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Spirituality is the only path that presents a solution to every problem. Whether you are feeling down, depressed, or sad, you can take the help of spirituality to pull yourself out of the situation. Daily spiritual practice gives strength to your mind and allows you to understand the surroundings, people, and yourself better. Spirituality lets you connect with the subconscious of people around you. This helps you in seeing everything, including living and non-living beings, as one and you start understanding them in a better way. The connection you establish between your consciousness and the surrounding ultimately lets you connect with the inner core of the universe.

The most fascinating thing about spirituality is that it spreads love in abundance. You start loving yourself more and that love attracts everyone around you. You unknowingly start spreading love without expecting anything in return. We all know love is important in leading our lives. The love between our parents, siblings, and friends only enhance our life experience. The most abused, exploited, and misunderstood love is the love between two couples.

Most of the time, the foundation of love between a man and woman is built on physical attraction. Once the attraction fades away, the love starts wearing thin. When the foundation you built starts shaking, the walls of affection, attachment, and romance collapse in no time. Building your love on the foundation of spirituality allows you to make your relationship with your partner strong and invincible.

The question is how to ignite a spiritual love connection between you and your partner. Well, you don’t have to look far. Just keep reading.

Ways to Ignite a Spiritual Love Connection

A spiritual love connection is established between couples when they start looking at their relationship without any barriers or conditions. Usually, when you fall in love and form a relationship, expectations start piling up. Personality, traits, characteristics, interests, likes, and dislikes start controlling your relationship. This soon leads into differences, arguments, and at the end, break-ups. When you wrap your love in spirituality, these mundane things stop affecting you. You start understanding your partner better and in turn, your partner too responds in the same way.

Here are a few ways to ignite a spiritual love connection between you and your partner.

1. The Magic of Eye Contact.

Eyes are the doors to the heart of a person. If you ask a thousand couples, most of them would tell you that their love started with eye contact. You can establish a deep spiritual love connection with your partner through eye contact. Indulging in communication through eye contact regularly deepens the understanding between couples. Whether it is conveying a message or receiving instruction, indulging in eye contact always refreshes the mind and fills the heart. Always try to establish eye contact with your partner when you converse or even argue with him. Maintaining eye contact during sexual intimacy further strengthens the love and binds the relationship forever.

2. Heartfelt Conversations.

Conversations are important in strengthening a relationship. When you indulge in a heartfelt conversation, you give everything to establish a connection with the other person. The conversation between couples should be engaging enough to experience the vibes love flowing between them. Of course, you can’t always be in a position or mood to enter a meaningful conversation. Indulging in a meaningful, interesting, and soul-searching conversation occasionally would help you in understanding your partner better. It would also allow your partner to know your feelings better. You should also choose an occasion that is conducive to such conversations. A birthday, celebration, or anniversary is good for a happy conversation. You can even start a conversation when your partner is feeling down to put strength in him and inspire him to move on. Such conversations would be helpful in establishing a spiritual love connection.

3. The Experience of Touch.

Like eye contact, touch is also one of the activities that help in forming a long-lasting bond with your partner. Some times, you won’t be in a position to express yourself or show your feelings through words or eye contact. Such occasions demand more than words and gestures. A hug, kiss, or mere touch would suffice in showing your feelings to your partner. An affectionate touch also activates sensory nerves in the brain that stimulate certain glands in the body to secrete hormones. These hormones help you in bonding with your partner at a different level. Continuing with the practice would allow the brain to store the touch in the form of memory exclusive to you and your partner. It would only get activated when you touch your partner, not someone else. This automatically helps in building a spiritual connection between you and your partner.

4. Don’t Look into the Past.

When you fall in love, you ignore the past of the person you are in love with. The initial period of love is so dominated by the physical attraction that you even forget that the person has a past. Once the relationship is ground under the weight of time, the past pops from nowhere. This may lead to misunderstanding and confusion, giving way to arguments and fights. The past is past and you can’t bring it to life even if you die trying. When you are in a relationship, you discuss the past but never bring it up in your life. This shows your maturity and assures your partner that you would never scratch the surface of his past. Once he is assured, he would try to connect at a different level. A spiritual love connection would be formed without your knowledge.

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5. It is Time to Travel.

Most of the spiritual leaders and enlightened individuals from the past were avid travelers. Traveling imparts new experiences and knowledge. You get to see new places and speak to new people. You may even find a place where your mind, body, and soul get rejuvenated and relaxed. If you stay in such a place for a few days, you may even go through spiritual experience. Traveling with your partner to such places may double your happiness and you may even establish a spiritual love connection. Visiting beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and other natural habitats would strengthen the bond of relationship. Traveling to destinations, which have spiritual significance, would allow you and your partner to stimulate spiritual chord. As the frequency of traveling increases, you get more time to spend together. This allows both of you to understand each other better, which would help you in establishing a spiritual love connection.

6. Indulging in Activities.

People love indulging in activities that help them in rewinding. Dancing, singing, gardening, and playing are some activities that keep a person’s energy level high. They even relax the mind and prepare to face the problems of life. When you indulge in such activities with your partner, it helps you to spend more time with your partner. It allows you to know your partner from a different perspective. Choose an activity that ignites interest in your partner and try to involve yourself as deep as possible. These activities may look to be fun on the outer side, but they subconsciously help you in forming a connection between you and your partner. Indulging in different activities brings out the hidden characteristics of your partner and activates his spiritual side. As you continue with such activities, you would open the doors of a spiritual love connection.

7. Exploring the Spiritual Side.

Every person is born with spiritual traits. Some people harness them as they grow and others ignore them. Experiences of life make a person question his surroundings in many ways. When the questions start piling up, the person looks for answers in spirituality. Looking for those traits in your partner and allowing them to sprout would help you in finding the right spiritual trait to connect with your partner. Enrolling into meditation courses, chanting hymns, and listening to soul-stirring music with your partner would allow you to know his spiritual side. Once you know the traits, it becomes easy for you to connect with your partner at spiritual love. The love you both are carrying for each other becomes the part of spirituality. As the spiritual vibrations flow around you and your partner, a spiritual love connection is established.

8. Deep Sexual Intimacy.

Most of the animals indulge in sexual activities to fulfill their bodily needs. Human beings are the only animals who can indulge in sexual activities beyond the limits of their bodies. When you indulge in sexual activities with your partner, you would subconsciously find that you are forming a connection. If the connection remains at the level of fulfilling your physical needs, the connection vanishes as soon as you finish with sex. The body might be satisfied, but the subconscious mind remains unsatisfied. Bringing spiritual experience during sexual interactions would connect you and your partner at a deep level.

Saying beautiful things about your partner, indulging in touching and kissing more, and embracing your partner after sex would help in connecting with your partner spiritually. Before going into sex, prepare your mind by remembering the most affectionate thing your partner did for you or meditate for a few minutes. This would elevate your mind to look for spiritual connections rather than fulfilling just physical needs.