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The world around us is filled with so many spiritual meanings. We often do not pay heed to the fact that even plants, animals, and birds can has a spiritual significance. One such bird is the bright cardinal bird and you must know what do cardinals symbolize spiritually. In this article your will discover that the red cardinals can possess a lot of spiritual meaning.

Symbolism and Traditions

In ancient beliefs, cardinals were considered as the messengers from heaven. So, their sight was considered as very auspicious. They present themselves as a ray of hope in someone’s life when that person is going through a tough phase. They are like sunshine in a cold harsh winter. Their is a very famous poetic line -“Cardinals appear when angels are near”. So, they are symbolic of beauty and hope. Red cardinals are thus regarded as the spiritual messengers that are sent by God.

Message from Departed Souls

What do cardinals symbolize spiritually is that they are considered as the gateways through which the dead ones try to connect with their own people. They are the mediums between the physical world and the spiritual world. It is considered as a bad sign if a cardinal hits a window by mistake. Many people associate that this occurrence is a symbol of death! In Biblical sense, red cardinal is seen as symbolic of Christ’s blood! Thus, what do cardinals symbolize spiritually is that they are a symbol of bravery against tyranny. They emerge as the symbols of hope and positivity in the times of despair and trauma.

Are Cardinals Sent as Spiritual Signs?

What do cardinals symbolize spiritually is that they are regarded as the messengers of God. Thus, when they are seen by people. they are considered as the medium through which God is trying to give a message. In many legends, it is seen that the divine being tries to give the message to humans in form of some creature. Doves, eagles, crows, and cardinals appear in a lot of mythologies as the agents that carry the messages of the Gods to the human world. Since God himself cannot connect directly to the humans, he sends his spiritual messengers in form of birds to deliver his message.

Cardinals as the Holy Spirit

In some cultures, what do cardinals symbolize spiritually is that they are seen in association with the Holy Spirit. The red color of the bird symbolizes the fire element of the spirit along with the quality of life and energy. These chirpy creatures are full of life and their playfulness represents the energetic spirit of life. Also, being associated with the blood of Jesus Christ connects with them the agency of providing life energy to the people around. In many cultures, we see that the spirit is represented in the form of a bird. Thus, cardinals carry a huge spiritual meaning since they belong to the bird kingdom.

Symbols of Vitality

The red bright color of the cardinals represents the vitality of the life. They are seen the agents of the life giving force. Moreover, their association with the blood of the Christ connects them with the aspect of redemption. Their bright red hue echoes the festive spirit. Hence, seeing this bird around the festive season of Christmas is considered very lucky. They symbolize happiness and luck in the life of an individual.

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Meaning of “Cardinal”

The term “cardinal” has been derived from the Latin word “cardo’, which means a hinge, like in a door. So, cardinal birds are seen as the point that makes a connection between the earth and the heaven. So, they possess the ability to carry the messages from one world into another. Hinge is the pivotal point which makes the function of a door possible. So, cardinals are very important in human life. Their appearance performs a great spiritual role in the life of a person. It opens a whole new gateway of opportunities in the life of an individual.

Cardinals and Romance

Cardinals carry a deep spiritual meaning for the romantic life of a person. It is said that when a cardinal finds a mate, then the pair stays together forever. So, the cardinals symbolize stability in relationships. Also, their fiery red color carries a great meaning. Red is the color of love and thus cardinals represent the passion and excitement in the life of romantic couples. In the tribes of Native America, cardinals carry strong meaning for finding a possible partner. It is believed that if a single person sees a cardinal, then it means that he or she is going to find a mate soon!

Symbolic of Ancestors

It is strongly believed that the dead ancestors try to communicate with their family through the cardinals. The bird is a medium for the departed souls to stay in touch with their future generations. In many cultures, cardinals have been accepted as a totem animal. One very special quality of cardinals is that this bird does not migrate irrespective of harsh weather conditions during the winters. It shows how much this bird loves to stay in touch with its environment. Hence, cardinals are considered as symbols of harmony and brotherhood.

Good Luck. Fortune, and Dreams

Cardinals are seen as symbols of beauty. Their sight is seen as a beautiful message that omens the start of something good and beautiful in life. So, cardinals are considered as the messengers that bring good luck to the people. If you see a cardinal in your dream, then it means that God is trying to push you to start a new journey in life. It represents a turn of events and the start of something fortunate for your life. Cardinals show that one must be passionate to follow his or her dreams or any possible plans for future.

Real-life Phoenix

The bright red color of cardinals make people associate them with the magical mythological bird of the Greek culture. If we observe closely, then the tone and appearance of phoenix matches a cardinal a great deal! The fiery bright color of the cardinals represents the life energy of resurrection which is also symbolized by phoenix. The journey of life and death and seeing positivity in the end is what a cardinal stands for.