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Spirituality is a process that opens several avenues for an individual. Embracing spirituality may solve most of the problems we are facing today. Knowing spirituality is a step towards understanding yourself. Spirituality allows you better yourself in many ways and allows you to open your mind for new possibilities. Practicing spiritual methods, systems, or processes enables a person to understand others and connect with them at a higher level. Whether it is friends, family, or even a stranger, you can connect with them when you are spiritually aware. Spiritual awareness allows you to harness positive vibrations around you and use it to connect with even animals and objects.

Different people or objects establish connections with elements around them at different levels. You may have found that you readily fall into a conversation when a particular person is around you. There are even instances where two strangers have found an instant liking for each other just after meeting for a few minutes. There are other instances where two individuals have taken years to open up. The most important and crucial relationship in life is the relationship between a husband and wife. Most of the relationships may get cut off or end at a certain stage of your life. But the relationship between a husband and wife is made to long last.

You may have seen long battles for a divorce between married couples. To be frank, it has become a common event across the world. Even the couples who you thought have been made for each other end up in court after a few years of married life.

Have you ever wondered why the phenomenon has become common?

Why couples often end up in court for some silly reason?

What is the reason behind all this?

It all comes down to the connection you have formed with your spouse. Most of the individuals connect with their spouses at the surface level. The fragile connection breaks down as soon as some fissure appears in the relationship. Establishing a spiritual connection with your spouse is the only solution if you want to stay in a relationship forever.

What is a Spiritual Connection?

It is well established scientifically and spiritually that every living and non-living being in this universe continuously emit vibrations. These vibrations differ from one another. When vibrations of two individuals match at a certain level, then it could be said that they are spiritually connected. You may establish a spiritual connection instantly or the process may take some activity and interaction to match. Either way, it makes sure that the bond between you and your spouse gets stronger and lasts longer.

You can’t establish a spiritual connection with everyone. A normal person can establish a spiritual connection with a few people in a lifetime. When it comes to forming a spiritual connection with your spouse, it needs a lot of patience and perseverance. Most individuals give up just when they are about to establish a spiritual connection. This is due to a lack of spiritual awareness and knowledge. This leads to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and fights, eventually ending up in separation.

Only spiritually aware individuals can allow their relationship to grow and reach the ultimate destination of togetherness.

Do you want to know how it is done?

Keep reading.

Building a Spiritual Connection with your Spouse

We have to admit that the main attraction between two individuals of the opposite sex is physical appearance. It is the basis of a relationship for most people. The problem arises when the physical attraction wanes gradually with time. It may show its effects on the couple’s psyche even if they are in love. Combining physical attraction with spirituality may strengthen the bond between two individuals.

Below are some ways to build a spiritual connection with your spouse.

1. Deep, Long, and Meaningful Conversations

Indulging in meaningful conversations always breaks the ice. If the conversation goes beyond mundane activities, it helps in raising the conversation to a higher level. Try to indulge in long and deep discussions with your spouse. If possible, choose a meaningful subject that makes your partner engage in a long conversation. You can even rake up conversations that involve intimacy and passion. And whenever your partner tries to drag you into a conversation, respond to her positively. Sometimes even listening to the rants of your partner may help in easing the burden of day-to-day pressure. If your home doesn’t provide a conducive environment for a conversation, then search for a quiet place where you don’t have any distractions. Having such conversations periodically helps in building a spiritual connection.

2. Reaching Heart through Eyes.

Eyes have the ability to expresses without even speaking. Most of the love stories or relationships start with a few seconds of eye contact leading to long-lasting bonds. Never lose a chance to establish eye contact with your spouse. Longer the duration of eye contact, the higher the chances of establishing a spiritual connection. Eyes have the power to convey a message without the help of words. If you and your spouse start understanding each other through eye contact, it is confirmed that you reached a higher level in your relationship. Sticking with the language eyes would eventually lead to establishing a spiritual connection with your spouse.

3. Forget the Past.

When you establish a relationship with your partner, you should never rake up the past of your partner or yourself, especially past relationships. Of course, a time comes when you or your partner decide to unburden yourself by divulging the details of the past. You should listen to her keenly and try to heal the wounds of her past. Once your partner comes out of her past, you should immediately forget it and move on with your life. There is no harm in bringing positive sides of the past. The only thing is you should know which part of your partner is positive and which one is negative. Seeing your relationship through the eyes of the present would certainly help you in establishing a spiritual connection with your partner.

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4. Connecting through Travelling.

Traveling to different places is considered one of the essential branches of spirituality. In ancient times, sages used to travel long distances to acquire knowledge. In the process of exploring new places, they would find the place where spiritual vibrations are strong and stay there forever. Traveling with your partner or spouse to different places makes the bond strong. As you explore new places, you unknowingly start learning new things about your spouse.

The time you spend with your partner during traveling is significantly high since you are away from the usual hustle and bustle. This helps you in knowing your partner from a different perspective. Traveling to spiritually significant places may even open the spiritual side of you and your partner. Look for a place where they teach meditation techniques for couples and stay there for a few days. It would greatly enhance your capacity to spiritually connect with your partner.

5. Spirituality of Sex.

Most people find it difficult to associate sex with spirituality. They consider it as an activity involving two bodies. They ignore the fact that when they are involved in sex, they are operating at a higher level. Every individual involved in sexual relations experiences a higher form of energy even if he is doing it to fulfill his physical needs. Some individuals connect with the higher energy even after finishing sex and others forget it soon after sex.

When you are having sex, make sure that you consciously try to connect with your partner beyond the realm of physical need. Having a meaningful conversation about sex with your partner would help you to connect spiritually during sexual intimacy. Spending time in touching, caressing, and establishing deep eye contact before sex is the ways to connect spiritually with your partner. So never remove the notion that sex is just a way to satisfy your physical needs and try to bring in spirituality in it.

6. Understanding the Spiritual Side of Your Partner.

Nature has made sure that every individual is born with some sort of spiritual knowledge. We inherently possess the required mindset to understand spirituality. We start forgetting about the spiritual side as we grow and get busy with the struggles of life. You should try to bring out that spiritual side of your partner whenever you get an opportunity. Try to identify when and where your partner responds spiritually. Raking up such matters once in a while would allow you to explore the spiritual side of your spouse. It would also allow your partner to know your spiritual side. More conversation and discussions about spirituality would eventually help you in establishing a spiritual connection with your partner.


Spiritual connection with anything brings about a new meaning to life. If it happens with your spouse, you would spend your life peacefully. It also makes sure that you lead a life full of energy and enthusiasm. Never try to demean or distrust your spouse in any situation. Try to establish a spiritual connection at every step, not only with your spouse, but also with everything around you. It would bring overwhelming happiness into your life.