current situation and the life you would like to lead, for a positive outcome.

Some positive outcomes are:

· Better balance with work & family life.

· Doing away with needles fear & anxiety

· Better creativity

· Feeling more financially secure

· Better communication skills

· Satisfied work life

· Stronger bonding with family & friends

· Life coaches are someone who can help you to achieve your goals, overcome obstacle & even help you to overcome blind spots with his guidance.

· Your relationship with your life coach becomes a creative partnership in helping you to evolve as a better & stronger person. This association seeks to:

· To identify your week spots, clarify & help troubleshoot in achieving your goals.

· You can always differ from your current goals to approach new goals with your life coach’s guidance.

· Help motivate yourself to grow & discover a new you.

· Build confidence to help design & strategies your own life in achieving your goals, enhancing your persona, as visualized.

Recent studies have shown that life style coaches have benefited many people in improving their chances of attaining their goals. Another study found that many individuals had become confident & self -sufficient with the help of health & wellness coaching. A 2020 survey also mentions that coaching for leadership improvement has been effective in improving the functioning of fellow workers within organizations. Researchers also believe that life coaching also can help in self-discovery, improve upon mental issues & quality of life.

When looking out for a life style coach please make yourself aware of these possible drawbacks if not taken care:

· Do not look for fast results:  Your life style coach is there to guide you, address your issues in achieving your goals. But please understand that this is not immediate. The habit or the problematic issue to be addressed to improve you have been there for many years. So even to remove or tide over it will take time. This process by the life style coach to positively guide your mind to gain positive results is time-consuming. So do not undertake if looking for immediate results.

Does the Coach fit your needs: There are many aspects approached by life style coaches specialized to tackle various issue. Therefore, select the right coach for yourself who diagnoses your problem & approaches it properly. Maintain a healthy relationship with the life coach for maximum benefit.

· Go to a Doctor or Therapist: A Life style coach can help improve your lifestyle & well-being but cannot treat you especially if it is related to mental health. Only a Doctor or a Therapist can treat you medically if you face problems with your mental health. Please consult your Medical practitioner if you have mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

Life coaches can transform people’s life. Life coaches are the bridges that help you connect to the hidden positive traits of your mind in realizing positive results. After gaining positive results through a life coach, many individuals express a desire to go deeper in understanding themselves or even aspire to connect to a higher divine power, spiritually. This coaching encasing spirituality to achieve peace & harmony is called as “Spiritual Coaching” taught by a “Spiritual Life Coach”.

What does a spiritual life coach do & it’s advantage?

A spiritual Coach also called a spiritual life coach helps you to connect with the universe or to spiritual totality. They help in understanding ourselves in a more spiritual manner & in grasping the energies that flow within.

The spiritual life coach has various healing methods. The Spiritual life coach primarily helps in:

1. Not being Judgemental & avoiding negativity.

2. Being positive.

3. Taking control of yourself.

4. Understanding your objective in life.

5. Removing the negative vibes of your life to march towards happiness.

6. Finding your spiritual self.

7. Understanding yourself.

8. Acquiring skills to listen to your intuition.

9. Forgiving & forgetting the past.

10. Demonstrate the requirements of your life.

11. Finding peace & harmony.

12. Negotiating difficulties of life.

There are various methods or ancient rituals which spiritual life coaches apply for healing emotional wounds & physical disparity. Some methods are:

1. Chakra Healing: Ancient practice of healing which concentrates on the energy centers of our body. To find out more please talk to your Spiritual life coach.

2. Reiki: Boosting energy levels of your body through a process with bare hands. To find out more please talk to your Spiritual life coach.

3. Crystal Healing: This healing is done during the process of chakra healing to help cure various illnesses & disorders. To find out more please talk to your Spiritual life coach.

4. Bach Flower Remedies: This remedy helps in alleviating bodily dysfunction and to regain good health. To find out more please talk to your Spiritual life coach.

Some other ways in which you will be helped by a spiritual life coach are listed below:

• A spiritual life coach can guide you to focus away from negative traits & be more responsible.

• The spiritual life coach also helps you to overcome loss, even help you shoulder breakups by guiding you in a meaningful way, in good faith & a deep sense of spirituality.

• The spiritual life coach assists you rediscover yourself & your spirituality in times of utter chaos. They help you understand the spiritual sense of your existence.

• The spiritual life coach evokes the inner beliefs of your life & helps you to connect to your divine inner wisdom.

· Also, to answer the question what does a spiritual life coach do, a spiritual life coach can help you to get in touch with the inner you through meditation. They help you to assess your deeper purpose of life & understand the deeper meaning of life.

• The spiritual life coach helps you to clear away emotional wounds & physical imbalances of past life. They lead the way in getting rid of things that have been stopping us from evolving to make way for new habits and better thoughts that align with our vision.

The spiritual life coach helps you in discovering yourself and in attaining happiness & self-awareness. If you were wondering what does a spiritual life coach do, we hope you have your answer. Working with a spiritual life coach is very important, if you are leading a troubled life, as it is the best source of reach to attain happiness for a peaceful life style.