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Medically, the condition of sweaty palms is known as palmar hyperhidrosis. If you do not have fever or running temperature, and your palms are always sweaty, then it might disrupt your social life to an extent. A simple gesture of extending your hand for a handshake might bring anxiety in the patient.

If the person is suffering from hyperhidrosis, during the hours when he/she is awake, the overactive sweat glands become hyper-active. This condition triggers excessive perspiration, especially in the palm area. It does not matter what the outdoor or indoor temperature is, a person suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis will invariably have sweaty palms.

This condition does not depend on the amount of physical activity the patient is doing. It also does not depend if they have come after doing heavy exercises like running, jogging or any other physical work. Even if they are seated in a perfectly controlled air-conditioned room, their palms will start sweating. Even though this is a benign condition, it disrupts the day-to-day activities for the patient who is suffering from it.

Causes of Sweaty Hands

It is difficult to do any work whether you work with computers, or you are a mechanic, chef, librarian or any other professional. The patient constantly has to wipe his/her hands which is definitely an irritating situation. Research shows that this condition is hereditary.

There might be underlying reasons behind someone having sweaty palms constantly. A person suffering from diabetes, low blood sugar levels, overactive thyroid, nervous system problems, some kind of bacterial or fungal infection can complain about sweaty palms. Women reaching menopause too experience this situation.

The most common treatment for this condition is using anti-perspirants. If you apply it on your palms at night, the chemicals get an opportunity to get absorbed in the skin. There are some remedies like baking soda, apple cider vinegar sage leaves etc. which may give relief.

Iontopheresis which is a treatment of electrical stimulation, is believed to be a temporary cure for this kind of a situation. The patient needs to place the hands in water and an electrical current is passed through the water. This stimulus stuns the sweat glands temporarily and gives some relief to the patient.

What does sweaty palms mean spiritually?

Now since we have explored the medical condition behind sweaty palms, let’s also look at the aspect from a different angle. If you have sweaty palms, and have wondered what sweaty palms mean spiritually, then read this article further.

Since ancient times, people have believed in the spiritual aspects of skin disorders. Both conventional and kabbalistic forms of Judaism believes in certain aspects of skin disorders.

The Shamanic version

The shamans who are believed to have access to the world of spirits treat skin disorders through various unconventional methods. This practice was prevalent on northern Asia and North America for many decades. Today shamanism persists primarily among indigenous people. Today in the tundra valleys, jungles, riverbeds, deserts, and other rural areas, this practice is still prevalent across the globe. If you go to any village in any part of the world, you will find preachers claiming to cure diseases using paranormal powers. Amongst many African tribes, these practices are widely spread.

It is believed that these shamans can speak to souls when they are in a state of trance. It is also believed that these skin disorders are created due to an influence of some evil spirit and they claim to cure such patients.

The Shamanic practices

These shamans often go into trance-like states known as altered states of consciousness (ASC). It is believed that they communicate with the spirits or ghosts when they are in such a state. There have been researches done to study the co-relation between soul, mind, emotions, and the body and through hypnosis the psychiatrists are trying to find a solution to such medical conditions.

Medical science is yet to reach to a proper conclusion to understand the shamanic approach to the spiritual through ASC. Spiritual experiences, often experienced in an altered state of consciousness (ASC), religious beliefs, traditional practices, yoga, rituals, and prayers can affect various aspects of skin and produce different effects. While being in a state of ASC, lot of skin disorders and emotional traumas can be cured.

Approach of the Chirologists

Chirologists or palm readers believe that people with sweaty palms have strong sense of feelings and are emotionally more vulnerable than others. They have strong emotional sensitivity to moods and vibes, and they have strong intuition too. Hence such people are often more spiritually elevated compared to the people around them. They also need a very nurturing environment to feel comfortable and do not have any tolerance to cruelty and non-co-operation.

People with sweaty palms often suffer from low self-esteem and feel socially awkward. They avoid interacting with people as handshakes and hugs are common social practices and they are afraid to talk about their condition. They are afraid of being rejected by friends and colleagues because of this condition and often lead a secluded life.

When a person goes for a chirology reading, from the first handshake the chirologist determines the skin texture and tries to assess the reason behind palmar hyperhidrosis. If the person is going through a traumatic situation like death of a loved one, being a victim of rape, kidnap, hijack or such life-shattering experiences can cause this situation. Even sudden loss of business, divorce, miscarriage, substance withdrawal etc. symptoms of sweaty palms are often prevalent in the patient.

Diagnosis of sweaty palms

Sweating is a natural process, and the body regulates the temperature through that. In hotter regions people sweat more because the sweat evaporates and creates a cool feeling and regulates the skin temperature.

Chirologists associate the people with moist palms with water skin type. This kind of skin feels moist, fleshy, and podgy to touch, and the palms are mostly warm and soft. Some water skin even feels cold and sticky due to excessive sweating. So, if someone exhibits these symptoms, the chirologists categorise them as people with sweaty palms.

Impact of sweaty palms on your personal and professional lives

If you are otherwise a carefree person, however, are feeling extremely anxious about this aspect of your body, then you need to dig deep to understand the reason. Man is a social being and being accepted by others is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes, having situations like sweaty palms affect our self-image and we try to hide this aspect from others. We want to project ourselves as ”in control” and ”perfect” to the world, and having sweaty palms often spoils that self-image.

