Appealing to God to Shower Blessings on a Companion through Prayer.

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“I am praying for you” is the most commonly used cliché in supporting or helping someone going through difficult times. This phrase is quite often spoken among Christians when showing concern to a distressed dear ones or even a friend in their community. Praying for your dear ones or even friends is the foremost thing ones can do in helping others. Every individual is tied up with their routine needs of life on an everyday basis. But that does not mean that you ignore your friends who might require your prayers as support to come out from a difficult situation. You can pray in various ways in helping & supporting your friends or dear ones.

Ways of Praying for someone & Appealing to God:

  • An uplifting prayer for your dear one or a friend.

Praying for your friend to help him tide over difficult times. The uplifting prayer helps remove the feeling of fear & the anxiety built up in them & treads them towards an encouraging and comforting feeling.

  • Praying to heal a friend enduring severe pain.

Seeing a friend undergoing tremendous pain makes you feel helpless & makes you pray to the Lord in changing the situation. It is the belief that the Lord will listen to your prayers & help change the dire condition of your friend. 

  • Praying for a sick friend.

Praying to the Lord for your dear friend who is sick & needing healing. By praying in the name of Jesus, you thank god & hope for your friend’s revival from his sickness. It comes with the belief as read in the Holy Bible about the Lord’s miraculous healing powers & the faith entrusted in him even today.

  • Praying for an injured friend.

Pray for refuge from agony for a close friend who is either injured or disabled due to unfortunate events. Sincerely pray to the Lord in helping your friend move away from his dark & uncertain times. Through your prayers for your friend ask the Lord to extend his compassion to him in helping him heal.

  • Praying for Gods trustworthy presence in your life.

Praying to God & thanking him for his powerful & trustworthy presence in your life. Praying to the Lord & asking for his presence in every situation in your life, whether good or bad. Through your prayers, praise the Lord as a healer & as a God of miracles. This can make help you go through any tight situation and also help ease the pain we carry in everyday life.

  • Freeing a friend through prayers.

Pray for a friend & thank the Lord for giving your friend life. Similarly, thank the Lord & tell him to open your friend’s eyes in witnessing his presence as said in the Holy Bible.

  • Praying for one’s peace of mind.

Praying to the Lord to bless our lives with a peaceful state of mind & thank him for his mercy & grace. Pray to Lord Jesus to help remove things that cause stress & sorrow in our life. Also pray to him to bless your life with an all-around sense of calmness in mind, body, soul & spirit.

  • Praying for a skeptical friend.

Pray for a friend who is an unbeliever & skeptical about his faith. Pray to the Lord & ask him not to loosen his hold on him even though he does not believe in his faith. Pray to the Lord & ask him to be faithful to him even if his friend does not accept the faith. Praise the Lord & tell him to keep the faith & your friend will have a change of heart & return like the prodigal son to his shore.

  • Praying for break-ups in friendship.

Praying for a breakup in a friendship that has left you broken-hearted. You pray to the Lord to make you devoid of the hurting caused due to the breakup. Pray to the Lord & ask him to shower love & peace for him to overcome the pain of the breakup.

  • Pray for a friend’s happy married life.

Pray to the Lord, Father in Heaven, for your friend to lead a happy married life & bless them to stay committed in marriage as per Christian faith. Pray for the husband to be the protector & the provider for his wife & in leading a happy family. Pray that a wife is a person with good understanding & a strong believer in Christianity. Pray that they understand that marriage is not just living together but has a spiritual purpose too by uniting people & serving the Christian faith. Pray to the Lord in blessing the couple to grow together with gentle love. But at the same time pray that they will go through the lows & highs of life, encased with the trust in the Lord & the Christian faith.

Similar to the above mentioned varied type of prayers there are many more such as:

  • Pray for a friend’s job placement.
  • Pray for a friend shifting to a new city.
  • Pray for understanding & valuing a friendship after a disagreement.
  • Pray for keeping the faith & trusting the Lord.
  • Pray to see the ways of God.
  • Pray to the Lord to bless your loved ones.
  • Pray for strength & wisdom in your life.
  • Pray for a friend in trouble.

