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Have you ever felt yourself so moved by music that you felt a ripple of energy tingle across your body and give rise to goosebumps?

Have you ever felt someone else’s pain so completely and truly that it felt like the pain was your own?

Were you ever so completely in sync with a friend or loved one that you could finish their sentences before they could even utter them?

Everyone is born with some empathy, but few people experience what it truly means to be an empath.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you have a level of empathy far stronger than the average person’s.

Are You An Empath?

The ability to imagine yourself as a completely different person is a rare and sophisticated gift. Trained empathy can be channeled into productive acts that bring your life full of meaning. Untrained empathy can disturb the delicate balance of your mind and body and even ruin your life.

Empaths are people that lack the filters most people possess to protect themselves from the excessive stimulation our modern world offers.

Far from this being a bad thing, empaths experience the world incredibly vividly, watching their own emotions explode like fireworks when they experience pleasure. They are incredibly sensitive and have incredible powers of observation as a result. They are able to see, feel, hear, touch, and feel the living pulse of the people and world around them in a colorful way like no one else. The capacity for love and compassion are magnified hundred-fold. An empath’s life is a rich adventure full of sensations that are raw and powerful but simultaneously exhausting and tiring as well.

All empaths rely on the energy that surrounds them to tap into the feelings and thoughts of entities and souls other than their own.

By understanding the vocal tone, facial expressions and unconscious information sent out by others, empaths are able to establish connections with people and inanimate objects in an instant.

If you feel more attuned and sensitive towards your environment than other people you know, you might be an empath. Read on to find out what types of empath exist, what you are, and what you should do to realize your full potential.

The Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths connect with the emotional energy in their environment to read and understand the emotions of others around them.

Toxic energy quickly exhausts emotional empaths. They cannot tolerate negative people and emotional vampires.

Among other types of empaths, emotional empaths thrive in professions of nurture such as being therapists, teachers, or counselors.

Every emotional empath must diligently practice the art of differentiating their emotions from the emotions of those around them. They must take measures to nurture a happy, healthy environment where they can not just survive, but emotionally thrive. These empaths are at risk of setting themselves on fire to keep others warm, and must learn to practice self-care just as much as they would take care of others.

Emotional empaths possess incredible reserves of love and compassion but must take care to direct those energies towards the right people lest they hurt themselves.

The Physical Empath

Have you ever felt someone else’s physical pain so much that you took it on as your own? Physical empaths are easy to find as they are sensitive to the suffering of others and can absorb the energies and physical illness symptoms of others around them. 

The physical empath must practice grounding themselves in their own mind and body and learn to be able to differentiate their own physical pain from the pains of others. 

Without diligence and practice, physical empaths can be bombarded endlessly with symptoms that feel incredibly real, and get labeled as a hypochondriac.

These empaths benefit from learning about the science and energy of the human breath and dedicating themselves to surrounding themselves with physically healthy people.

Among other types of empaths, physical empaths should pursue professions where they physically engage their bodies to the fullest and avoid sedentary livelihoods when possible.

The Intellectual Empath

Have you ever been able to look at someone, and clearly understand their train of thought without even asking them a single question? 

Intellectual empaths thrive in understanding the actions and motivations of others, to be able to lead and support them. Among other types of empaths, intellectual empaths make for extraordinary natural-born leaders that exude charisma and influence. They can galvanize people towards action and lead them towards a common goal.

These empaths should surround themselves with as many different types of people as possible. They must learn simple and clear communication. This will allow them to grasp other’s perspective well, and also train them to communicate with people belonging to different kinds of backgrounds.

This kind of empath is quick to retreat into their mind at the first sign of trouble and is able to calmly locate problems and solve them. They can stay calm in difficult situations but must train themselves to be able to let go of problems that logic cannot solve and stop themselves from being overly logical.

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The Spiritual Empath

Have you ever had a deceased loved one appear to you in your dreams? Or felt a connection with the divine in a manner that just isn’t explainable in words?

Spiritual empaths are highly in tune with the world of spirits and possess a kind of charisma that is very different from other kinds of empaths. These empaths understand the relationship people have with the divine that makes them natural born spiritual leaders and mentors. 

This kind of empath often manifests their ability in early childhood. But they must practice diligently to balance their channels so they can open and close when required, else the overstimulation quickly becomes tiring. Spiritual empaths can help guide others on the path to self actualization and often experience life very differently from the rest of their friends.

The Geomantic Empath

Have you ever felt drawn to very specific locations for no reasons whatsoever but felt great kinship when standing there?

Geomantic empaths are attuned with mother nature and can tell when the surrounding earth is out of balance. They can notice the onset of natural disasters faster than others and have a sense of positional awareness rarely seen in people. 

Their empathy allows them tp connect with the planet and the different kinds of energy different locations manifest.

These empaths might be drawn to places of worship and feel intense happiness when at locations where people once congregated full of joy. Places such as graveyards and places of human suffering might equally repulse them. This is because they can tap into the energy of a room and feel the concentrated emotional baggage an area contains.

These empaths must learn to protect themselves from places of negative geomantic energy and be able to read the emotions a location manifests. All without taking on the pain that comes from the interaction of such a place. 

These empaths find tremendous satisfaction from a life full of travel and exploration.

The Psychometric Empath

Have you ever harbored an attraction to collecting antiques or other kinds of sentimental objects because of an attraction you cannot explain?

Psychometric empaths are able to receive impressions from the inanimate objects around them. They can detect the energy residing in a wedding ring belonging to a broken couple, for instance. And then be able to feel a different energy from another wedding ring belonging to a happy, fulfilled couple. 

Among other types of empaths, psychometric empaths do spectacularly well in fields of forensics, investigation, and history. Maybe as merchants dealing in antiques and artifacts as well. They can determine the emotional significance an item carried, where it came from, and even the time period it was conceived.

These empaths must take care to steer clear of negative energies carried by certain objects or learn to purge such negative energies away before handling them.

The Earth Empath

An earth empath is attuned with the natural world and all of Mother Earth’s changes. As the sun is responsible for all life on earth, they are able to detect the changes in solar activity emanated by the sun and can predict anomalous events before they occur.

These empaths love nature in all its forms. They can feel a rush of exhilaration when encountering a waterfall or feel sick and diseased in the midst of a ruined, polluted city filled with zero nature.

The sun invigorates them. They are especially prone to depressions such as Seasonal Affective Disorders much more than the average person.

Among other types of empaths, Earth empaths are prone to be environmentally conscious and be super sensitive of the changes in seasons and climate. They love all flora and fauna from Mother Earth and take measures to nurture and support them. Earth empaths thrive when exploring all that mother earth has to offer. Exploring natural environmental beauty and the partaking of clean, healthy, organic food for a healthy mind and body makes earth empaths the happiest.