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As humans, we all are keen on forging new relations with people who enter our lives. Some relationships are built within a click of a second, while others take little time and patience to bloom.

But relationships work the best when they are emotionally, intellectually and, more importantly, spiritually aligned. Such connections are not only profound and impeccable, they often leave an ever-lasting impact on our mind, body and soul.

People who are spiritually connected instantly feel sense of deep connection with other. They develop a unique, one-of-a-kind feeling that gives them a true sense of belongingness and a spirit to fight together through thick and thin. Such spiritually connected individuals grow above and beyond just being partners or love mates. They identify each other as their true “Soul Mates” and know that they’ve always belonged to each other.

But how do you know if you and your boyfriend share a spiritual connection with each other? How to know if you are each other’s true soul mates? In this article, we’ll take you through various signs that can help you understand if you and your loved one share a deep spiritual connection with each other. so come, let’s read together.

1. You have mutual respect

Respect is the hallmark of every relation. There’s nothing more important in any relationship than respect. It becomes even more important if you share a romantic relation with someone.

Spiritually connected partners have deep respect for each other. They treat their partner as equal and do not try to dominate them.

Kindred spirits have empathy toward their partner and respect their beliefs, perceptions and decisions. They listen to each other carefully and patiently. They never judge each other, even if there’s a difference in opinion during discussions and arguments.

2. You are comfortable in each other’s company

Spiritually connected couples feel comfortable in each other’s presence. No matter what’s the situation, they never feel awkward when they’re together. Such couples don’t even have to make any efforts to put their partner at ease. Their presence is sufficient enough to bring calm and comfort around, relieving all possible stress and anxiety that’s making their partner anxious. Consider yourself spiritually compatible if you and your boyfriend are totally at ease with each other and just love being around in each other’s company.

3. You can just be yourself in each other’s presence

Kindred souls feel liberated in each other’s company. There are no restrictions or holding back. Only a free flow of thoughts, opinions and expressions. Spiritually connected partners do not have to act up in front of each other, they can just be their own unfiltered self. Whether their thoughts, opinions and energies match or not, they can just be their honest self.

4. There’s no room for secrets between both of you

A spiritually connected relationship is defined by its honesty. You know you have found your soulmate if you both are as honest to each other as to your own self. No lies, no secrets and absolutely no deceits. Just a pure, free flowing relationship that’s sealed by love, trust and honesty.

5. You communicate even in silence

Consider yourself spiritually aligned if your relationship is not bound by the power of words. Kindred spirits communicate even in silence, even when they are miles apart. They do not need words to express their joys, fears and anxieties. They know each other’s feelings from across the room and across the borders. In fact, spiritually connected souls display an extraordinary connection in times of distress. The instinctive pull between both of them is so strong that they simply get to know what their partner wants even without the need of words.

6. Your partner is your pillar of strength

And vice versa. Kindred souls love and support each other unconditionally. They are each other’s true companions. They are each other’s pillars of strength. Spiritually connected souls have a deep inner desire to see their partner succeed in life. No matter the situation, they will never leave your side and will constantly encourage you to do better in all aspects of life. 

7. You feel you’ve known each other since ages

Spiritually compatible people just hit off instantly. They feel a sense of deep connection with each other and have profound liking for one another that’s only bound to grow with time. You’ll know you and your boyfriend share a spiritual connection if there’s an unexplained feeling that binds both of you together. You’d love each other’s company and will enjoy spending time with each other. You’ll connect with each other on all aspects of life. You’ll have similar thoughts and feelings. There’ll be a deep connect that’ll keep growing even when you are not in each other’s company.

8. Your morals and values are aligned

Soulmates share the same set of moral and family values. They view life through the same set of eyes and have more or less similar perspective towards things. They share same life goals, have similar aspirations and pursuits in life. Such couples work with each other, than working against each other’s efforts, to achieve bigger things in life. Unlike other couples who have their own share of mutual agreements and disagreements, kindred souls disagree less on things as compared to their friends and families.

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9. You engage in deep, meaningful conversations

Soul mates often engage in deep, meaningful conversations that are aimed towards improving their life and changing the way they deal with problems. Spiritually connected couples are on a constant lookout for newer ways to improve their bonding and conversations. They are aware that life’s too short to waste time and that’s why they constantly work together to make it better with each passing day.

10. You give each other time and space

Aligned souls do not monopolize. They do not impose their rules and restrictions on each other. Instead, they give each other the liberty and freedom to grow and achieve their full potential. They love maintaining their separate, individual lives even after being together and united. Spiritually connected souls believe in building supportive partnerships that are free of monopoly, restrictions, and dominance. 

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11. You are better together than apart

Spiritually connected couples know their strength lies in their unity. They know there’s nothing more beautiful than the bond that they share with each other. They love spending time with each other and just can’t get over each other. Spiritual connection helps them establish a strong telepathic bond that binds them together even when they are miles apart. Kindred souls experience a constant flow of positive energy between themselves and can’t think of a life without each other. You and your partner are spiritually connected if you both feel that you both make a wonderful team together. You are each other’s true soul mates if you believe that you are better together than apart.

12. You accept each other’s flaws and imperfections

We all are imperfect beings. Each one of us has our own share of flaws and imperfections. Soul mates understand that. They do not judge the book by its cover. They do not try to make their partner feel bad for their shortcomings and inadequacies. Instead, they try to bring out the best in each other. Their love and friendship is beyond all flaws, restrictions, boundaries and imperfections. Consider yourself spiritually aligned with your boyfriend if he never counts your mistakes, instead helps to bring out only the best in you.

13. You trust them without hesitation

Do you trust your partner like no other? Is he your only constant in sickness and grief? Do you think there’s no one else like him? If these feelings resonate between both of you, then you definitely are each other’s soul mates. Kindred souls have deep-rooted trust for each other. They believe each other and never doubt their partner’s intentions.

Finding Your Spiritual Connection

We all want to find that one person in life who is deeply connected to us. We want to partner with someone who completely understands us and connects with us on all aspects of life. But identifying or finding your ‘soulmate’ is not easy. While sometimes it happens in a click of a second, at others it takes a lot of time to build a deep-rooted spiritual connection with each other. But once it’s established, there’s no looking back. There are no regrets or pain, only pure, free-flowing love that’s bound to grow with time.

So remember, spiritual connection needs time. It needs the foundation of love, trust, and respect. To build a spiritual connection with your loved one, you have to be compassionate towards your partner. You have to stay honest with him/ her and work towards creating a healthy and well-balanced relationship – one that only grows stronger with age. While it may not happen over one moon, with consistent love and efforts, it will definitely happen over some moons.