Our society teaches us to conduct ourselves in a certain fashion. A dry and firm handshake is believed to be from a person who is confident and trustworthy. It is perceived that a moist and shaky handshake represents a person who is nervous and anxious. In the society, our image plays a huge role, and our success is decided by the way others perceive us. Hence people suffering from this condition of sweaty palms often have low self-image and a damaged self-confidence.

Hampering Self- Image

Someone with sweaty hands is not looked up as a leader or achiever. Sweaty palms are interpreted as signs of vulnerability, stress, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence. A handshake may turn out to be a deciding factor while closing a business deal. If you are losing out on your successful sales pitches in spite of having all the potential, then the time has come to take notice of this condition and find a permanent solution. You cannot allow this condition to jeopardise your professional life.

Having sweaty palms is looked down upon even in personal relationships. In fact, the people who sweat excessively find it difficult to maintain one partner for a long duration. Invariably this factor hinders in being intimate to your partner and may impact your conjugal life. Hence this condition might even be decremental for your personal life.

How to diagnose healing hands

Now since we have looked into the medical reasons behind sweaty palms, let’s look at some of the beliefs in the spiritual world. Sweaty palms are associated with ‘’healing hands.’’

People like massage therapists, Reiki therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists are believed to have healing hands. They use their hands to take away the aches and pains of others. Doctors, nurses, and caregivers too use their hands a lot to perform surgeries and other medical practices to heal the patient. Some therapists believe that sweaty palms mean being spiritually conscious.

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Few simple tests to detect ‘’healing hands’’

  • Palms getting sweaty- It is believed in Ayurveda that in the middle of your palms you have chakras. It is believed that there are seven chakras which regulate all the functions of our body. They are root chakra (location- base of spine), sacral chakra (location- lower abdomen below the naval), solar plexus chakra (location- abdomen or stomach area), heart chakra (location- above heart/chest area). We also have throat chakra (located in the throat), third eye (located in the forehead between the eyebrows), crown chakra (located at the top of head). If all the chakras are working in harmony and are clean, then we have a healthy body and mind.
  • So, when we mediate, sometimes the chakras will radiate heat through the palm and make  them hot and sweaty. We may feel that the fingers are cold, but the palms are warm and sweaty.  Sweaty palms spiritually can also mean that you have healing powers in your palms.
  • Use crystals- Place a crystal in your non-dominate hand and make a fist. Leave it there for a few minutes and if the crystal becomes hot or starts to vibrate or pulsate, that means you have healing hands. Many healers use crystals in their therapies, and they provide magical results to the patients. Hence the person with healing hands will invariably have a strong bonding with crystal even if they have not worked as a healer in the past.
  • Visons of being a healer- It is believed that we all take birth on this planet to complete some unfinished work from our previous lives. If you are associated with some other profession and the thought of becoming a healer is occurring to you, then do not neglect those signs. If you are thinking about picking up a skill like acupuncture, massage therapy, tantric massage etc. then the Universe is propelling you towards your call.

Do not neglect these signals from your divine angels or Universe and act upon it. It is  possible that the supreme power has given you healing hands to help the humankind. Put them to good use.

Healing skin disorders through spirituality

The art of spiritual healing can cure many ailments of skin including psoriasis, palmar hyperhidrosis, acne, rosacea, itching and eczema. Since skin is the largest sensory organ and it makes us aware of our surroundings, it is very important for us to do a cleansing process.

Elevating ourselves beyond the dualities of conscious life towards the supreme consciousness and broadened awareness helps us to get rid of all the physical ailments. Yogis also believe that all physical ailments have roots crawling into our emotional and spiritual state. Often getting into an altered state of consciousness (ASC) can propel us towards a state of being dimensionless and timeless.

These practices are sometimes needed to facilitate the spiritual and physical healing of the skin. When in a state of ASC, there are shifts in emotional and autonomic states which accelerate the healing process. When the chakras in our body are cleansed, it leads us to a stress-free, blissful, ailment free life.

Remove all the masks

The people with sweaty palms often suffer from low self-esteem. They are scared of talking about their condition and feel that others will reject them if they do so. Sweaty palms mean spiritually to let go of things and embrace ourselves the way we are.

We need to constantly love ourselves with all the energy we have. We all have some good qualities and some attributes which we do not like within each of us. However, to love our own selves unconditionally, we need to accept both the sides. We will have to tell the Universe that we love ourselves, completely with all the medical conditions, deformities in our physical self and scars in our psyche. And then the Universe will bless us abundantly.


So now since you have gone through the reasons for having sweaty palms, the ways to get rid of it medically and spiritually. You can make a conscious choice to take care of it. We all go through various stages in life, some are pleasant, and some are stressful. However, the mantra to a successful life is to choose our own selves completely. You may or may not believe in the spiritual aspect of sweaty palms, what you need to do is to practice complete acceptance. Whether it is accepting ourselves fully or accepting others in our lives with all their good and bad qualities. Also, the bad qualities are not absolute. Someone who is a social drinker might look down upon a habitual alcoholic. And someone who is a teetotaler might think that the social drinker is addicted. So, there are perspectives to everything in life. And happiness is not associated with wealth, having great cars and . It is a state of mind which can be achieved irrespective of not having any material wealth. So choose wisely and live well.