What Does an Eagle Mean Spiritually?


“If we never had the courage to take a leap of faith, we’d be cheating God out of a chance to mount us up with wings like eagles and watch us soar.” – Jen Stephens

If there is one creature that is capable of making even the human being, considered the greatest creation of God, jealous of itself, it is the eagle. If power, freedom and ferocity were to be personified in one entity, we would get the magnificent eagle. Men from ancient times have tried and failed to grasp what gives the eagle its majesty.

What we call the eagle though, is not a single bird at all. Eagles are a collection of large birds of prey of the family Accipitridae. The 60 species of eagles mostly adorn the skies of the Old World, meaning Eurasia and Africa.

Significance of Eagle across Cultures

In almost all culture around the world, eagles are considered a link between humans and deities. Considered a sacred entity despite its ferocity, eagles enjoy a place of prominence in the religious realms.

American Indians

Native Indians in North America wear eagle feathers on their head, as they consider eagle to be a symbol of great strength, leadership and vision.

Kazakh Eagle Hunters

Kazakh eagle hunters use golden eagles to hunt for prey during long winters, whom they consider a symbol of strength and bravery.

Early Christianity

Early Christians considered eagle as an embodiment of hope and strength. The eagle finds mention twice in the book of Revelation.


Legends say that Aztecs found the present-day Mexico City as a result of searching for an eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake, as instructed by their chief God.

Eagle Symbolism

What does an eagle symbolize? What does an eagle mean spiritually? The regal bird means many things, depending on the context.


As an eagle soars through the high skies without flapping its wings, simply gliding through the sky, it symbolizes kingly elegance, as well as achievement of more through less effort. The eagle is the king of the skies, an association with eagle motif symbolizes impending or existing royalty. It also symbolizes magnanimity of nature.

Courage and Mental Toughness

As the eagle enters into the mature stage of its life, its talons and feathers become weaker and no longer support it. And then, the eagle plucks out its old beak, its old talons, and finally its old feathers.

The re-grown beak, talons and feathers are much stronger, and help the eagle to extend its life. The eagle’s painful metamorphosis is a symbol of mental toughness to break out of its comfort zone, to achieve something special.

Divine Connection

As the eagle flies higher than any other bird, it symbolizes connection with the divine. Someone who is lost in the wilderness of life should take the sign of eagle as a message of reassurance from the heavens above.

Rebirth and Fresh Beginning

Since the eagle flies from east to west, it represents east winds. And thus, it symbolizes dawn as well as creative energy. It symbolizes re-birth and the end of difficulties, as well as the beginning of hope.


The winner stands alone, they say. The eagle knows that no other bird can match its speed or height. And so, it has to tread its path alone. But its self-belief allows it to walk this lonely road alone, because its destination is the furthest. And its goals are loftier than anyone else.


What if the Eagle is your Spirit Animal?

If the magnificent eagle is your spirit animal, the following attributes apply to you:

1- Air is your element. You are the ruler of the skies, and the sky is preferable to you as compared to the land.

2- Despite being an embodiment of the sky, you have strong roots with the earth. You do not forget those who are the closest to you even when you move higher in life.

3- Self-belief is your biggest asset. You never stop believing in yourself, even when nobody would stand by your side. You have the capacity to go where nobody else would dare.

4- There is an elegance and an effortlessness about everything you do. You don’t have to exert yourself as much as other people to achieve things that others only dream of. The energy of the universe aids you in whatever you do, making you the king of your domain, just like the eagle is the king of the skies.

What does it mean if you see an Eagle in your Dreams?

When we see an eagle in our dreams, it might mean a lot of things, depending on the scenario of the dream:

Scenario 1: Eagle is taking flight.

If the eagle in your dreams is in flight, it means that it is time for you to rise above the problems plaguing you. And that it is time for you to act.

Scenario 2: The eagle is diving and/or hunting.

If the eagle in the dream is diving, it is time for you to be cautious. At the same time, you must be alert to the opportunities that might present themselves in front of you. Remember, the biggest opportunities arise at the time of greatest adversities.

Scenario 3: Two eagles are mating.

If two eagles are mating in your dream, it means that you have reached or are very close to your ultimate goal. It means that your spiritual consciousness is at its peak.


You now know what an eagle means spiritually. Remember an eagle is the king of the skies. It does everything without making an effort. But when it has to, it even tears its wings and talons out. Adversity differentiates the worthy from the unworthy. The fact that the character of an eagle is of the highest order is only displayed in tough times.