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It is very easy to differentiate the spirit from the body. More insights into the flesh and the ether have made matters simple and, at the same time, a bit complicated. Scientific discoveries have borders that are too heavy in grey.

Albert Einstein’s equation connecting matter to energy was a real paradigm shift in the spiritual direction. Further research has categorically proved that matter is nothing but consolidated energy. The last decade saw many fraternities bombarding the internet with news that people at CERN and elsewhere were able to find the weight of the soul. Irrespective of the authenticity of this report, it shows that more and more people have started thinking seriously of an energy form that resides within our physical bodies.

When two forms of energy within a flesh covered body starts a relationship, it can be grown into a spiritual relationship with sheer intention.

Compatibility plays a great role in making or a breaking a relationship. Relationship experts have named a few things to look for in a partner to reap the benefits of being together.

Bring out the best in each other

Irrespective of proximity to your partner, both of you are able to encourage each other to attain better feelings and energy levels.

Both of you are ready

On the seesaw of a relationship, one person makes up only 50%. Despite this fact, each partner on their own is 100% responsible for maintaining and developing the relationship. It is like a game of tennis. Both the players are responsible in bringing the game to its logical conclusion. At the same time, each one is 100% responsible in making the game move forward. The factor that makes this possible is the level of readiness of each player.

Both need one another

The level of neediness depends on the amount of relaxation and comfort you get in your partner’s company. A person with whom you can be yourself while making progress in different avenue is what is meant by ‘need’ in this context.

Pick from where the partner left off

It is a balancing act where you both depend on each other to accomplish something you are not capable of doing alone. You have a weak point which is compensated by your partner who has a particularly strong area there and vice versa.

Assets that make life full

You are an asset to your partner and your partner is an asset to you. This Ying and Yang equilibrium molds the combination into an inseparable unit. This is made possible when both of you realize that, ‘I am benefiting tremendously from this union.’

The Level of Trust

It is very easy to gain trust. But, it is very difficult to regain lost trust. Trust between couples develops when you start trusting yourself first. When you have confidence in your feelings, intuition, and choices- trust starts to develop.

As the level of compatibility strengthens between couples, the spiritual connection too starts to unwind. It is a very slow and unnoticeable transition- from the flesh to the soul. This begins by enhancing the levels of peace, joy, harmony and understanding within the inner self. Both of you realize that your souls are connected. A sense of deep connection is felt within the inner realms.

Is it possible to find out whether a spiritual relationship exists between you and your partner? Look out for the following signs:

1. You get an inner reminder about your purpose when you are with your partner. During times of chaos, your soul partner will inadvertently remind you of your purpose.

2. Both of you are brutally honest with each other. When each one is a mirror for the other, it paves a very smooth path for self-realization and progress. The mutually accepted motto of your spiritual relationship shall be, “Hurt me with a truth, and never comfort me with a lie.”

3. There will be an initial discomfort in the relationship. This is because of the time it may take for both of you to come out of denial modes when faced with the absolute truth. The discomfort will vane gradually and both of you will feel at home when together.

4. Spending time together has a healing effect. It soothes and energizes both of you. Both of you will move forward in life and come out of many self-created mental labyrinths which were blocking your progress.

5. Along with feelings and passion, your bond will move towards true gratitude for each other. This may not be expressed normally, but both of you will realize deep within that the other person is thankful toward you.

6. Arousal of suppressed dreams is a direct sign that you are in a spiritual relationship. This happens without realizing that the dreams were held up for a long time due to a variety of reasons.

7. Your conversations shall get more meaningful as time passes. This is because both of you have realized the true nature of your bond. This will lead to paying more attention to whatever the other person is saying irrespective of the nature of the topic.

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8. As the relationship deepens, the level of trust and mutual understanding grows. You don’t feel that the other person is different from you. You know deep within that you are one soul sharing two different bodies.

9. The nature of sex becomes more intimate and passion-filled as time passes. The feeling of passion is more on a spiritual level than flesh. This happens when both the partners are really comfortable in a vulnerable state with each other.

10. You enjoy true freedom and independence when together. That is the epitome of a spiritual relationship. This happens when ego fades away in the presence of your partner and the void gets filled with many positive vibes.

Experienced persons can easily identify a couple who are in a spiritual relationship. However, the million-dollar question is how to develop such a relationship. It should be clearly understood that it cannot be built overnight and needs the cooperation and understanding of your partner. People have very different ideas about spiritual relationships. Some relationships lead and nudge us forward in life, others make some valuable life lessons available to us.

Whether the partners realize it or not, a lack of spirituality can harm the relationship. This happens due to conflict of interests, which leads to a total breakdown of meaningful communication. This, in turn, strengthens the negativities resulting in huge blocks in progress. Such a situation will have a tremendous negative impact on their individual lives.

If both partners know about spiritual relationships and want to develop it, the feat can be easily achieved through conscious efforts and cooperation. If both of you have plans to scale higher avenues in your spiritual journey, then nothing can stop you.

Developing Spirituality in a Relationship

Below are eight time-proven techniques to develop spirituality in a relationship. The success rate can be felt in your lives after a few months of intentionally practicing them.

1. Discussing your dreams and helping each other in moving towards them in whatever subtle way you can. It will be sufficient in the initial stage, if you are at least aware of the dreams of your partner.

2. Deciding upon common commitments and finding time every day to strive for them. This will lead to identifying more goals and how you can be supportive to each other.

3. Developing yourself the qualities that you seek in your partner. Instead of asking your partner to change, you should make a list of all that you are looking for in your partner. Now work hard to be that person. This is a major step that will awaken the spiritual bonds in a relationship.

4. Stop dwelling on your past relationships. This is the worst habit that can capsize a beautiful relationship. Certain words or action from your partner may trigger a past unpleasant experience you had with an ex. Your current partner had nothing to do with your past issues and you need to stop living in the past to continue your spiritual journey with your partner.

5. Shared meditation is a great tool to strengthen your spiritual bond. Find at least ten minutes every day to sit together and meditate. Even if both of you are following different methods of meditation, doing it together is what matters.

6. Explore to learn from your partner. It is time for learning and studying from your partner. Both of you can understand each other’s ways better and adopt a thing or two.

7. You have to love and care for yourself first before being able to do these for another person. Once this feeling deepens, you will realize that your love toward each other has increased manifold.

8. Facing your worst fears and sharing them with your partner brings light and meaning into your spiritual journey together. Once you have discussed your worst demons, it becomes easy for the other person to understand and cope with your mood swings.

In conclusion

All of us are spiritual beings. When you develop a spiritual relationship, you both rekindled lost passions and knowledge with your conscious efforts. There is always a spiritual connection between individuals. The only catch is that you need to recognize it and strive hard to bring it to life.