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Cat symbolism

Cats are cute and furry animals. Many people keep them as pets and they quickly become a part of the family. When a cat has to be considered a symbol of something, there will always be more than one meaning attached. Mostly it will be a balance of contradictory things like good and bad, light and dark, etc.

Cats are mysterious creatures and many believe they have a special communication power. They might also be able to communicate with the spirits. It is natural for you to feel intrigued to think then, ‘What do cats mean spiritually’? Because they can communicate with a world that is unseen to you, can you use cats as a medium for your communication? Maybe you can exchange messages with the spirits world too.

Someone or something can tell you to focus on your life through a feline creature. You need to be open and intuitive to understand that a message is being passed on to you. It might want to tell you to believe in yourself. A cat is a spiritually blessed animal. They have a surprising level of patience and act just when the time’s right. It might be your cat who is telling you to do the same to improve your life.

Dreaming about cats

If you had a cat dream, you would like to understand the meaning of it better. So what do cats mean spiritually in this case? Well, seeing a cat in your dreams may have multiple meanings. Different things come into play like what the cat was doing in your dream and the color of the cat.

The meanings of cat dreams will be different but whatever cat you see in your dreams, there are a couple of things that all of them indicate. Whenever you have a cat dream, the animal is telling you to jump at the right opportunities. You should not waste valuable time by procrastinating. You should understand when the situation is right for a particular action and go for it. Do not be afraid and resistant to change.

Cat color symbolism

Each color depicts something and to understand ‘what do cats mean spiritually’, it is important for you to know the symbolism of different colors. Though every cat symbolizes some common traits like confidence, freedom, intelligence, sensitivity, adaptability, and mystery, the spiritual meaning of what they want to convey is dependent on their color too.

Cat color and their meanings:

Orange – An orange cat depicts adventure. Encountering an orange cat means you have to welcome a beginning and there is going to be a big change in your life. Orange cats are confident, brave, and are like leaders and symbolizing the same qualities.

Black – A black cat indicates healing. This must come as a surprise as black cats are known to be considered as bad omens. But they do have special physical healing powers. The medical instincts in black cats are very high, and they are important spiritually and were companions of witches and herbalists. Traditional herbalists have taken their help, as after scanning the body of a human, a cat can point at which plant should be planted by them to improve their condition. Black cats use telepathy to convey their messages to their owners. They will remind the owners to take care of their health. These cats have creative powers too, which makes them good companions for authors and painters.

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Brown – A brown cat stands for neutrality.

White – A white cat is about purity. The color white is spiritual and pure in the feline world too. Spiritually, a white cat stands for positivity and purity. If it is treated well, it might bring you wealth and higher spirituality. White cats are great supporters, just like gray cats, and they have healing powers too. As they are more connected with nature and spirit, they help humans to increase their inherent spiritual powers. In most parts of the world, they are seen as good luck charms. But you will be surprised to know there are some parts where they are considered to be bearers of bad luck. White cats crossing one’s path are seen as unlucky.

Gray – A gray cat symbolizes harmony and also childhood. Both silver and gray are mysterious colors, and we link them with mystical creatures. Many gray cat owners have had them since their childhood and these cats are associated with bringing in luck, love, peace, and mental stability. A gray cat can make you remember about an experience and would want you to be at your best. There is a link between a silver or gray cat and harmony, silence, and mystery. Encountering a gray cat when you are going through a rough time means it is trying to tell you that good times will come soon.

Cat dreams can mean a lot of things but mostly they point at one’s intuition. Now you will be able to understand what do cats mean spiritually when you see one in a dream or one enters your house. The positive meanings can be about hidden knowledge, curiosity, independence, stealth and confidence. Seeing a cat in a dream can also symbolize feminine sexuality, power, creativity and independent spirit. But the dream can also mean you will be facing misfortune and bad luck.

Are you seeing cats a lot lately? Find out why.

If you see a new cat physically, it may have a spiritual message for you. It might be your spirit guardian in the form of a cat, especially if you had a pet cat who has passed away. It can be your totem and God wants to convey something to you!

Seeing a cat or cats a lot unexpectedly means something. It might be indicating that you are neglecting a part of your life or it can be a warning about bad luck you have in the future. Cats can also bring in good luck. A cat entering your home means it has come to serve a purpose. It has entered to guard you against evil spirits and reduce the negative vibe of the surrounding environment.

Being spiritual animals, cats most probably can see your guardian angels too. Cats are mysterious and magical, and they symbolize rebirth, healing, unpredictability, and resurrection. They also symbolize all kinds of human traits – the bad ones and the good ones. Hopefully, you will be able to make others aware of what do cats mean spiritually now and help them understand what cats are trying to convey.