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You went to a grocery store and saw multiple items with $10.10 price tag. The new password of your computer is also 1010. You are working on an important assignment and you look at your watch and time it shows is 10:10 PM. Your friend sent you her address and coincidently her apartment number was 1010 too.

You start realizing that you have been seeing number 1010 a way too many times these days. Is it a mere coincidence or is the number following you? Is the universe trying to tell you something? Well, the fact is that seeing number 1010 repeatedly is not a mere coincidence. It is a call from the Universe. Your celestial team is trying to guide you on the path of wisdom and are taking you on a route of spiritual awakening. It is also a sign that your guiding angels are offering you wings to fly.

So, are you depressed in life? Are you feeling cheated by loved ones? Are you unhappy at work front? Remember, seeing angel number 1010 is a sign and has a deeper meaning attached to it. It has come to convince you that hold on and keep working on your path, everything is soon going to be alright.

Angel Number 101 – What Does It Actually Mean

Angel numbers are sequence of numbers that hold special messages from the Universe and the celestial powers, to be decoded by you. Angel numbers are considered to be life signs and hold very real power.

When the Universe wants to tell you something, guide you spiritually or lead you in the right direction, it uses the power of angel numbers to send you the signal. You start seeing the number over and over again at different instances, at different points in time and start realizing that such actions have a meaning attached to them.

So, when you see an angel number, it is an indication that you need to stop and pay attention to your actions. You need to focus on things that are important for your life. Examples of angel numbers include 101, 111, 123, 444, 555, 777, etc.

When you see 1010, remember it is an angel number that signifies support, encouragement and spiritual awakening. It is an encouragement from the Universe to stay positive and focus on what you are doing and where you are going. It’s also a call from your guiding angels to connect with the Divine Power to seek his help and attract abundance.

Angel Number 1010 Spiritual Meaning

Angel number 1010 is a powerful number for growth, success and fame. It is formed by a combination of various numbers, which join together to unify into a special message sent by God that’s made just for you.

Angel number 1010 unifies the energies of numbers 1,0, 10, 11 and 110. Here:

  • Number 1 is a powerful number for manifestation. It symbolizes new beginnings, new hopes, and ushers creative energies into you. Number 1 suggests that new paths are opening up for you and that you should create your own existence through creative thoughts, actions and attitude. It motivates you to stay determined towards your goals and achieve all that you want in life.
  • The number 0 signifies cosmic energies. It symbolizes timeliness. Number 0 is associated with truth and purity. It tells us that we should try to overcome all the obstacles in life and should focus on building ourselves as good human beings, without caring about what others think about us.
  • Number 10 (formed by the combination of 1 and 0) indicates flexibility. It gives you self-assurance that you are on the right path and that you should be confident in your actions. Through number 10, your guiding angels are telling you to stop doubting your abilities and rather be fearless and active in your actions.
  • Number 11 symbolizes the power of external forces. It tells you that your guiding angels are sending you positive energies from above to help you be creative and achieve greater heights in life. Number 11 signifies that soon there will be an influx new ideas and you’ll be unstoppable.
  • Number 100 is the symbol of spiritual abundance. It is a reassurance that what you are doing is right and you must continue going on the path destined for you.
  • Number 101 signifies that you guiding angels are watching over you. They are leading your life and are protecting you from everything evil. They’ll help you get through all the difficulties in life.
  • Last but not the least, number 110 signifies your uniqueness. It tells you that you are unique, one of a kind, and that you must learn to respect yourself and trust your abilities.

Number 1010 combines all these messages and inspire you to gain momentum in life and achieve all that you want.

Reasons Why You Are Seeing Angel Number 1010

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Well, if you want to decode number 1010 spiritual meaning and the reason why you are repeatedly seeing angel number 1010 in your life, here it is. Below are the five important messages that angel number 1010 brings along for you.

Message #1: You are God’s child

Angel number 1010 spiritual meaning is you are connected to God. He’s always with you and is watching you over. The number is a reminder to trust God in all circumstances and have peace with your soul. God has many plans for you. Things might not be working in your favor at present, but that’s okay. God is having something bigger and better in store for you. So keep working on and keep your trust in the Supreme Power.

Message #2: Whatever happens, happens for a reason

You are because of what you’ve done in life. Everything that happened in your life, happened for a reason. Mistakes, accomplishments and learnings are all a part of life. They have helped you become a better person. Angel number 1010 reminds you that there’s a reason behind every occurrence and that your angels are admiring you for your strength, power, and abilities. Number 1010 spiritual meaning is that your guiding angels want you to keep working in the right direction and that there are wonderful opportunities awaiting you in near future.

Meaning #3: Being Love is Wonderful

Angel number 1010 is the number of progress. It indicates that your romantic relationship is ready to take the flight. Whether you are already in a relationship or are looking forward to being with someone, number 1010 tells you that your angels want to bring you closer to your loved ones. Seeing angel number 1010 indicates that you are on the right track romantically and should be ready to take your relationship to the next level.

So if you are frequently seeing number 1010, be assured that your angels want you to listen to your heart. Follow their signs and take your love relationship to the next level.

Meaning #4: You are Moving on the Path of Self-awakening

Number 1010 has spiritual meaning too. It indicates that you are ready to walk on the spiritual path and achieve a higher state of consciousness. The Divine Creator will be your guiding light on your journey toward self-awakening and will help you become a better version of yourself. So, follow your instincts, step out of your comfort zone and get onto the path of spiritual awakening to strengthen your mind, body and soul.

Meaning #5: Your Guiding Angels are Fully Supporting You

When you are in testing waters, it’s easy to lose your hope and confidence. We feel alone and abandoned. Seeing angel number 1010 brings hope in life. It is a sign that while the entire world is against you, you’re not alone. Your angels are with you through your thick and thin. They will help you, guide you, and support you in all your actions and decisions – even if others leave your side.

So, keep progressing and never give up on yourself. Be strong and fight for yourself.

What You Should Do When You See Angel Number 1010

Whatever situation you are in, whatever difficulties you are facing in life, angel number 1010 signifies that it’s time to take action. It asks you to step out of your comfort zone and forgo your fears and inhibitions. Number 1010 asks you to open up to new possibilities in life and to grow and expand. So,

  • Be ready to leave your comfort zone
  • Trust your instincts
  • Follow your heart
  • Open up to new experiences and relationships
  • Count your accomplishments and do not fear failures
  • Put your heart in everything you do and
  • Work religiously towards your goals

So, “If you can walk, run. If you can run, fly. But if you can’t do anything of these, crawl.” But keep moving toward your ultimate goal. While doing all this, remember that your angels are with you and are guiding you from above. Connect with them spiritually and they’ll help you to make your life awesome.