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The 4th dimension is a spiritual space that’s inhabited by our spirit guides, angels, and other divine beings. It vibrates at a frequency that’s different from that of our world. For this reason, it’s not possible for humans to peer into the 4th dimension, unless they’re in their dream state.

Have you ever wondered about what is the 4th dimension spiritually? As a plane of existence that’s more advanced than the one we inhabit, accessing the 4th dimension can be difficult while we’re awake. But with practicing the right techniques, you can enter the 4th dimension, and communicate with your loved ones on the other side.

What is the 4th Dimension?

The 4th dimension is a place, much like the world we inhabit. The main difference is that those who inhabit the 4th dimension vibrate at a much higher frequency than us. Imagine an ant trying to understand a human. That’s what it’s like for humans to try to understand the beings of the 4th dimension.

Time and space may be different in the 4th dimension, relative to how we experience it here. The beings who live in the 4th dimension often try to help out humans, as well as other living creatures. We call them our angels, as well as our spirit guides. The vibrations get higher as you reach the higher dimensional planes, and move closer and closer to the divine.

Those who choose to work with humans, and help them along their journey, primarily inhabit the 4th dimension. There, you can find a lot of information on humanity, past lives as well as the present. The Akashic Records, which contain information on all of humanities activities, is also located on the 4th dimension.

If you’ve ever stopped to think about what does the 4th dimension represent spiritually, then the answer is here for you.

Who are The Beings That Inhabit the Fourth Dimension?

Have you ever wondered where you spirit guides or guardian angels live? They’re always watching over you, and appear to help any time you ask them to. But how can they be monitoring you, and where are they based in?

The answer to all these questions is the 4th dimension. This plane of existence is a highly spiritual place, and you can also go there after improving and raising your vibration. When you eventually graduate from being a human, this is where you will go.

It’s mostly positive beings and creatures of light that inhabit the 4th dimension. This is as lower vibrations can’t go anywhere near it. It’s also not a place in the physical sense of the world. So when you try to travel to the 4th dimension, you’ll need to leave your body behind.

Many of the beings who inhabit the 4th dimension are energy forms. It’s also said that as one enters the denser planes of existence, people become more separated. But in the higher planes of existence, the exact opposite of this is true. There is a strong feeling of oneness among all who inhabit these planes. And they work together to help humans, as well as other creatures, improve their vibrations. This is so that they too can transcend into the higher planes of existence.

Can You Visit The 4th Dimension?

Aside from thinking about what does the 4th dimension mean spiritually, you may also have wondered whether you can travel there. The answer to this question is yes, you can.

However, you will either need to be in a dream state, or develop your spiritual powers before you can make this happen. The 4th dimension is a place of thought – where thoughts, feelings and vibrations hold far more sway than the physical body. That’s why it’s easier for you to go there when you fall asleep.

You can also consider practicing astral projection techniques, as a way to learn how to enter the 4th dimension. If you have a low vibration, or if you find that a lot of negative energy persists around you, then you may feel stuck. The reason behind this is that negative energies are denser, and naturally get pulled down into the lower planes of existence.

Essentially, your soul needs to vibrate at a higher level than it does while you’re awake. Many spiritualists have successfully entered the 4th dimension and communicated with their spirit guides. But first, they focused on their spiritual growth, and developed their vibrational frequencies.

The Spiritual Significance of the 4th Dimension

What does the 4th dimension represent spiritually? Through spiritual practices, people hope to attain a vibration that can someday help them communicate with, and enter the 4th dimension. This is where your spirit guides live. If a departed ancestor wants to communicate with you, then they will come to the 4th dimension first.

Essentially, it’s the closest higher vibrational plane of existence, to humanity. That makes it an active place where many divine beings come and go, when they’re trying to help humans. From your ancestors to your guardian angels, everyone is present in the 4th dimension. The good news is that you can communicate with beings in the 4th dimension, by using your spiritual powers.

How Can You Visit The 4th Dimension?

There are several techniques you can try to use, if you want to enter the 4th dimension. If you’ve often wondered about what is the 4th dimension spiritually, then there’s a lot you can learn by visiting the place.

Here are some techniques you can try to communicate with or enter the 4th dimension:

1. Astral Projection

The most common technique that people will recommend to you when you say that you want to enter the 4th dimension, is astral projection. And there is good reason behind this. You can astral project when your soul leaves your body while you dream.

When you’re astral projecting, it’ll feel as if you’re having a lucid dream. You can take advantage of yourself in this state to visit the higher vibrational 4th dimension. There, you can visit the Akashic Records, or communicate with your departed loved ones.

Astral projecting is easiest when you try it while you’re falling asleep. As you start to fall asleep, imagine your soul trying to leave your body. You can even imagine yourself pulling on a rope as if you’re trying to climb upwards. With practice and patience, you should be able to astral project.

And then you can enter the 4th dimension. You may even be greeted by your spirit guides and angels, as you’re trying to astral project. They may even take you with them to the 4th dimension.

2. While You Sleep

If you set the intention that you’re going to enter the 4th dimension, then pay careful attention to your dreams. It’s entirely possible, that while you were in your dream state, you visited the 4th dimension.

You can consider keeping a dream journal near your bed. This is people tend to forget nearly everything they dreamt of, within five minutes of waking up. If you’re deliberately trying to lucid dream and enter the 4th dimension, then chances are that you were successful.

This is as your spirit guides love you dearly and would love to spend time with you in the 4th dimension. Keep writing down everything you see in your dreams in your dream journal. This should help you out the pieces together regarding your experiences in the 4th dimension.

3. During Meditation

If you want to try entering the 4th dimension while you’re still awake, then you can consider meditation. Deep meditation and breathing techniques can help you enter a deep state of relaxation.

When you’ve reached this state, try to communicate with your spirit guides. Ask them about the 4th dimension, and them know that you would like to visit it. If your vibrational frequency is high enough, you may be able to enter the 4th dimension through meditation.

In case this doesn’t work for you, consider working on your meditative practices first. Deep meditation can take time to master. But once you’ve reached the mental state you need to be at to enter the 4th dimension, your angels will readily help you along the rest of the way.

Conclusion: What Is The 4th Dimension Spiritually?

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If you wanted to know the answer to ‘what is the 4th dimension spiritually, then you should have found all your answers here. The 4th dimension is an extremely spiritual place, where beings vibrate at a higher frequency than in ours.

The 4th dimension is also home to.our spirit guides, guardian angels, as well as many other divine beings. It’s possible for you to communicate with the beings who inhabit the 4th dimension. You can do this by astral projecting, or even lucid dreaming. Another way to communicate with the 4th dimension is through deep meditation.

The 4th dimension is full of beings who love and support you, and who work together with you to enable you to lead the life you want.