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When you decide to spend your life with someone, you want that life to be happy and peaceful. When you’re in a union that’s spiritually matched, you can grow together, learn from each other, and experience abundance in your life. Finding your spiritual match isn’t an easy feat however, and many people end up in marriages for various reasons.

Some people are in a hurry to get married, while others may have found their happiness in someone who didn’t share their spiritual beliefs. If you’re spiritual, then you may notice several signs trying to warn you that your union isn’t a spiritual match. There are several signs that could indicate you’re in a spiritually mismatched marriage.

What is a Spiritually Mismatched Marriage?

A spiritually mismatched marriage, usually speaks of an union where one person is spiritual, and the other person is a nonbeliever. But it may also refer to a marriage where two people share different spiritual beliefs. This doesn’t always pose a problem, but there could be signs that your marriage isn’t best for you, spiritually.

When this happens, the Universe may try to send you signs, that indicate that you’re in a spiritually mismatched marriage. You may start noticing signs and synchronicities in your life. Your intuition may also try to warn you. Should your marriage be spiritually mismatched, then you can try to work on your marriage to make it better. But before you can do that, you’ll need to be able to recognise the signs.

What Should You Do If Your Marriage Is Spiritually Mismatched?

Being in a spiritually mismatched marriage can be draining. You may find yourself losing interest in the things you liked, or feeling as if you’re stuck in your life. Being in a marriage that is spiritually matched, gives you both space to grow spiritually. You can work together to invite abundance into your life, and your worldviews will also tend to match.

In a spiritually mismatched marriage, on the other hand, the reverse is often true. You may find that you can’t understand your partner on certain levels, and that they make it difficult for you to maintain your faith. If your partner is a nonbeliever, then they may also not want to participate in any of the festivities you want to join in on.

Understanding whether your marriage is spiritually mismatched or not, can help you to better deal with your marriage. You can make more informed decisions on how you can better get along with your partner, or help them see your point of view. But before you can do that, you’ll need to understand what the signs are, that the Universe is sending your way.

Ten Signs That Indicate You’re in a Spiritually Mismatched Marriage

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When you’re in a spiritually mismatched marriage, then the Universe may try to send you signs. Here are ten signs that could indicate that your union is spiritually mismatched.

1. You Don’t Feel Grounded

A spiritually matched union is one where you can feel grounded. You feel stable in your relationship, and you’re able to focus on your spiritual pursuits. In a spiritually mismatched union on the other hand, you may struggle to feel grounded. You may find yourself feeling restless, or feeling anxious.

These are signs that your marriage may not be the perfect spiritual match for you. If you try grounding exercises, but still don’t feel grounded, then pay attention. What about your union is making you lose focus? Thinking about this question may help you discover areas in your marriage that could need work. Feeling grounded can leave you feeling peaceful, as well as in control of yourself. If you don’t feel grounded in your marriage, then doing more grounding exercises may be necessary.

2. Your Intuition Is Warning You

Trusting your intuition is necessary, and an important spiritual practice. Your intuition often tries to send you messages, as well as warnings. You can receive these messages from your intuition at any point during the day. These usually tend to repeatedly come into your life, unless you address the problem.

This means that your intuition may repeatedly try to warn you, until you pay attention to it. You may instinctively feel that your marriage is spiritually mismatched, and if this happens, this could be the validation you need.

3. You Find It Difficult To Communicate

In a spiritually matched marriage, you’ll be able to confide in your partner and tell them everything you want you. If you find yourself feeling the need to hide information, or your thoughts, from your partner, then your marriage may be spiritually mismatched. The same can also be true if you find your partner trying to hide information from you.

Pay attention to how you communicate with your partner. Are you able to do it freely? Do you have to worry about how they will react? Do you think your partner is hiding something from you? All these signs could indicate that your marriage is spiritually mismatched.

4. Keeping Faith Is Trying

No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, faith will be an important part of it. When you’re married to a nonbeliever, or someone with drastically different views than you, keeping this faith may be difficult. In a spiritually matched union on the other hand, you’ll both be sharing the same spiritual journey. This makes it easier to keep your faith, and spiritually grow as people.

Should you find it difficult to keep faith, or if you get into arguments about your faith. Then these could signs that you’re in a spiritually mismatched marriage.

5. You Feel Stuck and Stagnant

In a spiritually matched marriage, you feel like you’re growing spiritually all the time. You enjoy spiritual experiences together, share in your faith, and follow your life’s purpose. When you’re in a spiritually mismatched union on the other hand, you may find it difficult to follow your life’s purpose. This may leave you feeling stuck and stagnant.

6. You See Repeating Numbers

If you see repeating numbers after getting into an argument with your spouse. Or when they disagree with your spiritual views, then this could be a sign from the Universe. The Universe is sending you these repeating numbers to remind you to have faith in your spiritual beliefs.

It’s also a sign that your union is spiritually mismatched. Through these repeating numbers, the Universe is trying to tell you that your union needs work. At the present moment, it’s affecting your spirituality. The universe wants you to focus on your spirituality, and learn how to spiritually empower yourself.

7. You Feel Spiritually Restless

When you’re spiritually rooted, you’re able to ground yourself, meditate, and follow your intuition. Being in a spiritually mismatched marriage can leave you feeling unrooted, however. It’ll be more difficult for you to find your spiritual path, and you’ll find yourself not being able to follow your intuition as well as you used to.

You may also find it difficult to mediate, or do many of the spiritual practices you used to do before. Finding your inner peace will be more difficult as well.

8. You’re Distancing Yourself From Your Spirituality

Sometimes, in an effort to make the marriage work, people choose to stray from their spiritual path. This can have the reverse effect however, and you may end up feeling lost. Spiritually matched marriages allow both people to grow spiritually, as well as follow their life’s purpose. By straying from spirituality, you may also end up straying from your life’s purpose. For this reason, a spiritually mismatched marriage could end up changing the direction of your life.

If you find yourself needing to change your approach to spirituality, or avoid spiritual practices that you regularly used to do, then these are signs as well.

9. Your Avoiding Spirituality

You may also find yourself altogether avoiding everything to do with spirituality. Many people turn to spirituality to find peace in their life, and as a way to understand themselves better. When you need to avoid this side of yourself, you may end up feeling spiritually misaligned. How you approach spirituality, as well as your life, in general, will also change. Spiritually matched marriages don’t bring in such drastic changes. Instead, you’re more likely to find yourself exploring more about spirituality, together.

10. Your Dreams Are Warning You

You can also receive signs from the Universe through your dreams. Pay attention to your dreams each night, especially if they involve yourself and your spouse. What are your dreams trying to tell you? Noticing how your dreams have changed from when you were following your spiritual path, can help you. This can show you how your dreams, and thoughts, have changed since your union. In a spiritually mismatched marriage, you may find yourself experiencing dreams that reflect the mismatch.


There are several signs that could indicate that you’re in a spiritually mismatched marriage. Here were some common signs you should watch out for, if you want to know whether you’re in a spiritually mismatched marriage or not.