The above-mentioned ways are the types of prayers commonly used when praying for dear ones & friends. But then what is a prayer as per Christian faith? How does one pray in praising & thanking the Lord, Jesus Christ

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Praying to God especially for a person whom you are attached to is one of the most unselfish traits in a human being. By praying to god for a person you adore is also a way of saying thanks to that person & showing your gratitude with selfless behavior. A prayer to the Lord should be made from the depth of your heart for it to be heard. 

But most of the time it’s seen that people tend to pray for things desired by them & which are not within their reach. It is more like a wish list ranging from a need for love, materialistic things, or gaining wealth or help tiding over a difficult period. But praying for someone’s betterment health-wise or any other is considered the most selfless act unlike praying for one’s own selfish unfulfilled desires. Praying for love, safety, success & wisdom in the life of your loved ones & friends is an act where you want that person to remain blessed. 

Making Your Relationship Strong through Prayers:

When you pray for a person you adore, unknowingly this selfless positive act changes your thought pattern & engages you with that person. The constant praying for that person makes the brain waves tend to go into a conversation mode as if talking to each other & move towards making the wish a reality. Scientists have shown that due to this factor your attitude towards that person you prayed for changes, making you start to look at him differently & on a positive note. When you pray for someone you are focusing your positive thoughts on that person which brings a positive trait in making the relationship stronger.

What is a Prayer & How to Pray as stated in the Holy Scripture?

Prayer is a way of communicating with God. Even God too many a time communicates to us through our prayers. The ways to pray to the Lord can be found in the Holy Bible. Described in 4 steps as: Address him as the Heavenly Father, Thanking him for his Blessings, Ask for his Blessing, Close the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.

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One can offer prayers to the Lord in any manner such as saying it in one’s mind or shouting out loud. It is more concerned with one’s thought process irrespective of the time & place. But meaningfully the right place for prayers is presumed to be at places surrounded in silence. Quite, un-commercialized places like a church or a place of worship or green pastures are usually preferred for these kinds of sojourns. 

  • The four simple steps of praying:

In Christianity praying comprises of four simple steps as addressed in the Holy Bible as “The Lord’s Prayer”. They are:

  1. Addressing the Heavenly Father.
  2. Thanking Him for His Blessings.
  3. Asking Him for His Blessings.
  4. Closing the Prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Prayers, whether said loudly or in one’s mind, should be focused on positive thoughts, irrespective of the time, for it to be a meaningful prayer. 

  • Defining the Steps: 

1.   Addressing the Heavenly Father.

The prayer starts by addressing God as The Heavenly Father because he is the creator, the Father of our Spirits, the Lord to whom we owe all things given including ourselves. 

2.Thanking Him for His Blessings.

After the opening prayer, we show gratitude to our Father and thank him through our prayers for giving us a home, family, good health, mother earth & other necessities. 

3.Asking Him for His Blessings,

In the third step, after thanking our Father in Heaven, we ask for his blessings for those things desired by you such as good health, peace, knowledge, comfort, etc. When praying for one’s needs, we could look forward to receiving his blessings & even answers if we pray with a request to the Lord to give us strength to face the challenges.

4.     Closing the Prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ.

In the final step, we end the prayer by saying “In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”. This is a way of acknowledging Jesus Christ as our Savior & mediator of our eternal life & death, both physical & spiritual. The prayer ends by saying “Amen” denoting that whatever is said in the prayer is true & agree upon. 

Pray with Sincerity & have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ has always taught us to pray with sincerity & the prayers will be answered in many ways, sometimes as a thought in our mind or as an emotion. Many times we feel the positive vibes such as feeling peaceful or even warmness while reading the Holy Bible, unknowingly resembling the answers to your prayers.

God, the Lord Jesus Christ loves us all & as our Father in Heaven, he is always there to listen & answer your prayers. Pray to the Lord & stay focused on these 4 steps for him to hear you & stay blessed.