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The renowned psychologist Carl Jung was on a trip to Africa by train when he saw a tribal with a spear standing on a cliff. He suddenly had a feeling that he had experienced this particular moment before. Jung felt a strange sensation that he knew this world even though he had never seen the man before. He felt that this feeling had come as a recognition of something that was “immemorially known”. This is the term referred to as déjà vu. This is a French word that means ‘already seen’.

Most people would have experienced this kind of sensation sometime during their life. It could be a person that you met. You suddenly have a feeling that you know him, even though he is a stranger. You could be visiting a place and suddenly feel that you have been here before. People, places, situations, and events can give you this sensation. In most cases, you will be unable to explain your feeling. What is déjà vu spiritually? This is question that needs to be answered to understand this concept.

Facts about déjà vu

Before answering the question, what is déjà vu spiritually, we need to know more this sensation. The following facts about déjà vu will help you understand more about it:

  • A French parapsychologist and psychic Emile Boirac coined the term déjà vu.
  • It is estimated that 60 to 80 percent of people would have experienced this sensation at least once during their lives.
  • People who have temporal lobe epilepsy experience this symptom frequently. People with no problems can also experience this symptom.
  • Most scientists believe that déjà vu is related to memory. It could be that you have seen something from the corner of your eye or heard someone talk about something when you were not listening completely. This would be registered in your memory and it is recalled by the brain. Since you did not perceive it, you may not be able to recall the original memory. This creates a sense of déjà vu.
  • Scientists say that it could due to delayed processing and a problem with the functioning of the brain.
  • Some people believe that the déjà vu experience is something you have seen in a dream. Since you would have forgotten the dream, it is not active in your memory.
  • If you ask the question, what is déjà vu spiritually, then the answer is it is a psychic experience. This is not a memory from your present life but could be a memory from your past life.
  • Many spiritualists believe that the déjà vu memory has been implanted into your mind by an angel or other spirit.

What is déjà vu spiritually?

Spiritualists look at the concept of déjà vu completely differently. They believe that déjà vu has a strong relation to the spirit world. Spirituality believes in the concept of spirit. Their belief is that the human body has a spirit, which is an energy that brings life to the body. Spirits are manifestations of energy from a supreme source, which represents the universal power. When a person dies, the spirit leaves the body and moves to the spirit world. Depending on how much the spirit has evolved, the spirit progresses to higher worlds.

Spirits, angels, and their messages

Some spirits communicate with humans. They can be angels who send a message from master souls. These angels guide people and help them in difficult situations. When angels communicate with humans, they do not communicate directly. They leave messages in different ways. It is believed that a déjà vu experience or event is based on a message sent by an angel or evolved spirit. By sending this message, the spirit is trying to tell something to the person experiencing this.

The event experienced, the place visited, or a person seen could be related to the memory of a past life. Spirituality believes that a spirit undergoes the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth many times. This happens until the spirit is evolved enough to move to a higher realm. Spirits live multiple lives in the body of different persons. The experiences of all the lives are stored in the universal consciousness. A human being may not be able to access this consciousness. The spirits can access this and experience past memories.

Déjà vu and past associations

An angel may be rekindling the memory of a past life and sending a message to the human. It could be that the angel is trying to send a message that the person you are meeting is one who you have met in a past life. It could also be a reminder of a past association. For instance, you may meet a special person. This could be the person with whom you want to spend your life. If you get a déjà vu feeling during the meeting, then it could be a message to help you recall a past memory.

The higher soul could be telling you through the déjà vu experience that you know this person from a past life. The person could have been a friend, partner, or a known person in a previous life. Due to various reasons, the association in a past life may not have been fruitful. As a result, your spirit has yearned to reconnect with the other person. A déjà vu while meeting someone could be a result of this yearning. It is a message that you have another chance to develop a strong association with someone you know from the past.

When the déjà vu experience uplifts you or gives you a feeling of joy, then this is good news. This is a memory from the past life that you should capitalize on to rebuild the association. This could auger well for you in this life. It may help you find a life partner.

The answer to the question, what is déjà vu spiritually is that it is a message from a higher spirit or a memory from a past life that is telling you something. Understand the message and act accordingly, it could change your life in a positive way.